Big transfer news? Your questions answered? Interviews? Guest posts? Updates? Player news? Podcasts? You lovely people can decide.

A few words from you, the delicious reader.

Just a quick bonus post today, folks.

In trying to expand my blog, I’ve been rattling around a few ideas. Given that the purpose of this site is to inform and entertain you, as much as it is for my own personal enjoyment, I though I’d open this up to the opinion of those that read.

You can use Twitter, Facebook or the comments section below to give me your opinion on what I’m doing right, wrong, and any areas you’d like to see me improve/add new elements. Is there something missing? Are there certain things you enjoy on other sites that I might be able to incorporate? Is there something I should be doing less of?

Please be honest; If you think my daily posts are unadulterated drivel, then tell me exactly that – my only stipulation is that you explain why. I’m quite happy to hear from any of you, and you’re welcome to be as harsh and biting as you see fit. All I want is a few opinions to work with, and I’ll appreciate them greatly whatever they may be – perhaps not so much if you call me a c**t…

I look forward to reading a few, and I thank you for both reading and giving me your continued support. I couldn’t do this without you.

Thanks again, you splendid individuals.


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  2. JacksonDeGovia

    Maybe more transfer news?

  3. Greg J

    A podcast is quite a good idea. There are a lot out there, and the big ones (Arsecast, Fans forum, Tuesday Club) would be hard to compete with.

    Good luck! Other than that, your site is quite good.

  4. Arsene Wenger's Coat

    Id say it wouldn’t hurt to have more opinion on here. not just yours.

  5. James 'Raul' Stokes (Post author)

    Cheers guys!

  6. Craig

    I guess you could shout out in every post, we are after all Arsenal blog buddies and should definitely stick together!

    On a serious note, I think you’re doing a great job, it’s hard to keep up if you try and cover everything, sometimes it’s nicer to keep it to as a great blog site… With that said forums are always good!

  7. dan

    More transfer news. Dats al 4 me

  8. Jeff

    Stop swearing so much. Children can read these blogs.

  9. Aaron is bitch

    stop dfending ramsey! he is not good enough to be succeed at arsenal!!


    troy seattle

  10. Ian

    There’s not too much you can do. I think the most important thing is to keep the content coming. If you can post daily, people will look for your blog and you will have a bigger readership before long.

    This one seems to be big. You get many kicks on ArsenalNews, and I read most days.

    Keep up the good work!

  11. RyAn

    I’d say you need to talk more about transfers and gossip. everyone likes to read that!!!

  12. James 'Raul' Stokes (Post author)

    Thanks for the input!


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