Arsene Wenger’s New Contract and Mesut Ozil: Drive Angry

Mesut waited patiently for Oliver Holt to exit The Mirror’s offices.

Morning, folks.

Unabashedly, I have days where finding a topic to discuss, or scribing something remotely salient, escapes me. When these days arise, as one has currently, there’s a figure sat behind the keyboard of this blog with an incredibly stupid look on his face, as if someone has turned his power off and left him there. That’s me,folks; a motionless idiot. For a good period of time I have stared into the abyss hoping for inspiration.

I didn’t blunder across one story that raised a smile. According to certain reports, Mesut Ozil ran over a reporter. It’s funny just reading it. By all acounts, it’s a whole lot of nothing which is a little disappointing in a way. Imagine the hilarity had he hit Mirror sensationalist, Oliver Holt. I picture Mesut speeding away into the sunset leaving only a crumpled heap of Holt and a fractured alice-band on the side of the road. Priceless. 

Probably the main area of intrigue for me was a few discussion I spotted about Arsene Wenger’s new contract. At this stage, absolutely nothing is evident regarding that deal – no alleged figures or duration. The conversations that spring up from time to time see AKB and WOB locked in heated debates over wether or not he deserves one. Some who are blindly loyal would argue bloody murder that he does. The other, equally as aggressive, view is that Arsene should be allowed to move to different pastures and an injection of fresh methods introduced to Arsenal.

Coming up with my own personal opinion isn’t as simple as saying yes or no. I can find merit in both arguments once you strip away the layers of vitriol and rage. Many good points can be lost on Twitter simply because folks feel the need to express them with such vehemence. No one person could deny the amount Arsene Wenger has done for our Club, ‘revolutionised’ being the word often used and one that’s tough to disagree with. The impact he had when arriving was sensational and a place in the history books rightly awaits him regardless of the future.

However, I have no qualms in agreeing with those that lament his mistakes. No man is infallible and Arsene’s choices in recent years have served to baffle me senseless at times. Transfer policies and recruitment primarily is an area in which he hasn’t showered himself with glorious praise, and some of our efforts have frustrated.

Yet the past is an irrelevance to me when discussing his contract. Whilst it offers a good idea of how things may pan out, the most important question of all is, “Is Arsene the right man to lead Arsenal forward”. I think he his. My assertion isn’t blindly faithful to the man. My belief in that is simply because I struggle to come up with a name I’d be convinced can do a better job. Arsene Wenger has his faults, but he breathes Arsenal and wants success as much as anyone.

That’s all for today, folks. You know the drill – hit me up with a comment in the handy box below. How do you feel about Arsene Wenger being offered a new contract? I’ll look forward to hearing your thoughts.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

10 thoughts on “Arsene Wenger’s New Contract and Mesut Ozil: Drive Angry”

  1. Why you call me bastard, I am not bastard, you are bastard!

    As ever, well written James.
    You are right to put the merits of both sides of the Wenger camp.
    Personally I think it is a war that will rage as long as there is an actual manager in charge of the club instead of a fan group.
    Imagine if you will a different manager.
    Not many are that much better than AW (I am neither AKB or WOB, I just look at the whole picture) so we get shot, who comes in? Maybe we are lucky enough to get Klopp, maybe we pull out all the stops and get Pep…. You can bet your bottom dollar, there will always be a faction who love that new face and a faction that want him gone even after a handful of games.
    Fans are never satisfied, lets face it, but where does vitriol get us? Nowhere….

  2. Who could come in and do a better job? I struggle with that same question. The nearest I have ever got to an answer is Wenger being moved to the board in a constant advisory position while other managers are tested. I should think David Moyes would have done a better job with Ferguson on the board. Yes, I know he is on the board but the man has clearly left the building. I think one or two managers I can think of could be the right man for the job on paper, but will produce the same result as Moyes at Old Trafford.

  3. Wenger needs to let go of so much control. Let the guys like Gazides and Law do their jobs with transfers and be like Fergie and hire dynamic coaches to lead the team forward. How many coaches did we have compared to Man U? For me Bergkamp or Henry would have new ideas.

  4. Fans stop being cowards, you wanna convince fans that wenger should kept life manager, no we agreed he did his, but it is enough let someone come because nobody is an island, we don’t need wenger present in board even. The team needs direction nt someone who does not realised his mistake and want to bend on trials impossible. Look wenger did sold classical players and bought useless replacements or not even one, Nasir, Van, Clichy, Fab, and Song, all those top players have been replace. It is the only team among the top four who does this kind crazy things and still wants fans support and patients. Among the top four Wenger has not sawn any hope that Arsenal is capable of snatching the EPL from them. Manu won -1, Man city won -6, Liverpool won -5, all away.

    Home Manu draws, Chelsea draw, Everton draw, and man city may win or draw as usual.
    This is no business nine years are just enough, and stop to embarrassing Arsenal fans with those big losses at Liverpool and city.
    All of us support Arsenal but the truth always prevails no matter what, so Wenger should loyal and fair to the club and fans and try to proof himself right now, otherwise it is too late or there is a ladder to step down. Guys choices are too many for Wenger to take.
    Bye readers

  5. The transition is the worry, Wenger is our finest option in the world and given a chance i wouldnt want him to be replaced because i cant think of anyone better than him. yet we need to replace him and i believe one more season is all he should get, we should win something for him this season and next and he should leave in a blaze of glory for he deserves to be remembered as someone who did great things for the club than someone who did well initially and later on lost out.

  6. Wenger is one of the few managers in the world who could leave a club like Arsenal and be certain that his next club would be a bigger team,there would be a queue for his services.

  7. I unfortunately am firmly in the WOB and pls don’t get me started because I believe I love the man far more than any of you do!..

    AW is a man that loves stats…but the obvious stat is one of trying 33 times 4 competitions every year for 8 yrs and the carling cup this year and for most part we have looked further away from winning anything each year..

    I was sad…infact upset when Dien left the club and did not initially believe all that hype about us not winning anything since he left…but the stats prove it,

    What for me is madness is doing the same thing year on year getting the same result and going back to doing the same thing the following year hoping for a different outcome

    Wenger has become a reactive manager who mainly reacts to pressure not a proactive one…..reactive in every facet of his management of the club transfers team selection tactics….more annoyingly the habit of trying to prove everyone else wrong when it is so much easier to do or sort out what the team needs..

    I said to my gooner friend Wenger will have to leave arsenal before we can win any trophies in 2008/2009 and I still stand by it..

    In reality what I would love is a changed Wenger one who would seek help in areas where he is clearly deficient…ie a Dein for transfers a strong figure (just some one who will say don;t worry arsene we will pay the extra £2m for Higuain and not wait for Cavani to be sold and RM to ramp up the price to £33m) a defensive coach or Bould to have more influence

    Sadly enough that will never happen because power they say corrupts absolutely and at the end of the day its all about power and Wenger would rather leave rhan relinquish some powers..

    Don;t get me wrong I do like a powerful manager but it only works when they are making the right decisions for a club ie SAF …Wenger is the typical example of why power concentrated at the top is bad when they are continually making bad decisions and there is no one to challenge them…lack of success is the result..

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