The Great Wenger Debate and £35m offer for Draxler.

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Morning, folks.

Out there it’s a desolate wasteland of news. As we head towards the weekend things are sure to pick up as team news for Friday trickles out and we all try to guess who’ll play in the FA Cup against Coventry. Until then, I’m a little at a loss regarding subject matter today.

So, perhaps foolishly, I looked to Twitter for guidance – an idea about as sensible as setting your foot on fire and trying to kick yourself in the face. What horrors awaited me when I gazed helplessly at my timeline? Well… other than some incredibly puerile remarks attributed to Big Ted (not me in any way, I can assure you of that), I was met with furious debates raging for hours at a time regarding contract offer – allegedly – presented to Arsene Wenger and a bumper offer being readied for Julian Draxler. 

I’ve never understood why an offer needs to be “prepared”. Surely it’s a simple case of choosing an amount to bid and offering it? I don’t postpone trips to Tesco for a few days just so I can really make sure I know what I’m going to purchase when I’m in there. I just do it.

The offer in question is said to be in the region of £35m and involves Podolski moving the opposite way. I certainly don’t like the last part. I’ve grown to love Lukas and he is a wonderful finisher in front of goal.  Draxler is a fantastic talent certain to be a great player for years to come. I’d love us to sign him, but he could take months to settle and loosing an experienced member of the squad, and a very popular one, could have an averse effect. Anyway, the story is most probably complete sh*te.

Regarding the Wenger debate – here’s the thing, folks; I’m not what you’d consider to be someone associated with either extreme opinion regarding Le Boss. Some feel he is beyond reproach and an ever present beacon of shining light and example. Others, simply feel he should have done immeasurably more over the past few years to bring back success to Arsenal. When the warring and snide bickering dies down I personally feel that there are sensible points to be gleaned from both sides.

Arsene Wenger’s influence on Arsenal and his legacy is beyond question. Whatever you may feel now, it is impossible to deny he has revolutionised the Club we love and given us some truly wonderful memories. From things as rarely appreciated as his dietary innovations to the fabulously intricate attacking football the team is now renowned for, Arsene has brought us joy like no other. Rightly, he will be considered a great of Arsenal Football Club.

But, it is also impossible to deny there have been recent mistakes. Transfers have baffled, high-profile players have jumped ship for large fees and a once competitive team, until recently, has fond itself floundering somewhat. A victim of his own triumphs, the past 8 years under Arsene’s guidance only appear so bad by comparison to the wonderful years that came before them. We’ve had the odd disappointing cup final defeat and pushes for the title cut painfully short, but nothing of any note to shout from the rafters about.

Could we have done more? Yes. Should we have done more? Yes. Has Arsene navigated us through a difficult period of change in an inflated monetary climate to produce a self-sufficient Club against a influx of oligarchs and oil billionaires? Unquestionably. I often look at the way Arsenal is run and thank my lucky stars we haven’t been sullied by crippling debt and abhorrent outside influences.

Yet, I often find myself wondering how different the past 8 years might have been had be taken a risk – taken a chance and gone after that one high profile player instead of putting so much faith in unearthing obscure talents. ‘Project Youth’ was a vanity affair for Arsene, but I saw no reason why it couldn’t have been done hand-in-hand with experience and class.

I guess what I’m trying to say here is I love Arsene Wenger to bits, but I won’t defend him mercilessly. He may not sign a player this window and leave himself open for endless attacks and the displeasure of many. He may surprise us all. We can’t know what’s coming, only speculate. When the dust settles from arguments and rationality takes ahold, it’s practically impossible to think of a better man to lead the Club forwards. Remember not too long ago many were crying out for David Moyes to take charge.

Does Arsene deserve a new contract? Yes, but we all deserve some glory just the same. Hopefully we can have both.

That’s all for today, folks. The comments await. You know the drill; hit me up with your thoughts on the Manager, on the potential of new signings (or lack of) and wether you feel a bumper new contract for the highest paid leader in English football is justified. I’ll look forward to reading what you have to say.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

40 thoughts on “The Great Wenger Debate and £35m offer for Draxler.”

  1. The club should have waited til the end of the season to judge him. If we win a trophy then great renew the contract.
    We on top of the league now but will we end there is the question. 40 mil spent on a player who is not performing. Time will tell.

    1. We don’t know the finer points of the contract we don’t even know yet it is done. Similarly we don’t know about stacked to arsenal or podolski leaving. What we do know is we are top of the league with 22 played but with an inferior goal difference. That means we need all the help we can get to score goals so it would make no sense at all to sell one of our best finishers even if he has hardly played this season. Certainly at home Wenger needs to find a way to fit our best finisher into the team. In Walcott we have lost goals gnabry and chamberlain have the pace to stretch defences but podolski and giroud are our goalscorer. For that reason he should go 4132 at home or at lelast against those who park the bus

    2. Trophy or no trophy at the end of the season Wenger remains the best choice for Arsenal at the moment. Arsenal are not prepared for change at that level unless they want to become worse than Spurs, or ManU? All the big coaches are winning trophies because their clubs are spending big. Spend big for Wenger and if the Le Prof fails do win after 2 season then
      sack him. Otherwise Arsenal will commit an unforgivable atrocity that it’s price will be eternal loss of glory inflicted by the gods of soccer.
      Draxler? I prefer Reus. I believe it’s a waste of time and distraction to talk about additions in that department in January given the existing quality. We mean a more ruthless finisher that can help Giroud, not Draxler.

  2. I’d love to get Draxler in, even at the expense of Lukas. We don’t have enough players who are willing to take on a defender and get behind a packed defence, and Draxler may well provide that.

    By the way, I understand that the reason an offer has to ‘be prepared’ is so that the selling club can ‘brace themselves’ for the bid!

  3. Why do you think “we all deserve some glory”. If you mean the supporters, for what is any glory deserved? The behaviour of many fans has been absolutely disgraceful over the last five years, completely counter productive in terms of the team’s morale and destructive to some players’ confidence and form. Many of those who weren’t actively trying to undermine the team were conspicuous by the absence of their vocal support. Even now, support is half hearted, players criticised or ridiculed. So, take some pleasure from any success the players achieve this season, but glory? Don’t make me laugh.

    1. @Phil C: I don’t dispute that a section of our fans have behaved in the manner you describe. But not all of them have. There are people out there who pour their heart and soul into Arsenal and make more effort to attend games and support than most. Try and tell me they don’t deserve it.

  4. I think in the midfield area we are have enough depth, it’s in the attack and defence that we lack enough strength. Most especially the attack. Draxler is not an all out striker we are trying to make him in to 1.This transition will take a while, we need to win the league this season.

  5. I don’t like talk talk talk if we want to buy players we should not to be waiting for the last mint. Pls Mr Wenger go out and get us good players remember Mancity is behinde us closely. Good am.

  6. Am… I think Wenger should cash Draxler Pold is good infront of the goal than Giro….. I liked the way He Perfomed vs Fulham too ‘fast’ I should say…..!

  7. Wenger you don’t know how arse nal fans waiting your effort this ja nuary,so pls try don’t fail, and re member man city and chelsea are behind us and i believe without b uying a good striker we will end z ero,up gunners for ever.

  8. Do not touch Lukas, send Diaby, Sanogo and the like away and back to France. Whatever they are doing at the club, getting wages which Rames and others have been making, no. get Vucinic and you will see how defenders will shiver at any Club in EPL. Look at Negredo, Aguero and Dzeko, goals are just a matter of time. 9:0 will always send shivers in defenders.

  9. Although I feel that Draxler would be a great long term addition to the team, I feel that with the January window it is always difficult to get players at a good price. I would like to see Berbatov as a stop gave as he would cost very little money & could hit the ground running with a deal for either Draxler or Benzema in the Summer. Your thoughts please

    1. @golfmanrich: I agree with you tp an extent. Prices are inflated at this time of year and it’s tough to get Clubs to part with their prize assets in the middle of a season. I still maintain Draxler is far more likely to arrive in the summer.

      However, I’m not sure Berbatov is the answer. He’s good, but only when he wants to be.

  10. I’m not gonna be up set too much if we failed to get the silverware this season. Nobody except Arsene and his men believe that we are now totally back as serious title contender against all odds. This is exactly what we want before this season start. To feel neck to neck fighting for thropy ever again. So, why upset now? Mark my word, once we get into this area, we will get thropy. I my self want us to win this year, but I’m not gonna put my self so adamant. WE ARE BACK, that’s the bold message to world football.

  11. Wenger will regret if he allow Poldi to go because of any Player coming in Poldi is the best Point man in Arsenal, Fans will surely revolt against Wenger, if he want to buy Draxler he should go ahead and do it in time without involve any Player Arsenal need more Strikers right now if Wenger failed to bring in world Class Striker this January Arsenal will not win anything this season take or leave it.

  12. Why wait until the end of the season to pass judgement? This season is the nearest we have come to come number one for years. Why throw this opportunity away for tthe sake of not spending on a top striker. Forget goalies, centre-backs, wingers and midfielders. We have plently of excellent players in these positions already. We need a killer striker. Don’t look for anybody else. Put all the money on achieving this aim and let’s get some silverware.

  13. Since I’ve been following you blog, I must have heard that stuff about you not being on any of the Wenger extremes at least 50 times!

  14. What i just what wenger to do is this .he should try to bring drexler in to squad & experiece right end our trophilees

      1. (0(….. somehow I think I’ll agree when you do share your thoughts with us JOY. you have a good head on your shoulders. And very healthy level of expectations with a good dose of logic.
        No offense meant yesterday. Its all JR s fault really. He came up with it. I blame him the rockstar. He will apologize later. I’m sure.

  15. If we dont win the pl this season it may take a decade in the wilderness to get near it again arsene this is your chance and ours to have our smiles back sign the striker a top of the shelf one of forget it and retire in shame after staying top all this time

  16. If we dont win anything this season, does that mean the season is a failure??? How many of us really thought start of the season we had any chance of winning anything???? I for one think even if we finish 3rd, its still a successful season. Add in a good FA cup run and i think we have done reasonably well. Yes i would love to see us win the league, its been 10 years of wait and of course it will be the pinnacle of Wenger’s achievements if we win the league under the circumstances the world football is at.
    Does he deserve a contract extension, i think not more than 2 years, in an year the club has to name his successor, groom for an year and be ready when the great man leaves.
    Draxler for poldi and cash, who the heck is draxler, we wont part with our prince for anyone, if he has to come then pay the money or else for that kind of money go buy Reus.

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