Bacary Sagna’s New Contract.

Bacary can move the ball with the power of his mind.

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I have a few moments spare today. Free time is often something of a rarity to such an extent that when some presents itself, I’m unsure what to do with it. Ordinarily, I might use these moments for something shockingly inappropriate or sleeping as I don’t do enough of that particular pursuit. Today, I thought I’d offer you up an extra special blog post. Well, a blog post.

Bacary Sagna will be a free agent in the summer as his contract is entering its final months. There is much debate and speculation around the sprawlingly diverse Goonerverse at present regarding wether or not giving him one is a good idea. I think it is, but I can also understand a few of the reasons some think it is not.

Since he arrived at Arsenal, Bac has been a wonderful servant for the Club, and during his best form arguably the finest right back in the Premiership. However, there have been times during his career that his form has dropped, usually coinciding with injuries.

Last season especially his form dipped having had to recover from a succession of serious injury. Durning that time there was a thought his Arsenal career was heading toward a close. Since then his form has returned to its usual heights and he has been an important figure in our defensive stability.

Certain betting sites like FREE Bet King seem to think Sagna is likely to move given the recent interest from PSG and Liverpool, but I hope this is wrong. I can fully understand those that feel a significant raise to his contract is a risk given his age and history. Both are legitimate areas for concern. For me, retaining his services is worth that risk as his influence on the team is important.

Arsenal could opt to bring in a right back over the summer. I hope that they do, but do so with Sagna still at the club to pass down his experience and knowledge to them and battle for their place in the side. Competition for places is always an important thing in a football team as it removes complacency from a player’s mind. Stability is equally so, and I hope we hold onto Sagna for the benefit of our defensive line.

That’s all for today, folks. The comments are below – use them to tell me wether you believe Arsenal should offer Sagna a new contract or look to fully replace him in the summer. I look forward to reading a few.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

8 thoughts on “Bacary Sagna’s New Contract.”

  1. Well Bac is not only a great full back, regardless of his age, but he also steps in as a central defender when needs be. he is one of the most unsung players in the team, but he still delivers week in, week out. I will be sorry to see him leave, but I think he will go.

  2. At 33 years old Tomas Rosicky has received the backing and deserving extension to his contract . Surely Bac Sagna is also very deserving ??
    Also is not our best defence for a long time including the one and only same right back. Break this back four rock steady unit up at a high cost methinks .
    Sign him up now !!

    1. Yes I agree sagna deserves a new contract, but why should he be treated any different to previous over 30s. 1 year extensions were good enough for Bergkamp, Adams, rosicky and many more. What makes sagna any better than them?

      I say offer him 120k a week for 1 year, but he wants 24m over 3 years. I’m sorry he is not Wayne Rooney, he is a right back with 2 broken legs in the last 3 seasons. I am with the club on this one

  3. I’m with you. I really really want him to stay. I think he is well worth it. I feel like he’s an important part of our defensive stability.

  4. well, if what I’m reading in the news is correct, I’d love for Bac to stay for another 2-3 years with us, but at what cost? going over the 100k mark/week for a 30 years old is not really sound business. + a 6 million sign on bonus? come on! the problem (among other things) is that this would create a lot of unrest with the other players on the salaries side. as painful as it may be, I think Wenger should stick to his current salary policy. Rosicky is a different matter as I think he’s on a 1 year extension with a far lesser pay. so, yes, Wenger should do anything to keep Bac, but within the club’s salary policy. or maybe just a tat higher, but that’s it! 🙂

  5. Well I believe the club should hold unto Bac cos he is one of the experienced guys in the team.let’s buy a right back,keep Sagna as a reserve centre back.or what do you think guys

  6. at those odds you all just have to be kidding – comparison to TR is ridiculous one happy with one year extension the other demanding 4 and 6 mill bonus – he will go at some stage and plenty of exceptional right backs available – and me well in Bac’s fan club

    1. @bsmithy: I’ve not heard anything about Sagna’s bonus demands, although I do agree with the fact he’ll leave eventually. If you say there’s plenty of good right backs available, who would you like to see brought in?

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