Arsene speaks, Laurent baffles, Wojciech’s bad shoulder, Theo returns?, M’Vila fluff and bits.

Lukas was unsure how to deal with the mysterious sphere headed his way.

Morning, folks.

“Where was yesterday’s post?” I hear you sneer. Well, I was a busy fellow at work; feverishly scurrying about the premises preparing an array of treats for those inconsiderate enough to require feeding. It happens occasionally; my time set aside for blogging is limited at best.

But I’m back today. I’d like to believe my return is greeted by relived exhalation and dancing.

Onto to Arsenal matters, and I’ll start with a worrying rumour floating around. Szczsney is alleged to be on the verge of missing Sunday’s game with a shoulder injury – presumably sustained in training. Whilst he hasn’t been at his imperious best in recent weeks, the sense of dread that overwhelms me when he’s not there doesn’t go un-noticed. The thought of Fabianski or Almunia, flailing limbs and terrified glares, prancing from their area to intercept balls is not a sight I wish to see with so much at stake on Sunday. Wojciech will be having a late fitness test nearer to kick off. I hope he comes through. The good news on the injury front regards Theo, and the slight possibility of him being fit enough for a place on the bench.

As that fixture grows ever closer, a few of the players have been speaking their pearls of wisdom to those paid handsomely to listen – and then distort, rehash and edit how they see fit. Laurent Koscielny has spoken a little about poor starts, untiy and, in typically gaelic fashion..err… sand:

“We were whopped at Old Trafford. Everybody thought we were dead and buried.

“But you don’t lose your football like that, like snapping your fingers.

“It can happen that a grain of sand falls in the machine, and the machine stalls; then you start to have doubts about your qualities, your club, your coach, everything.

“We had to put the house back in order and everyone did their bit. The squad wasn’t giving enough for the club, and was aware of it. We got back to work, we told each other the things that needed to be told; after which, one win, two wins, confidence comes back, and things follow from then on. The new players gelled in the squad, and here we are.”

Wise words indeed. I often wonder where we might be now, were it not for the appalling start to the season. We lost ground early on, and it took a while for the team to fully recover. Add to that a few poor results and performances at the beginning of the year, and we were out of the Premiership reckoning ridiculously early. Thankfully, it appears those crucial blunders don’t look to be repeating themselves. Anything we do in preparation for next season should be done in plenty of time.

Of course, some of which depends on the outcome at West Brom. I don’t think it’s essentially to our recruitment plans to secure third, but I do think it’s important. Some quotes have served to cool all the talk about Yann M’Vila, some even say the deal is off. I personally think more information will surface once the league finishes. The team has it’s destiny in it’s own hands, they’ve already seen fortune smile on them. This represents their last chance to secure a decent finish. Arsene Wenger appears to have noticed the key area:

“We were focused and switched on in the last couple of weeks. At Stoke we had a good game and offensively against Norwich we had a good game. Defensively, though, we had not the expected level.

“Maybe we were focused too much on winning the game and forgot that to win the game you need to defend as well.”

I expect us to score at The Hawthornes. My worry is at the other end. As that day approaches, I become that little bit more nervous with each passing hour. Not long now.

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  1. Thank for ur articles,but my fear ahead of 2morrow match is wenger playing ramsey if he does,arsenal should 4get about finishing 3rd or 4th.but i wish them good luck 3point nothing esle.

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