Bendtner returns, UEFA’s dream final and quick news.

Arsene had a few stern words for Nicklas; "Shaving your chest does not make you aerodynamic..."

Thursday morning greetings, folks.

Today’s going to be as quick a post as my fingers are able to muster. Emergency has called, and I’m off to work on my day off in a blaze of heroism to prevent almost certain disaster. Kind of…

As has been the case in recent weeks, there’s plenty of news out there, but little that relates to Arsenal. I could pick apart last night’s Champions League semi-final, I could… Frankly, it didn’t really concern me which of the two teams went through, as long as the eventual winner takes the prize when they meet Chelsea. It was a hugely enjoyable game, though.

The one nugget of Arsenal information I did find was regarding the loaned-out greatest striker to ever grace the game, Nicklas Bendtner. Whilst Bendy is undoubtedly a fucking prat, I do feel a small measure of pity for him. On those rare occasions he was able to play in his favoured position for Arsenal, and get a few games consecutively, he was actually quite a good player. Granted, he could be stunningly useless and arrogant in equal measure, but I challenge anyone to say he’s not a better option than Chamakh or Park.

In all likelyhood, he won’t be at Sunderland next season. He was a Steve Bruce signing, and I imagine O’Neil will be keen to recruit a few players of his own. I could be wrong, but I get the impression he isn’t Bendtner’s biggest fan.

That leaves him heading back our way in the summer. I’m certain he has no future at Arsenal. The only debate is whether or not we can offload him on a permanent basis. Like Denilson – who’s heading back, too – I imagine that’s not going to be easy given the grossly inflated salaries we pay the two of them.

An that represents about it for today. I’ve got to dash now, so I’ll leave you with a quick link to the weekly column I write over at Arsenal Vision. You can have a read of it here.

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One thought on “Bendtner returns, UEFA’s dream final and quick news.”

  1. Well it looks like all these loan,SUPER STARS that Wenger brought to the
    club are returning, you know the one’s i mean CHAMAKH, BENDTNER,
    DENILSON just to name a few, he’s got about a dozen all on about
    £50,000 a week,and they say,Wengers got an eye for talent, they wouldn’t
    get in our street team,Wenger carn’t give them away,there all 2 nd: division
    material,on Premiership salaries.Wengers always on about the future with,
    players like we’ve got, Arsenal hasn’t got a future,i car n’t think of one player
    that would have got in the Arsenal side of the 05–06 season,that’s not
    progress,Wenger ,thinks if he can finish in the top four each season he’s done well,As long as keeps his directors,and shareholders happy,
    his £9,000,000,a year job is safe. “UP THE GUNNERS”.

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