Bendnter’s heroics, Jack’s performance and getting yourself out of (and into) a sticky situation.

“I’ll just kick back and enjoy all the hero worship”

Morning, folks.

Some victories are obtained through dazzling approach play, synergy and breathtaking efficiency. Others, not so much. Yesterday’s very welcome triumph fell firmly into the latter of those categories. Arsenal dominated the game in every respect, yet couldn’t find a way through. It certainly looked like one of those days were nothing was going to happen.

Starting Podolski up front is something many have clamoured for. I consider the affable German to be the best finisher at the club –  he has a left foot like a traction engine. However, all the times I’ve seen him start centrally he hasn’t looked anywhere near as much of a threat as he does when cutting in from the left. Giroud’s absence was notable yesterday, as was his ability to hold up the ball and bring others into attacks.

Thank god for Nicklas Bendtner. Those of you who follow me on Twitter will already know what happened yesterday when I decided to doubt the man and make a bloody stupid bet. Considering consequences before tweeting isn’t exactly one of my strongest points. It all started with this:

Very soon things had gotten a little out of control. Sure enough, Nicklas Bendtner rose to the occasion and thumped the ball into the net just when we were starting to think we’d never score. If you’re unfortunate enough to know me, you can testify to me being a man of my word. I didn’t especially want to smear myself lavishly with a fruity preserve, and I had asumed I was pretty safe from doing so. Alas, I was not. So:

My exploits even made it onto The Daily Mirror’s website.

Apologies if you’re eating your breakfast and looking at that picture of me. I look psychotic. I look like I’ve just returned from an evening’s casual murdering and I’m very pleased with my exploits. I don’t usually smile in such a sinister manner, but the jam applied to my face had gone all sticky and I could move how I’m accustomed. Also, it was a horrible b*tch to get all that damn jam out of the many areas it had entered. I believe there’s still some remnants in my belly button.

Aside from having to do that, I was pleased for Bendtner. He may not have covered himself in glory recently or enamoured himself to many, but as long as he wears an Arsenal shirt I’ll support his efforts on the pitch 100% regardless of what I might think of his personality. He instantly gave us a greater threat when he came on yesterday, and credit his positional play that enabled him to be in the right place to put the ball over the line. The biggest shame is he injured himself in the process and is looking at a good few weeks on the sidelines.

In a performance of few standouts, Jack Wilshere’s display was head and shoulders above the rest. There have been several patches during the season where Jack has flattered to deceive and struggled to impose himself on games. We know he has all the talent in the world. At certain points, things simply have gone his way and he’s attracted his share of criticism – some warranted, some not so much.

Yesterday he was showing signs of how good he is capable of being; strong, imperious and constantly moving forward with the ball attempting make things happen. Jack was at the centre of our second half push for a goal and most of the good things we managed to do. His pass that set Walcott clear for the second goal was quite beautiful.

Winning ugly seems to be something of an Arsenal ‘thing’ at the moment. Like the rest of you, I’d far rather we comfortably dispatched teams and our days watching the games were peaceful and without stress.  That said, I couldn’t care less how we get 3 points as long as we get them. Cardiff did well to stifle us and block our creativity, but the score remaining goalless for such a long period owed as much to our lacklustre showing.

I take heart from that. As our displays have slipped in quality, the results have continued to come. That is most certainly a very good sign. As the remainder of the season progresses, I’m sure we will start to find good form and when that happens we will find things become very interesting indeed. As long as we can keep winning ugly in the meantime, we’ll be right up there when the trophies are being handed out.

That’s all for today, folks. The comments await your thoughts below. Answer a few of the day’s questions; with Bendtner injured, do you think Arsene’s hand will be forced into the transfer market? Are you pleased we continue to win regardless of form, or do you fear our luck might run out? Let me know your thoughts.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

11 thoughts on “Bendnter’s heroics, Jack’s performance and getting yourself out of (and into) a sticky situation.”

  1. A man of his word, an extremely rare species… So the transfer window has opened, what do you think of rumours linking is with a £2 million move for Bebatov?

  2. Arsenal played very well yesterday, they dominated all through the game, notwithstanding, we need to enter the market to beef up our defence because we dont have a substitute for Mertesacker, if you noticed in the first half, where he and flamini almost cost us. I also want him to get his hands on a “deadly” striker not the likes of Berbatov “Le Professeur” wants to get his hands on him because I can tell you that winning dirty isnt going to get us far. I was very elated over yesterday’s win but we really need to be convinced that we are going to win a game before getting into it, not with some speculation.

  3. Arsenal played very well? You got to be kidding me. We have played much better in the past. Yesterday we were lucky, and was helped by a tiring Cardiff. Physical endurance has been our hallmark. I mean the ability to last 95 minutes. That explains why we tend to score more often than opponents in the last 10 mins. I don’t mean brute strength like those Newcastle’s midfield players who are physically strong, who can bully our midfield but cannot play beyond 75 mins.

    We need a striker who can make runs into Ozil’s passes. Berbatov is not that type. Neither is Bendtner. Giroud with Podolski will be effective together, but not Podolski alone.

  4. i agree enok, morata is a decent player with great potential whose style of play is different from giroud’s but can be effectively complimentary. In other unrelated news,there are rumors going round that arsenal are in for oribe peralta, does anybody have any credible information concerning what is happening in that regard?

  5. I was almost licking that face couldnt recognise you.anyway iwas getting sort of a heavy heart beat with minutes ticking faster and no break throuh the truth with organised deffence like chelsea we would have come with empty hands we need a brute mdf and an animal going in to 18 yards with flying leftwinger like overmars.thanks guys for all three points

  6. Hey jimbo…you have made yourself quite famous over this “jamgate” affair. Made it into the independent!! great publicity for you and the blog.

    Also i too was impressed with Jack, he seemed the only one will to go forward time and time again in that game and take people on before the 70min mark. Which when we are level or trailing seems to be the moment we decide pace, effort and class should be inserted into the game.

    Problem with Jack is not dissimilar to Nicky B. I’m not questioning his commitment, but i do question his temperament and what lies between his ears. He doesn’t seem the sharpest tool in the shed and instead of being the quiet unassuming type, which it seemed he may have been in his early days (such as Rambo) he seems arrogant, outspoken, immature and a little thick. Don’t get me wrong i love him as a player cause if he knuckles down his drive in midfield and raw talent is EXACTLY what arsenal need in midfield. I just wish he would shut up and focus on his game and stay out of the public sphere as much as possible a la Aaron Ramsey…a smart kid!

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