Boggle-eyes, The Flame, Handsome Bast**d and the Goonersphere Podcast

Arsenal 2-0 Napoli: Ozil celebrates, Flamini searches for someone to murder.

Morning, all.

I hope today finds you in good health. I’m buoyant. There a few things in life as capable of putting a bounce in my step as seeing Arsenal perform brilliantly. Well… there are actually quite a few things, but none of those are particularly the kind of thing I should be broadcasting to the world. Yes , Scarlet Johannson –  I am talking about our recent romantic liaison at the Holiday Inn.

Watching last night’s performance was a joy from start to finish. Our Italian guests are an excellent side filled to the brim with some very capable players – Marek Hamsik – minus his ridiculous hair – is a player I rate extremely highly. From the first minute to the last, Arsenal made them look like a very ordinary side. In what was widely branded as our “toughest test to date” we came through with flying colours.

Mesut Ozil, the boggley-eyed little rascal, was simply brilliant. His opening goal and first for the Club summed the player up in my opinion; an incredibly difficult piece of skill made to look sensationally simple. The manner in which he so casually guided the pass from Ramsey past Reina was awe-inspiring, to such an extent I could happily watch that moment on loop for several weeks and never get tired of it.

Aside from that stand-out moment, he showed some fabulous touches, gracefully glided about the pitch as if on an ethereal plain above regular mortals and again made me salivate uncontrollably at the prospect of watching him link up with Cazorla.

Arsene himself was very pleased with Mesut’s contribution:

“First half, absolutely amazing, fantastic. Everything was in there – collective skill, individual skill, finishing, all that you dream to see.

“When it takes too long to score it is always on your mind a little bit, so he got rid of that.”

However, the real prise goes to Giroud. His work up front bringing others in play is phenomenal. The man is a handsome bastard, and strong. When the ball is played into him, it sticks and he is capable of creating so much space with his ability to hold off his marker. His contribution to Ozil’s opener was everything good about his approach play in a microcosm.Then we have my personal favourite, The Flame…

He holds our midfield together quietly, only occasional roaring into a tackle to remind the oppositions twinkle-toed starlets that if they showboat a little, there’s a good chance he will split them in to, gee up the crowd and talk his way out of a booking. I love the guy, I really do. Partnered in the central roles with Arteta gave us an enormous sense of solidity in defence. Napoli rarely threatened, and whilst they were poor, it was because they weren’t allowed the be anything else.

All in all, last night shows that Arsenal not only have a genuinely exciting team, but, with injuries relenting, a very competitive squad. The team spirit is there, the talent is there, all that’s left now is to continue this good run as best we can and compete for some of the prizes on offer. If we can do that, I have every faith we can nab one. Exciting times lie ahead, and whilst it’s far too premature to judge at this point, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t be a little excited.

Lastly today, the second official Goonersphere Podcast is officially released. Hosted by Daniel Cowan and silly old me, and featuring talkative guests Dyllan Munro and Chris Howard.

This week we talk about the latest Arsenal results versus WBA and Swansea, Chris’s secret life as Bendtner’s doppleganger, the difference between jam and marmalade and answer listeners’ questions.


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Below, as is customary, the comments await for your thoughts on the game. Also, I’d love to hear some feedback regarding the podcast – good and bad. Feel free to hit me up with some of your thoughts.

As always; thanks for reading/listening, you beautiful bastards.

7 thoughts on “Boggle-eyes, The Flame, Handsome Bast**d and the Goonersphere Podcast”

  1. Are you sure you it wash’t Nigel you fantasised about meeting in the Holiday Inn……
    Nice post, looking forward to the podcast Stoookes…..

  2. a few observations on the game:

    group of death? yeah, right. the way things stand arsenal are killing teams off. the ozil goal was out of this world, on a volley, i noticed the ball bobbling 2-3 times towards him, and he struck the ball even as it was mid-air inches off the ground with such a sweet sidefoot that reina had no chance. orgasmic.

    apart from everyone who performed well, a word for giroud. goodness, no napoli player could take the ball off him. he controlled the ball in drogbasque fashion with his chest, never lost a header, flick-ons were great. one of the best hold-up play i’ve ever seen.

    unlike other arsenal teams of recent years, this one was well-organized to defend a 2-0 lead with comfort and confidence. flamini was his usual self, arteta showed why he is still so important to arsenal, despite the form of ramsey and flamini in the middle.

  3. james raul stokes..

    dont know if you remember in the off season i posted that arteta/ramsey were not arsenal class and shud play for mid table clubs. i got blasted for those comments

    i am now enjoying eating those words and hope this form continues. we need to take things 1 game at a time as i still feel there is a lot of work still to be done in the group.

    we better hope giroud stays fit cos him injured could put the brakes on us. but for now we will look up at the blue skies above us.

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