Back from the dead, back from the abyss, back to enlighten the masses with blathering speculation.

If Diaby was a blogger, he’d be me…

Hello everyone. Long time no see.

What’s that you collectively roar – “Where the f**k have you been?!”

Sorry. Apologies are cheap, but I shall extend one regardlessly. Truth be told; I’ve not had the time for blogging, and lost my enthusiasm for it. Life has a funny way of throwing tribulations and opportunity into your path at the least opportune of moments.

But I am back now. Hopefully returning from absence in a similar fashion to Jack Wilshere. Given my year’s work thus far is pretty much a plethora of brief returns and promises of a new prolific posting manner, you’d all be forgiven for treating my words as dubiously as those that insist Abou Diaby’s injury problems are very much a thing of the past.

So what’s happened since I’ve been away? Well, there is certainly a glimmer of hope sparkling on the horizon. We sit 2 points behind our scummy, loud-mouthed neighbours with a fixture in hand, Tomas Rosicky has defied the collective wisdom of the known universe by scoring twice in the same game, and there is a slightly less shit version of Gervinho marauding up and down the wings.

Aside from from an irksome defeat at the hands of Spurs and the second coming of Jesus, Gareth Bale, our league form hasn’t been bad at all, and the hopes of obtaining a Champions League spot rest entirely in our own hands. If we can keep our decent form going until the end of the season and secure as many points as possible, we”l sneak that spot.

But, as us Arsenal fans know only too well, that is a very big “if” indeed. Calamitous blunders and eye-gougingly awful performances wait around the corner ready to pounce at a moments notice. Nothing at this juncture is even remotely certain.

I’ll consider this piece merely a reintroduction, as it has been too long. Tomorrow I’ll get back to the nitty-gritty of trawling through mendacious guff and cheap filler to bring you some news. Until then, thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards. Thanks for the e-mails of support and for the occasional one I received that was filled with naughty language and less-than endearing content.

For better or for worse, it’s nice to know I was missed.

I shall return in the morning with more.

6 thoughts on “Back from the dead, back from the abyss, back to enlighten the masses with blathering speculation.”

  1. Welcome back! I was wondering where the hell have you been since you Yippee-d about Falcao.

    Of course, you know what you should do if your return breaks our streak of victories…

  2. it’s good to have you back, now to chuck a question at you, i think our midfield is a more solid dependable unit lately with no Jack, Ramsey could well be the answer to holding midfielder, and Giroud is on 16 goals and counting, and Fab is keeping a good goal, Do we change thing’s for the run in??

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