Betting on Arsenal in the Transfer Market, on the pitch and anywhere you want.

The English Premier League is the primary football competition in the country. The FA Premier League was founded in February 1992 by the break away from the Football League of the top 20 clubs of the First Division. The underlying idea was to allow these clubs to negotiate their own media and television contracts, thus increasing their revenue. The Premiership has become the world??s most lucrative and most watched league, and, of course, the most gambled upon, with the actual gambling revenue in the UK having hit new all-time highs in the past 5 years.

I thought I’d have a little look at Arsenal odds for the season. To win the Premiership, we’re a whopping 75/1 with more favourable odds available for securing the much-coveted 4th place at 12/1. The only area we lead is the top goalscorer category with Robin van Persie hot favourite to secure the golden boot – some places have stopped taking bets. These vary from place to place, but you get the general idea.

Those are just the main categories. Nowadays it’s possible to bet on practically anything happening during play, ranging from the next scorer to the amount of corners. You can even place bets on the next signing Le Boss will make, and if Arsenal were to break the bank and snap up Mario Goetze, you be looking at winning £130 from a simple £10 bet on his arrival in January.

Worth a shot?

Gambling seems to be an integral part of Football’s sub-cultures and one that’s so essential to some, that it provides a large percentage of the match-day thrills. With the addition of many Internet sites such as offering new and innovative ways in which to heighten you’re experience or shorten your odds of success, the days of simply popping into the bookies on a whim are very much a thing of the past. Online bets during play and a far greater variety of seemingly simple ways to win a bit of extra cash are reeling in new punters in record-breaking numbers.

Gambling is here to stay.

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