Arteta, The Ox and Arsene, Post-Liverpool Fury and Two Refuse Deals.

The players now feared half-time…

Morning, folks.

As you all probably know, much of the furious anger at Saturday’s defeat is yet to subside. It’s a minefield out there, folks. You need only once inadvertently say the wrong thing – usually positive – to have the combined wrath of Twitter fall upon you.

I wouldn’t really want to dispute with anyone about their right to be angry. God knows, I’m angry. We lost in the most pathetic way imaginable in a game that was of huge significance. Had we taken a moment to envisage the worst case scenario before kick-off, the thoughts and views conjured would probably bare striking resemblance to that which occurred.  It was an altogether sh*tty day – compounded for me by a startling shaving error that resulted in the need to remove the vast majority of my beard.

However, all that is done now. It’s gone; the past. It has to be put to one side.  Wednesday brings another vitally important game and the focus now should be entirely on that.

Reading through a lot of stories today has brought my attention to the way our players have reacted, and they’ve reacted well.  They know both individually and collectively that what the showed on the pitch at Anfield was poor and needs to be rectified as swiftly as possible. For example, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlian said this:

“We are very disappointed, especially with the first half. We know we are better than that so in that sense we are gutted.

 “But these things happen in football and it is our responsibility to turn that around and we have great opportunity on Wednesday night.

Mikel Arteta has also spoken of the reaction, this time from Arsene Wenger. Most would assume the Frenchman to be an assured and calm figure under pressure, but it appears he can get angry when the moment takes him:

“We have to react because there is nothing we can do about this now. We know we need to improve and face those games in a different manner because after 19 minutes we were 4-0 down and it was like a car crash.

“The manager was really upset at half-time, that’s normal because it wasn’t good enough for this football club. It was the angriest I have seen him.”

Don’t think Arsene has it in him to be shouty and rowdy? I noticed this doing the rounds on twitter from Theo’s book:

I take some heart from all the honesty being shown. No one is hiding and they’re all happy to accept fault. As good as it is, it needs to be coupled with a reaction on Wednesday. United might be floundering in mediocrity, but the’ll be up for the game and as eager to start turning the corner as we are now. Any team with an attack of Rooney, Mata and van Persie will be dangerous and we have to accept it’s going to be another very challenging fixture.

Meanwhile, in one of those look-it’s-getting-worse-for-Arsenal! stories the media just love to publish when the chips are down, it’s been ALLEGED – I say ‘alleged’ in capitals because it’s in the Daily Star – that both Fabianski and Sagna will turn down new contract offers from Arsenal and make for pastures new in the summer. Fabianki I can understand being allowed to leave given his lack of first-team opportunities, but I’d hope the Club do more to secure Sagna to an extension.

It’s funny how stories like these emerge at certain times. Since losing to Liverpool, we’ve had leaked ‘reports’ of a training ground tear-up between Mertesacker and Sanogo as well as the tall-tale surrounding Olivier Giroud’s night of unbridled passion with some dubious trollope most probably after her 15 minutes of fame. I can’t help thinking it’s all a bunch of spurious drivel being used purely to capitalise on a bad period for Arsenal. Lazy journalism.

Other than that, there’s not much more to say. I could mention a story I read about a summer bid for Gareth Barry, but I feel physically and mentally violated every time I think about it, so I’d rather not.


That’s all I’ve got time for today. You know the drill; head towards the wonderful comments section and drop me a line with your thoughts of the recent events and fallout. There’s still a lot of football to be played; plenty of twists and turns to be navigated along to the tumultuous road to May. It might feel like the world has ended, but it hasn’t – not by a long shot.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

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6 thoughts on “Arteta, The Ox and Arsene, Post-Liverpool Fury and Two Refuse Deals.”

  1. 1. let me not analyze player faults and what led to each of those goals. many have already talked about those things. i want to look at how arsenal set up their game plan after going behind, 2-0 very quickly in this instance. how many games have arsenal won this season after going behind. i don’t know the exact number, but my guess is not many.

    this season, when arsenal has taken a lead, it tends to sit back and soak up pressure and then get a goal or two, sometimes from a counter-attack. arsenal were once renowned as team that chases down goal deficits. but this season, i’m not sure. after going 2-0 down very quickly arsenal should have taken stock of the situation first, rather than bombarding together forward, thereby leaving acres of space behind for suarze, sterling and sturrdige to exploit. this was specially important since liverpool were harrying and scurrying the arsenal players. surely, arsenal should’ve put the handbrakes on and waited for the second period to respond.

    2. The mental and psychological impact- a lot has been made about arsenal’s feeble attitude/mental psychological state of players in big games. isn’t it a coincidence that arsenal haven’t done well at all in these big games. yes we defeated napoli, dortmund, tottenham, liverpool earlier in the season. but we also lost to man u, destroyed by man city and now liverpool. to be fair, i think results are an outcome of so many different things at play- form of players, injuries/suspensions, sometimes even luck/refereeing decisions. but surely, mental preparation and the ability to withstand pressure against the likes of man u, chelsea and city are also factors. our record against man u is specially pathetic. let’s just hope the players don’t suffer from the man u mental paralysis and get beaten this wednesday.

    3. regarding the man u clash on wednesday- i wonder if wenger will bring some changes to the starting 11. gibbs must start ahead of monreal. i’d be tempted to drop ozil, but since it’s such an important game, i’m willing to stick with him for this one. but who should fill the central midfield? arteta is a starter, the question is- who partners him? i’d be tempted to start rosicky ahead of wilshere, or shift rosicky to the right and start with wilshere and arteta at the centre. the rest would remain the same.

  2. As gooner, I refuse to accept that our long time consistency can be turned down in one or two poor games. We’ve responded well after 3-6 trash, so we need to repeat that result all over again. Win over Manure, I believe, will separate our “new Arsenal” than the old one. ManUre got their ass kick into flat against City last year, but looked who carried the silverware at the end of the season. One significant character of a winner is clear, they always bounce back, no matter where it start.
    So, let’s kick the devil red ass Gunner!

  3. I had to travel to Bristol this morning with a work colleague and guess what he was a fucking scouser ……. The worst 2 hours of my miserable life, I was tempted to leave him and his shit eating grin stranded on the M5 on the way there

    Fuck he was unbearable and I didn’t have a single comeback … not one

    If we lose against them again next Sunday I may shoot have to shoot the twat

    I got the kick off time wrong I thought it was 1pm KO so when I turned it on and I was just in time to see sterling score the 4th in the 19th minute………….

    I sat there in utter disbelief turned if off again and done some ironing how fucking sad is that….

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