Awful, Awful Arsenal, Man-Flu, Change At the Top, Aubameyang And More…

Swansea 3-1 Arsenal

Morning, folks.

This post will be a swift report on last night’s bloody awful display. The reason for the lack of anything substantial is I have man-flu. Full blown man-flu. The type of man-flu that renders me nothing more than a shambling, congested shadow of my former self hoping a Pinnacle Bonus Code and some good news from Arsenal will improve my spirit and condition. It was bad on Monday, worse yesterday and has reached it’s glorious peak of awfulness this morning. I blame Arsenal Football Club entirely. Last night’s unfathomably bad showing has worsened my symptoms…

You’ve all seen the game by now. You’ll all know how terrible we were last night. Against a team we should comfortably dispatch, we lost 3-1 and that scoreline didn’t flatter our hosts. It is another terrible performance to reflect upon in a season that has, thus far, been defined by terrible performances.

To be quite frank with you all, I can’t be bothered to dissect the game as I could have guessed the mistakes had I not seen it. It’s all so predictable. The real question is how do we stop this wrong occurring with such regularity. Bad performances happen, bad results happen. Those things will happen to even the greatest teams. But with Arsenal it isn’t a freak occurrence or one-off; it’s a worrying trend that shows no sign of improving with time, only worsening. Someone has to be responsible for that, and that someone is Arsene Wenger.

I love the guy, I will not be abusive towards him, because that kind of thing is truly reserved for morons. However, I agree with the sentiments behind all that vitriol and rage; it is time for him to step down. I don’t know if another manager suitable to replace him is available, I don’t know if another manager would get a better tune out of the players we have. Those aren’t answers anyone can give. But, there comes a point where we have to accept that the man we currently have is not performing to anywhere near the standards of Arsenal Football Club, standards he himself set.

A change is needed.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang should finalise his move from Dortmund today, and there’s a leaked video of Arsene discussing the signing online that went up on the official site by mistake, only to be taken down soon after.

That is, at least, a little good news today. I’m off to work now to feel sorry for myself in a more sustained manner and try to get through the day.

I’ll be back tomorrow with more. Until that time, and as always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

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