Arsene Wenger To See Out Contract… Or So He Hopes…

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I prepared this post yesterday as I knew you’d all miss me. Right about now, I’ll be making my way to Edinburgh to take part in some frivolities for my stag-party – an event that’s been splendidly planned by Daniel Cowan. We have ourselves a day of steak, room escaping, gin testing and much more planned and I’m under no illusions it’ll probably get a little messy at some point.

So, I’ll be brief today.

Arsene Wenger has made a few new comments about his contract situation at Arsenal. Assuming he’s fully aware of the pressure on his job being created by both supporter unrest and results, and often helped by a constant media narrative, he made these remarks regarding suggestions he might move on in the summer:

“I have always respected my contracts, I would like to remind you I said no to all the biggest clubs in the world to respect my contract so that’s always what I try to do.

After that, we have as well to accept in our job that the future is the future but for me, that’s to win the next game.

We have to perform better in every single game and show until the end of the season a complete hunger to win every single game. That’s what it’s about for us.”

In amongst the whole Hector Bellerin/Arsenal Fan TV farrago, this story got a little lost and I’m quite surprised a great deal more p*ss hasn’t been boiled. It begins slightly like it’s Arsene saying he can decide when he leaves and finishes with him realising that’s not the case.

Perhaps I’m just reading far too much into something that isn’t there at all. But I do get the impression, for the first time, he isn’t 100% certain of his future at Arsenal – whether that be his choice to depart the Club, or someone else’s. There’s certainly been a few key appointments at Arsenal that suggest his time could finally be up.

I love the guy for what he’s accomplished and he’ll rightly go down as one of our greats – irrespective of what certain supporters may think of him now. Everything has to come to and end at some point, and I believe that time is coming for Arsene. This season could very well be his last, and I hope it ends on a suitably high note.

That’s all for today, folks. Leave me a comment with your thoughts – can you think of a reason you’d like him to stay, other than nostalgia? Share it with everyone.

I’ll try to pop back tomorrow if I get a moment.

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