Arsene, Robin, Cesc and some Ukrainian gentleman I’ve never heard of.

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Happy Sunday morning, folks. I hope you’re enjoying the day of rest wherever you are – I’m off out in a bit to hurl obscenities around the Cotswolds. Yep, Golf again today…

Yesterday, Arsene was bold with his assertions. He made things abundantly clear that Robin van Persie wouldn’t be off to the land of oil money and irksome little Italian cretins with scarves. When pressed by media folks, he said:

“We will not lose anybody to Manchester City, or to anybody else because we want to keep our players.

“I can only let people talk. We want to keep Robin van Persie, that is clear, we will do everything possible to extend his contract, that is clear.

“I was very adamant but at the end of the day, it (Nasri) was a difficult situation to manage. We had the players and we felt that [Aaron] Ramsey and [Jack] Wilshere could work.

“Would we keep Robin even if he doesn’t extend? Yes, of course. Our plan is just to keep Robin van Persie, even if we buy any player.”

Good to hear, isn’t it? It’s exactly the stance we should take. I particularly like the last part regarding buying any player. If the Podolski rumours turn out to be true – I’m guessing they will – our front options will start to look impressive. I’m not of the same view of some who seem to think acquiring the German is in order to replace Robin.

After the poorly managed debacle of last summer’s transfer market, I’d like to think those responsible at Arsenal have learnt a valuable lesson. We essentially allowed Nasri and Fabregas to engineer moves away when we still held the majority of the cards – especially with Cesc. I can understand the concept of not preventing players leaving – unhappy players are no good to anyone – but there comes a point where the manager needs to show some toughness and not allow them boss the situation completely. Plus, with the Podolski negotiations seemingly underway, it’s good to see that realisation has dawned and someone’s aware we don’t have to leave it until the last available moment to finalise deals.

We have been linked with another forward today – albeit, lazy journalism as usual from the Daily Fail. Dynamo Kiev’s striker, Andrei Yarmolenko is the name in question, and, yes, I’ve no idea who he is. He could be decent, he could be hapless, he could be a post-op transsexual with a predilection for dirty limericks and breakfast cereal, for all I know. Most likely to be a big hunk of ripe horseshit, this rumour.

Tomorrow, I’ll be posting my obligatory preview of the Newcastle game, but I’ll finish with a few quotes attributed to Cesc Fabregas, the little ship-jumper.

Him and his “affection” for the club… He was asked about our fortunes this season, and he had these pearls of wisdom to share:

‘They‚??ll turn it around. There is no point to keep comparing the team to the Invincibles. That will not get you anywhere.

‘Some very important players like Jack Wilshere, Thomas Vermaelen, Bacary Sagna and Abou Diaby have been injured for a long time and so they have to be patient.

‘I still have a huge affection for the club and it definitely makes me sad whenever I see them lose. But Arsene Wenger knows the club and players and will turn it around. Being a manager is a very difficult job and you are always criticised when things don‚??t go well.

Maybe it’s just bitterness on my part, maybe I’m looking at his comments and behaviour without my Arsenal-tinted spectacles. But, I’m not sure I care all that much for the little shite-bag since he packed his bags and reunited himself with his DNAs home. He was undoubtedly a world-class footballer, but he did sell us short with Barcelona in a deal well below his value. When the going got tough, Cesc buggered off after a bit of a sulky final season. Be honest; did he look all that interested during his final campaign?

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