Bac back, not Jack and Chamakh’s lack of knack in attack.

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As I’m sure you’ve already heard; Jack Wilshere’s recovery from injury has suffered a setback. Some media outlets are already selling the news as the worst possible scenario; he’ll miss the rest of the season, and Euro 2012. It’s only a matter of time before The Daily Mail run a story about his legs being removed and then roundly persecute him for being on benefits. I imagine they’ll feature a picture of Jack pushing himself around the streets of London on a little cart, like Eddie Murphy at the start of Trading Places. Whilst it is all undoubtedly worrying, nothing is concrete yet and Arsene has spoken on the issue saying:

“He has had a little setback that is under investigation at the moment so I cannot give you how long he will be out for.

“At the moment he is seeing a specialist and as soon as we know more we will communicate. It sets him back a little bit but for how long I don’t know.

“It is the same foot but a different problem to the injury he had surgery on back in September.

Let’s all collectively cross as many of our body parts as is physically possible and hope it really is nothing more than a tiny pothole on the road to recovery. With our midfield still missing that little bit of guile, the one cunning bastard who can unlock defences with a pass, we need him back to mount a serious push. If it is serious – and the club know if it is – a dip into the transfer market becomes more of a necessity.

Bacary Sagna, on the other hand, could make a swift return to action having recently been back in full training – much to the delight of his teammates. There is even talk of him starting the game against Villa tomorrow. Having been denied anything remotely resembling a functional full-back for some time now, the return of one of the leagues best is a massive boost.

Also returning is Chamakh, after Morocco were unceremoniously dumped out of the AFCON. I liked him when he first started, but since that time he’s become fairly…. No, massively ineffective, serving only to falter around the pitch like a walking advertisement for Shockwaves wet-look gel. With Thierry Henry looking certain to be above him in the pecking order whilst he’s here, I can’t help but think January was a perfect opportunity to ship him out and get someone fresh in. Even the boss’ faith in him appears to have run out. Once again, I find myself praying for Robin van Persie to stay fit. At a top club like Arsenal, that simply isn’t good enough.

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