Bring back Szczesny, Let Alexis Leave And Arsene Is Staying.

Howdy, ya’ll.

That cowboy-like greeting might lead you to believe my spirits have risen. They haven’t. I’m still morose, pondering the very meaning of life whilst trudging around looking for the sweet relief of answers in the stars. Nothing makes sense anymore. Well… it does; it’s bloody Arsenal and the ability they have to drastically impact my moods.

I’ve actually done quite a considerable amount of pondering – other topics and occurrences far from the meaning of life. Saturday’s defeat has created something of a monster – a ‘Pondersaurus’, if you will. I’m a large, scaly, snarling monster lumbering around and aggressively pondering all matters of Arsenal Football Club.


In my quest for answers, for hope, for salvation; I’ve found absolutely f*ck all. In fact, I’ve only worsened matters. So, I thought Monday morning could be something of a group therapy session in which I’ll share with you the three main areas of my pondering and you can all tell me I’m f*cking mental. Or worse. Call me whatever takes your fancy.

Maybe this isn’t such a good idea…

Anyways, here’s those 3 points with handy bold headings to make them appear that extra bit more important:

Bring back Szczesny

That’s what I’d be looking at doing in the summer. Petr Cech was undoubtedly a world-class goalkeeper and his glittering career with Chelsea proves exactly that. In an Arsenal shirt, however, he’s flattered to deceive. Would I say he’s a world-class goalkeeper capable of winning us games now? I’m not so sure. He hasn’t truly convinced at Arsenal. He seems slow and easily beaten – especially at his near post.

Szczesny, on the other hand, has improved at Roma and looks to have done a bit of growing up. I’ve always thought he was a super talented keeper, but with a bit of an issue with the mental side of the game. At this point, I’d take him him over Cech and Ospina. In my opinion he’s currently a better ‘keeper than both (on current form). At this current time, I mean. currently. Not in general, you touchy f*ckers out there…

Let Alexis leave

I’m sure this won’t be popular, but I can’t bare another epic saga of “Will he? Won’t he?” throughout the summer. The options here are simple; offer him a new contract with a raise of pay in keeping with his performances and worth to the team, nether of which are in any debate. If he doesn’t feel he wants to sign, or continue as an Arsenal player, sell him. Sell him to France, Germany, Spain or Italy but not to the Premier League. We should make that part absolutely clear.

Alexis shouldn’t have any power over us. He’s a brilliant player and I’d love him to stay and score more goals for Arsenal. But his sulking is, to be quite honest, f*cking childish and often highly unwarranted. His performances against Watford and Chelsea are utterly woeful. His body language and general demeanour is that of a player who looks unsettled and ready to move and I think he’s going to be off in the summer. We’ll keep Atom and Humber, though.

That will be a shame, but he isn’t Arsenal Football Club. He’s one player. We’ve seen bigger and better leave.

I guess I should reiterate that I don’t actually want him to leave, just in case anyone gets the wrong idea and erupts with righteous anger. I just think he’s already made his mind up.

Arsene is going nowhere

We all know the contract extension is coming. It’ll be another 2 years. I feel the Club are simply waiting for the opportune moment to announce it – anytime in the past week would probably have resulted in Armageddon.

We all know how the reaction to this will be, and it won’t be pleasant. Some people allow themselves to get far too angry about something as trivial as a managerial position at a football club.

I not sure how I feel. I’ve said before I wished he had left after the 2015 FA Cup on a gloriously high note. The man will leave a legacy behind him that is far greater than anyone who came before. His name will go down in our history and rightfully so. But it’s horrible to watch so many people turn on him and resort to vitriol. I’d liken it to watching a bunch of fat, middle-aged men throw abuse at Santa Claus. I just can’t abide it.

But, it’s difficult to deny the frequency with which Arsenal fall short in an alarmingly similar manner isn’t getting just a little f*cking boring now. Yesterday I stated I feel we need a change and today I don’t feel any differently. I don’t think the board will ever consider firing Arsene whilst he delivers the bare minimum of 4th place and Champions League football and he’s to noble and proud to accept defeat and resign.

There will come a time when Arsene Wenger leaves Arsenal. Maybe in a couple of years time…

That’s all for today, folks. The comments await your thoughts below. I shall be back soon with more. Until that time, and as always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

5 thoughts on “Bring back Szczesny, Let Alexis Leave And Arsene Is Staying.”

  1. Nice one Raul! I couldn’t agree more with the Sanchez comments and it would be good to have another look at Szczesny. With Arsene, a change always seems desirable after a bad week but I just worry about who could replace him.

  2. He’s not leaving on his own. He needs to be forced out. Dictators don’t leave, they are forced out. I don’t care how much abuse he gets at this point. He’s had opportunities to leave with adoration and he didn’t so screw him. If he loves Arsenal so much he should be looking out for the club’s progress and the club has been stagnant under him for years. For all I care, fans can throw shit at him. He just needs to leave.

  3. agree with you on szczesny. But sanchez leaving is not a good idea. Wenger ofc he will stay. Still we dont have the right man to replace him with his beautiful game.

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