Aubameyang – What Are The Chances? Should We, Shouldn’t We?

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I thought an extra bonus post was in order as there’s a far bit of dust kicking up around the Aubameyang rumours, and some of the so-called experts are chiming in with their opinions. In a bizarre article on Sky Sports, they claim reports in Italy say Arsenal will make an offer and they run the following quotes from Guillem Balague:

“Arsenal have a few signings they want to confirm in the next few days. One of them they want to close and finalise is Aubameyang. They are willing to pay 60m euros. So they hope Dortmund accepts, and are very optimistic that this could be the case.

There are other clubs interested but right now Arsenal is ahead of them, but nothing has been finalised yet. It would take perhaps longer than Alexis’ sale, but they’re putting all their efforts on it.

They think he would be a perfect replacement to Alexis, and would work really well with Alexandre Lacazette.

Aubameyang wants a deal, Arsenal want a deal, but we’ll have to see what Dortmund say about it. It won’t be the only signing Arsenal make, as they are after two more to strengthen this month to reinforce the side. As we saw at the weekend, they need it.”

I’m not entirely sure why Sky have turned to someone who’s field of expertise is Spanish football to comment on reports from Italy when the alleged transfer is between a German and English club. I’m not entirely sure I believe a word of it, either. Call it the pessimist inside me, but these rumours surfacing so soon after all the Alexis talk smack a little of desperation, or a case of the Club being able to say, “Well, you can see we are trying to recruit big players”. Of course, I could be totally wrong in every respect an this is all a part of a serious initiative to recruit big. Fingers crossed…

I’d be bloody happy if we did some serious business in the window. Aubameyang would certainly help ease the pain of seeing Alexis dancing around the Old Trafford turf. But, I’ve the nagging doubt in the back of my head that’ll we’ll find someway to f*ck it all up, and we’ll settle for Henrik Mkhitaryan and that Brazilian fella who’s still really young. I’m sure Mkhitaryan is a great player, but it’s decidedly uninspiring to hear his name linked – too much like accepting Mourinho’s cast offs. Also, I can’t help feeling the attacking areas aren’t the only areas that require some attention.

You could make a good case for a central defender and a solid ball-winning central midfielder with defensive tendencies being of equal importance. The volume of chatter and rumours lends credence to us being very active in the window. I hope we get Aubameyang and Malcom and then maybe have a little time to bolster the defence.

I think we’ll do something – I couldn’t be any less ITK, for the record… I’m just guessing here – but it remains to be seen what that something is. If we do mange to sign him for Dortmund, we’ll be able to look forward to him and Bellerin becoming close friends due to a shared enjoyment of sensationally weird oufits. Hector did start to follow him on Instagram.. (I’m going to apologise for even writing that sentence. It’s such a nothingness, yet it was still made out to be somehow a sign of an impending deal) If we got both…

Do you think Arsene will sign anyone? Would you prefer we focused on a new manager instead of new players? Let me know in the comments.

I’ll be back tomorrow. Until then, and as always: thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

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5 thoughts on “Aubameyang – What Are The Chances? Should We, Shouldn’t We?”

  1. Yes we should but of course we won’t. Mkhitaryan apparently does not want to join us and given our ongoing slow-motion collapse who can blame him? I can see many more players leaving (Ozil, Debuchy, Giroud, Walcott, Welbeck, etc.) but perhaps only Malcom coming in. We’ll be left with the likes of Holding, Iwobi and Chambers, whom nobody will want to pay money for.

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