What If Arsene Was To Quit In The Summer?

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Afternoon, lovelies.

Apologies straight away as this post will lack what is my customary format. At present I’m scandalously ignoring tasks at work I ought not be to bring you today’s entry from my iPhone – a pursuit which is an abominable pain in my arse, I might add.

Thinking. That’s what I’ve been doing a great deal of since Saturday’s hapless capitulation and resulting farrago of rage and bitterness. Making sense of the whole epic mess isn’t especially easy. In fact, it’s impossible. I challenge anyone to process the events and come up with a list of rational explanations for what our eyes witnessed. I sure as hell can’t.

The interesting thing for me, at least, is the quickness in which opinion of Arsene Wenger can change, almost instantaneously in some cases. With news circulating about him intending to step down in the summer, it would appear those with hatred towards the man will get what they want. If you believe such things, that is.

Before continuing, I feel I should make it clear I am neither AKB, WOB or any of the ridiculous acronym/initialism monikers people are classed under. I revere Arsene Wenger unabashedly for all his work at Arsenal, for the greatness he has given our Club, but I don’t dispute that he is as accountable for some of the bad things. I’m somewhere between the two extremes.

What I find baffling is the hatred, almost as if an air of petulant entitlement overwhelms certain Arsenal fans into thinking we are owed everything. I can understand frustration towards the team and Arsene Wenger because how could you not be upset at losing 6-0 in arguably the most important match of the season.

Hating the man, though? That’s plain ridiculous – and I’m not exaggerating what I’ve seen folks; you need only look around the internet briefly to see some of the poisonous bile spat out. The questioning of his actions, however, I feel is valid. 3 times we’ve watched the team fall apart away from home and ship a combined 17 goals. That is beyond appalling and the buck stops with Arsene Wenger.

Are his methods and preparations costing us? Do we need to consider a new approach to the management of the Club? I don’t know. I’m a blogger and my managerial experience is nothing more than simulations on my PC, and I was pretty bloody hopeless at them.

All I know is something had to be done. If Arsene steps down – not improbable – is there a realistic choice to fill his shoes and take the Club forward? Again, I’m unsure. Most names mentioned with that discussion don’t fill me with confidence, even Jurgen Klopp had suffered similar troubles with Dortmund. David Moyes’ tenure at Old Trafford is a fine example of the impact change can have. As the say goes; it’s often better the devil you know…

To summarise folks. All the talk of Arsene leaving worries me. Not because I’m his most ardent supporter but because I see his departure having an averse effect on the team and the Club as a whole. However, something needs to be done to address the problems that repeat themselves ad nauseam. What that solution may be remains unclear, but I wouldn’t rule anything out at this stage. The summer may well be very interesting for an Arsenal fan.

That’s all for today, folks. The comments eagerly await you below. Let me know your thoughts on Arsene Wenger leaving? Good or bad?

I’ll return tomorrow with more. Until then, and as always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

30 thoughts on “What If Arsene Was To Quit In The Summer?”

  1. Tommorow’s press conference has been cancelled. Wenger didn’t speak to the press after the Chelsea match either. None of the players have said anything on twitter, not even Podolski. Am I seeing too far into this, or is something going on at arsenal?

  2. In ARSENE I trust.But if he leaves I beg divine intervention for my beloved club ARSENAL as I fear we struggle for relegation -boy!!To this extent that should be expected!!

    1. It’s no doubt if Wenger were to leave now it must surely impact on Arsenal negatively. Nonetheless this does not mean the Prof is indispensable-even Ferguson hasn’t been, we’ve seen. I have concluded that Wenger’s problem in innate stubbornness. If he had signed an accomplished striker last summer Arsenal would have been run away EPL Champs by now. If he had brought in a more clinical finisher last January Arsenal would be comfortably sitting at the top of the EPL table now. Only he did not see this reality and the result is obvious on the team’s performance now. Ozil’s dip in form is due to lack of natural finisher. Mertersacker’s and Koschelny’s superlative performance can’t give Arsenal the EPL title (may even finish last of the top 4) because of blunt-edged forward.
      Wenger must stay because Arsenal need him fore a couple of years more, but the Frenchman must listen to the voice of reason.

  3. If Arsene Wenger quit Arsenal next summer, Arsenal performance will be worst than MU. Forget about Champion League, forget about about top 4 ranking. and you will see mass exodus players from Arsenal.

    1. you Arsen is the only coach created for Arsenal?sometimes change leads to positive impacts.he should quit in summer.come what may.

  4. Whenever Wenger has to go as will happen someday, we shall bravely replace him, take our chances and hope for the best.

    However, looking at what Man U is going through today, only an ignorant person would wish to fast track that inevitable day.

    Football teams thrive on continuity, and there is no telling how the team will react or how long it will take them to rebuild from such a fundamental change as the replacement of a manager.

  5. All the fans, all the Arsenal old players and all the analyst commentators agree on one thing, that Arsenal every single past year needed some simple, straight top quality signings in order to become the premier league top favorites. The only man who stupornly refuses to realize this is Wenger and brought Arsenal to a level of humiliation.What on earth are we waiting to get rid of him?

  6. I really don’t think Arsene should or will quit this summer even if he wins the FA Cup (which we should). I believe he can win the Premier League next season provided the following happen:

    (1) The medical/training/fitness team is looked into seriously to see why we pick up outrageous numbers of injuries. That has been our bane this season. If injuries are cut by 30-40% that will be a step up. Also, players need to be trained to be a bit stronger, our midfielders are bullied quite easily.

    (2) A few quality signings are made – a striker, defensive midfielder, central defender and goal keeper. A right full back if sagna leaves.

    (3) Whoever is in charge of tactical approaches to games should have enough influence to discuss with Wenger and see they are adhered to. Though the away games against Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea varied in nature, the same mistake of approaching the three games the same way was our undoing.

    I really want Wenger to leave on a high whenever he does and if possible with a Champions League trophy in addition to Premier League glory.

  7. Why would you care about a mass exodus when the players we’ve got have achieved nothing? It’s not like we’re worried about losing an Henry or a Pires. I can’t think of 1 of our players leaving that would leave me gutted. That includes Wilshere, Ozil, Cazorla and Kos. I’m not saying I want them to leave, but I would be that cut up either, not like in the past, they’ve achieved nothing.

  8. The professor must quit and appoint the likes of Roberto Martinez from Everton as he manged to change the Toffees into a turf rivals he can do better at Arsenal.

  9. Persoanlly I find myself caught in 2 minds about Wenger. As you state, there is no point him leaving to be replaced by someone not up to the standard of Arsenal, and Wenger has so many plus points. However, not only losing 6-0, 5-1 and 6-3 this season, we also lost 8-2 to Man Utd, and that dreadful 4-4 draw with Newcastle. This cannot keep happening, it is utterly humiliating. Wengers hands were rather tied as to his team selection, we have a full midfield out, however the players really really let themselves down.

    It is time to be very very honest about the players in our team, and I am happy to put on record now that Giroud, Szczesny, Arteta, Podolski, Jenkinson and possibly Mert are not good enough for Arsenal. I nearly threw Gibbs in, but he has time to prove us wrong as Ramsey did. Regarding Mert, as good a season as he has had, the CB surely need to be looked at when you get thrashed every few weeks. Fabianski also definately deserves a run in goal now, as Szczesny has become a joke. That selfie he took…not the Arsenal way.

  10. Why are people so damned scared of Arsene leaving? What exactly is so damned special about what he’s doing right now? He’s turned us into an above-average mid table team.
    We are unable to challenge for honours, making us the best of the rest. Big deal. He’s got no balls anymore.

    While we dither and procrastinate everyone KNOWS that Man Utd will bounce back next season. Perhaps not winning the league, but they will be top 4 for sure. Us, we’ll be lucky to be top 4 next season.

  11. at the start of the season we needed a defensive midfielder and a striker (you dont need to be a soccer genius to have seen this). spend 20mil each on a striker and defensive midfielder and we would have a squad strong enough to challenge. but we get flamini for free & ozil.
    there is absolutely no excuse for wenger this season , he has done well in the past but we cannot accept top 4 finishes every season.
    the new manager has a good base to work off.
    1) champions league football with a good squad
    2) 100mil to get in 2-3 players(club stable financially)
    all we need is to find the right man
    5) a club which will pay him a very high salary

  12. We need new leadership in Arsenal. Arsene is simply a dinosorus and is beeing easly read by the other managers. And the stubornes to bring in new top qualety players says it all. I dont care if it takes us out of the premier league for the next 3 years, changes must be made and quik.

  13. Overall I like to think I’ve been understanding and rational throughout the good times and bad. I love Arsene. He has given me the best team and football I’ll ever likely see from Arsenal in my lifetime. He has guided us through the building of a new stadium and kept us in the Champions League without the hundreds of millions other clubs around us have spent, some without even finishing above Arsenal. Remarkable achievement. He completely transformed this club and changed English football. Winning isn’t everything; when he leaves he will have left a legacy potentially greater than any other manager in the modern era. If he is a “specialist in failure” then his failures tower above most managers successes.

    But some of things that have happened particularly in the last 3 years would have got him the sack multiple times over if he was at any other big club. Arsene’s frankly baffling transfer policy, team selection, the incredible number of injuries over the years can’t just be bad luck can it? Every time the pressures on and it has really really mattered the team hasn’t delivered. The players have changed but most of the same old deficiencies remain. Has the club done everything they can with its considerable resources (which even in the leaner years were more than what most have – we are not Everton) to be the best it can be? Hell no. This club here and now with this group of players and in the years to come has incredible potential. I just hope Arsene or if necessary someone else can deliver.

  14. I think tis time for Wenger to leave.a top four finish and an FA cup trophy should make him leave on a high.enough is enough.the humiliation and embarrassment is too much.mourinho has definitely proved his point and makes us inclined to agree…….enough is enough

  15. Rosicky and Cazorla just signing new contracts looked disinterested.What a disgrace if they are only here for the money.

  16. If Wenger was sacked,that would be my dream come true,he’s a man very clever with words,he would make a first class politlcian,they lie,cheat,and talk a lot of bull shit, “SO I SAY WENGER OUT, ROBERTO MARTINEZ IN”.

  17. almost as if an air of petulant entitlement overwhelms certain Arsenal fans into thinking we are owed everything

    Mate , that’s just it , fans are owed everything , without fans there is no club , simple as that .. Me , I think Wenger is the only manager in the world who only plays one way .. That’s why we get smashed by the teams that have the quality to deal with our way …. Brendan Rogers uses tactics for each team Liverpool plays , Gerard stated this the other day after the Man U game , this is one of wengers major flaws along with his allergy of buying players that will come in and make us great. What manager in the world would rely on Giroud bendtner and sanogo ? How is Giroud still playing ? I’d be asking the Ox or using someone else up top because Giroud is terrible

    Wenger made us great but now he is making us a laughing stock, people keep saying ” Arsenal struggle with 1245 kick offs ” Mertesacker came out and said it .. What the fuck , is he serious ? Did Chelsea not kick off the same time as us ? I’m sure they did ? They didn’t seem to struggle too much did they …. On such a massive occasion our team failed yet again to turn up ? Serious questions need to be asked to Wenger and him not holding a press conference is disrespectful to the fans .. We deserve everything , explainations effort fight , a trophy winning team .. Arsenal football club should not be losing by 5 or 6 goals multiple times in a season

  18. As a True ARSENAL fan by heart, I wish above all things that my darling team competes for titles like the bayern munchen or barcelonas of this world, be it with wenger or not, I just want to see my team be the envy of europe once more, with players of the carlibre of henry, pires,viera,becham, cole etc. I admire wenger but if it means the only way forward is without him, then so be it…..

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