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Keeping Arshavin away from Burger King had gone that one step too far…

Afternoon, you splendid creatures.

Thank you, Christopher Nolan. If it wasn’t for you giving me something to salivate over and anticipate, I think I might be letting this interminable misery and doom-mongering surrounding Arsenal get me a little down. As I tweeted earlier today; I think it’s fate softening the blow of losing Robin by giving me Batman to look forward to.

As you might imagine, a great deal of talk at the moment surrounds our Dutch striker. Last night I tuned into 5Live as I was heading home from a day at work in which I accomplished absolutely nothing other than new, uncharted levels of indolence. As I listened to the views on hand, I started to realise something; a great many folks seem to think Arsenal fans are bitter simply because Robin wants to leave.

Not true. If asked, I imagine the average, mildly-pragmatic Gooner wouldn’t begrudge RvP moving to greener pastures had he requested to do so in a respectful manner. He didn’t. He hid behind a cowardly statement that’s intended to serve him and him alone. Had his ‘message’ to the fans been an interview, a personal statement, and not something concocted by a group of morons I imagine there wouldn’t be anywhere near the ill-will for him as there is at present – the majority of which I feel is entirely justified.

A man who was once a hero to thousands, will now leave as a disappointment. Worst of all, I don’t imagine he’ll care one bit when his bank balance comes through the post at a new club.  There are many Arsenal legends, many players who’ll forever be a part of the club and adored by fans. Robin van Persie will not be one of those. He isn’t guaranteed trophies wherever he may go, but it’s certain he’ll leave Arsenal a figure of disdain, not adulation – Manchester City can’t buy that for him.

And that’s as much as I have to offer. It’s a shame, but we’ll move on.

One of his reported replacements has had a fairly huge price tag placed on him today. Fiorentina’s Stevan Jovetic is the guy we’re having a look-see at, and if we want him, we won’t be able to be parsimonious. Sporting director at the Italian side, Daniele Prade, stated in an interview:

“Since the start of the season we have said that we are not selling Jovetic,

“There is, however, an agreement with the player that (should we get an offer) above a certain figure, we will sit down and evaluate the offer.

“So far we have not received an offer for the player.

“He is a top player and we will only consider offers above 30million euros.

“He has the potential to become a player like Francesco Totti.”

That immediately makes me think we won’t bid – unless it’s a derisory offer that includes Chamakh. It was alleged Piorentina had made an offical approach for our Moroccan ponce, but Prade went on to pour water on that fire, too:

“Have we made an offer for Chamakh? We have not made one because he earns 3million euros (per season).

There are too many players at Arsenal that are average and over-paid, and we’ll struggle moving them on because of that. Bastia have pulled out of signing Squillaci due to his pay demands, and we’ll be loaning out Denilson until his contract runs out. I fully expect transferring Bendtner to encounter the same problems.

It gets worrying, as we’ll need to move players on before we can bring reinforcements in. The coming 3-4 weeks I think will make or break our season in terms of the squad. Sit back folks, I’ve a feeling things are going to get far more heated and miserable before we see any light on the horizon.

To use a quote from Christopher Nolan. “The night is always darkest before the dawn”…

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  1. Nice Post! Gooosh, so Chamakh earns 3 million Euros per season for just sitting on the bench? I’m going to be a footballer!!!!!!!!

  2. Let me suggest something ridicuolus just to ease the boredom. Let`s hold van Persie to his contract under his present salary arrangement, bring in Lewondinski (how you spell?) to play alongside him with Podolski and Giround up front (Walcott departed)and make Koscieiny captain. Let`s stir it up a bit….lol

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