Arshavin to quit, Begovic tops list, and the best choice at the back.

“This football lark is boring me. Time for a change…”

Morning all.

How are we all feeling this bright, crisp Spring morning? Well rested? Raring to face whatever challenges face you?

Me, well… I’m suffering with a bout of lethargy-inducing man-flu, and I feel like hammered shit. In mere moments I have to set off and complete a 10 hour shift at work, and my mind is awash with potential ways to get myself out of that fate.

I imagine (another awesome segway here) that a certain Andrey Arshavin awakes in his ostentatious home with similar thoughts to mine. He may be an undeniably gifted footballer, and I love the little fella to bits, but he doesn’t seem to give a damn anymore. Reports yesterday circulating around the press would have us believe he will be calling time on his career when the season finishes at the relatively young age of 32.

There is a theory out there that Arsene Wenger ruined Arshavin by consistently playing him out of position. For both Zenit St. Petersburg and the Russian national team, he excelled in the central role behind the striker. At Arsenal, he was regularly played on the left side of a three pronged attack and often charged with defensive duties – something he clearly has no interest in.

That theory is poppycock. Arshavin himself is responsible, and he was hardly deployed in a foreign position – we didn’t put him in goal, for God’s sake. Somewhere along the line, he simply stopped trying, instead preferring to languish on the bench or in the reserves whilst collecting an enormous salary. Professional footballers should be adaptable.

His early Arsenal career showed great promise, and from that time there are plenty of good memroes. Alas, it just hasn’t worked out the way we had hoped, and allowing him to leave when his contract expires at the end of the season is the best for all parties concerned.

Elsewhere today, the rumour mill is hotting up, and Stoke’s Asimir Begovic is the latest “certainty” to be headed our way, all for the price of a cool £15m. That notion bothers me for two reasons; I don’t really wish for that amount of our money to go to Stoke City, and I don’t think Begovic is any better than the keepers we already have. Szczsney’s form may have dipped alarmingly, but the potential is still there, and he’s young enough to knuckle down and turn the corner. An experienced head to provide competition and wisdom is what we need, not an out-and-out replacement.

Lastly today, I thought I point you in the direction of this piece on North London is Red. It’s about our central defensive partnership and the idea of another German joining the team. I agree with every word, and highly recommend you have a look-see.

That’s all for today. In the comments section, I’d like to hear some of your favourite Arshavin moments. Don’t be shy, let’s be having a few.

I shall return tomorrow. Thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

3 thoughts on “Arshavin to quit, Begovic tops list, and the best choice at the back.”

  1. Judging by Begovi?’s performances in Stoke and in Bosnian national team, I’d say he is a better goalkeeper than our Polish duo. He controls his 6-yard-area and he can pull out amazing save when we need that. His main weakness might be the way he deals with powerful long shots as he tends to stay a bit away from goal-line.

    Not to mention that he looks like a sane version of Jens Lehmann.

  2. Favorite Arshavin moment.
    Anfield ’09’s too obvious. Mine was his cracker of a winner against the Barcunts (Barcelona) in 2011. And the other goal against Liverpool, where Martin Tyler went “Arshaaaviiiiiiiinnn!!!!! Andrei Arshavin…at Anfield again!

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