Arsene’s contract talks, your questions and stuff.

“So, what can we ask James?”

Morning folks.

This international break seems interminable. Wading through the summer was bad enough with its constant flow of fury and misinformation. I’ll be glad when Saturday arrives and football with a little more point to it returns.

On account of Eng-er-land’s upcoming fixtures, most of the news regards the national teams paucity of striking options. You know things have taken a turn for the worse when pundits are discussing the merits of Rickie Lambert’s selection. He’s not a bad player, don’t get me wrong, but he’s hardly a name to strike fear into the heats of opposition defenders.

Because of all that guff, there is very little in the way of Arsenal news. The only nugget of information out there regards an alleged move by Arsenal for Ciprian Marica – a Romanian forward released by Schalke and able to move outside the window due to being a free agent. I’ve never heard of him, to be honest, and if he was to sign, I’m pretty sure it would be a punt by Arsene to make up the numbers in an area we are short. It could work out, he could be another Kaba Diawara.

So, with not much going on, I decided to throw open the forum to you, the delicious reader, and answer a few of your questions.

That’s a tricky one. It would certainly be a very close and keenly contested fight, but I’m wager Nicklas’ impenetrable ego would deflect all attacks, and victory for our Danish friend would be achieved with a furious barrage of idiotic hats and ridiculous bracelets. I’d be rooting for the whale, mind you.

Thanks for the question, Martijn. I’d say it’s somewhere between 30-45 minutes simmering (not stewing), depending on your preference for the reduction of the liquid. Be sure to keep an eye on it, and make sure the chicken is cooked all the way through. Food poisoning – especially from chicken – can be pretty nasty.

Oh, something Arsenal related. I wasn’t expecting that! I think Ozil’s ideal position is definitely the No. 10 role behind Giroud. There’s plenty of potential for him to interchange during games with Santi on the left, but to get the best out him we should deploy him there. It’s where he wants to play.

I’m kind of on the fence with Arsene’s new deal. I’ve seen a fair few people get angry about it, and I consider their points to have some merit – one huge last minute signing doesn’t excuse an entire summer of inactivity. However, it would be wrong to overlook his importance in that signing, and to appreciate that he has changed his ways and spent big on a truly world-class player.   

If there’s a better man to lead us forward at the moment, I struggle to think of one. Arsene has made mistakes, but it shouldn’t go unmentioned that he has done so much good work for the club. If Arsenal are turning a corner, and our sustainable model is beginning to bare fruit, then we have some very exciting times ahead. I’d want Arsene to be in charge of those times, but he should earn the right to do so. One signing does not warrant a new contract.

Thanks to all the rest of you who asked me things. Some were a bit hateful and some were down right peculiar – you know who you are. All that’s left now is to point you in the direction of the comments, and offer you the opportunity to have a look and a new Arsenal fans App called ‘Invincibles”. It’s a paid application costing $2 and was developed by indie designer, Pritesh Desai.

You can check out the Invincibles app by clicking here. It keeps you updated regarding all things Arsenal with alarms before games, and other news.

That’s all from me today. As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

8 thoughts on “Arsene’s contract talks, your questions and stuff.”

  1. Arsene didn’t want Ozil or spend money. The board make him do it. He should be sacked and we get manager who will want to buy and compete with big teams.

    He did not sign striker and only Flamini and sanogo before last day and we lost 3 to 1 to Aston becuase of this. He must be changed.

  2. Woah.. @ Wenger Out.. Such a thoughtful and keen analysis of the TDD and of our lost to Aston VIlla. I noticed you deliberately failed to mention the refree’s part at our lost. In case you come out of your hallucination by the account of what you are smoking – Flamini was signed after the AV defeat.

    The WOB/Moaner’s are sure getting short of excuses. What next?? US soon-to-be air strike of Syria ( US showing their arrogance again – which would do them good if they realise that US is not the Super power they claimed to be) all part of Wenger’s fault??

    Give credit where’s it due man. Or shut the fuck up. If I had a nickel – or the saying goes. And no – I’m not a millionaire yet. No – Not yet – not yet.

  3. Arghh!! Curses!! Grammar and spelling mistakes. My bad – 😉

    Well children/WengerOut – Today we have learnt something very important – Never drink and hurl insults at others. Infact get drunk and shout obscenities so that it get’s thru’ their thick skull. My English teacher would be so proud of me now.

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