BATE Borisov (A): Team News, Predicting The Line-Up And More Stuffy Stuff Stuff.

Good morning, boys ‘n’ girls.

It occurred to me before I started writing that today represents the first time in around 7-8 years of blogging (on and off) that I’ve had to post a match report on a Thursday for the Europa League. That statement in itself is almost depressing. Almost. I mean, it’s not that bad when you give it a little thought…

Thankfully for me, I’ve discovered an ebullience for the Europa League whilst finishing the previous sentence, and I can clearly see it’s the greatest Club competition across Europe, South America, Asia and the United States. In fact, I’d go as far as saying it’s the finest in the known solar system. Actually, they have a similar competition in the Delta-9-Plop Galaxy held annually on Planet 78-Ping-Ganarweeppy-8-Thruppence-5, but, to be frank, it’s a bit sh*t by comparison.

The Europa League is where it’s at, ya’ll. Word to the motherfudger.

It’s a fair assumption make that we’ll see major changes tonight. The team have travelled to Belarus without the likes of Alexis, Lacazette, Koscielny, Ozil and Cech, with Arsene stating we would look to field a team with experience and a sprinkling of youth. A few of our youth players have made it into the squad at the boss had this to say about some of the newcomers:

“Charlie Gilmour is a defender or central midfielder. Marcus McGuane is a defensive midfielder, and overall he can play as a wing-back or even a centre back in training. Josh Dasilva is a left wing-back or a left-centre back. Vlad Dragomir is a Romanian boy, he was with us for a few years, he’s a No 10, Wilshere-style, left-footed, a creative player.”

I’d be feeling fibs If I professed to know a great deal about our opponents. My only knowledge of them is Alex Hleb used to play for them. That said, my lack of information certainly doesn’t mean we aren’t in for a tricky evening, because I would suggest we are. These kind of fixtures are chances at glory for the so-called “minnows” or “smaller Clubs”. I can imagine they’ll have a full, vociferous stadium and a few players eager to catch the eye. Those elements combined certainly can prove problematic. If we’re not at the races and saunter onto the pitch operating under the assumption all we need to do to win is turn up, then I fear something f*cking silly might occur.

This is Arsenal, after all. Just when you think they’ve turned the corner or learned a lesson from something stupid happening, something else stupid happens. We’ll need to focus tonight and look towards getting an early goal. We have the stronger team, if we perform to our ability, we’ll win the game. I think it’s pretty simple. I guess that makes me sound a touch pessimistic and somehow bitter. That’s the impact my beloved team can have on me… Damn you, Arsenal. Damn you!

So, I ‘m going to boldly predict a comfortable 4-0 victory that’ll include a goal from Reiss Nelson. I shall return tomorrow and share with you all a brief review of the game and some player ratings. Until then, please drop some of your thoughts in the comments section on the starting 11.

As always, thanks for listening, you beautiful bastards.

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Abraham – ‘Magpie’ (Morgan Geist remix)

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