Arsene will spend the cash. He’s not afraid to do so, you know…

Fans were beginning to insist Arsene spent some money.

Evening folks.

“Where the bloody hell have you been?”

Sorry. I’ve had tasks of more pressing concern to attend to. It’s a tricky thing, managing your daily life with the urge to blog on a daily basis. Occasionally, what I have to do gets the better of what I want to do.

“So James, tell us  – what’s new?”

Well, in my small absence, nothing of substantial interest has happened. There are no startling revelations or astonishing rumours to get my teeth into. It’s as quiet as can be out there at the moment.

As a regular blogger around the Goonershpere for some time now, it’s nice to be able to use my position to help those who are just starting. Philip Allison has just put together a new Arsenal blog named Wrong  Foot Pele, and it’s well worth a look. Good luck to you in the future, and welcome to the vast, sprawling universe that is the Arsenal online community, Philip.

“You mentioned money and spending in the title. Talk about that. We want transfer news, at once!”

Jesus. Calm down. I was getting to that.

Talking at a Q&A with fans and shareholders, Ivan Gazidis has put his usual spin on what will happen with the funds at Arsene’s disposal. The slippery so-and-so had these words to say when quizzed about potential splurging:

“Arsene is not scared to spend money but he has to believe they are top-class players who will add to the squad.

“Can I guarantee he will spend all of the money available to him? That depends on the talent.

“Arsene has done an outstanding job to make sure Arsenal stay in the mix with the top teams – not where we want to be, but in the mix – on a relatively limited budget.”

If I had a shiny new fifty pence piece for every time I’ve heard a variation of that quote wheeled out by the Board, I’d be some way closer to realising my dream of recording my debut Hip-Hop album –  It wouldn’t be “Gangsta” as I don’t own a “9” and I’m yet to experience “smoking a punk-ass crack ho”.

Regarding what we will do in the window; I have a very simple take on it. I believe we may see something big happen, and that there is some weight to the promises this time around. Call it blind optimism, or raging stupidity, if you so desire, but I genuinely feel that way. Fact and evidence are not two things I posses that can back up my feeling. Nope, afraid not folks. I have a little thing called faith, and that’s something that’s always open to criticism.

We enter this summer free from tiresome speculation surrounding our best player/s, and revenue seems to have increased to such an extent there is a plentiful wad of cash at the manager’s disposal. Gazidis mentions the miracles Arsene has accomplished “on a relatively limited budget”. The money is available to the manager now more so than it has been for a while. It’s up to him to do something with it, and to make it count.

I believe he will.

And that’s yer lot today, boys ‘n;’ girls. The comments section below is practically gagging to be used. Do you have any thoughts on how we might spend over the next couple of months? Feel free to jot down one or two of your thoughts. I’ll look forward to reading through a few.

I shall return tomorrow. As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

13 thoughts on “Arsene will spend the cash. He’s not afraid to do so, you know…”

  1. Arsene may well be prepared to spend big this summer. There is one big problem in that lack of silverware in recent years will make top players wary of signing on. This means gooners everywhere will have to be patient and not expect too much. If the team is strengthened in key positions progress will be made.

    1. Why? When Chelsea got their cash injection they spent big immediately. When City got theirs, they went off the radar immediately. LAck of silverware was not peddled by an excuse for those clubs. Same with PSG. Arsenal before our recent cash injection was infinitely more attractive than those other clubs before their benefactors took over, so is it anything other than the paralysing fear that the people who run our club are not ready to be a big club which prompts your comment? Because make no mistake, if the figures are to be believed, our recent cash deals are every bit as significant as the cash injections those other clubs have got, bearing in mind how cash rich the club was already.

      A lack of silverware has nothing whatsoever to do with bringing in players. It is an excuse that is always used but one which flies in the face of proven facts (see above!). Its an excuse used by players as they know that the clubs that win silverware also happen to be the ones who pay all the money. If Arsenal are true to their word (we can pay 200 grand a week and more), there is not a single player out there who would turn them down. The only thing preventing us hitting the big time this very summer is the feared lack of balls of the people who run the club

      SImple as this – if the people who run our club know anything about putting together a top team, then attracting top players immediately would be the easiest job on earth. Its a question of whether they have the wherewithal to do so, or are they too used to hiding behind the fabricated excuses for failure which have cluttered the past few years,
      Time will tell.

  2. If there is one thing that hacks me off more than waking each day to find that we still haven’t bought anybody, it’s reading in the crap press about “Arsenal legend, Stewart Robson’s bitter views on Arsene Wenger”.

    Arsenal legend??? FFS! Bell end more like!

  3. You beautiful bastard, it has been an arsenal anthem for long. There is no time that there is no money for the manager to spend but the problem is there seems not to be a top top player in the market for wenger to buy. Am fed up with there lies pls.

  4. I personally don’t believe in talkn ,let Arsenal match there words with action. Other clubs are already buying we are just talking and speculating. Let us see new signings please.

  5. Interesting how he say relatively limited budget yet every year we’ve heard he’s had a war chest of 40-50 million to spend..Something doesn’t add up there

  6. Enjoyed your blog again. Arsene does have money now but the pool of players he wants to catch is small.there must be 6 prem.managers all fishing in the same pool . He will have to work very hard to land who he wants. Why have I gone fishing. I must be going TRANSFER CRAZY!!!!

  7. Am fed up with arsene philosophy ….he has to
    do something quick before transfer market gets out of hand..coz am tired of speculation.

  8. What I’d like to see is for Wenger to get his transfer business done early, before the end of June if possible, so us poor bastards (the fans) can sit back and chill out a bit over the summer, and not have worry about who is coming or who is going… I reckon Bendtner will still be on our books again next year, I read somewhere that he has 5 or 6 clubs interested in him (he had 10 clubs interested in him this time last year, and we were still stuck with the twat at the start of the new season).. I believe he still has another year on his contract, and no club in their right mind are going to pay him the kind of money Arsenal are. I reckon he will be shipped off on loan again on the last day of the transfer window, and will leave on a ‘free’ next year..

  9. Regarding Bendtner, i think you’re absolutely spot on there.

    I can’t see anyone wanting to pay his wages, let alone suffer the indigence of that lumbering oaf plodding aimlessly about the pitch, chewing gum and generally looking like he doesn’t give a fuck.

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