Cabaye for £10m and a double raid on Swansea: Quick!! Buy players!!

“Quick! Buy stuff!”

Morning folks.

It’ll just be the quickest of quick posts today as I’ve another enormously busy day ahead of me. One day, I’ll quit my day job and take up blogging professionally. That’ll most probably involve financial ruin and homelessness, but at the very least, I’ll have the luxury of time to really focus on sustaining a flow of drivel.

Since Saturday’s plunge into the murky relams of supporter fury and mismanaged squads, we’ve all pleaded for players to be added to the team. Some have used eloquence and thoughtfullness to put forward their hopes and opinions. Others… Well, they take it to the extreme and post hate-filled, maniacal blasts at the manger and board. Things like this:


That’s not a direct quote, but you catch my drift. Calm down, folks. Geez… By all means have opinions, but death threats and exclamations of violent intent only make you look a little foolish and unstable. You know who you are.

One “PLAYA” linked with us at the moment is Yohan Cabaye of Newcastle. It was alleged we submitted a fairly derisory offer of £10m to our Geordie friends yesterday, and it caused them to omit the Frenchman from their squad for last night’s defeat to Manchester City. Make of that what you will. Perhaps it’s coincidence, perhaps they felt their player was unsettled, or perhaps Dick Law is on the scene ready to negotiate at the drop of a hat.

I like Cabaye as a player. He’s not a world-beater who’ll automatically fix every problem within the squad, but he is a solid Premiership player with talent and experience. He’s certainly a good start if others follow. His ability from set pieces wouldn’t go amiss, either.

Elsewhere, Swansea could soon receive a bid in the region of £35m for Ashley Williams and Michu. This one I’m not entirely sold on. Ashley Williams is a decent defender at around £10m and would certainly do a job for us. Michu, on the other hand, I do not see as a £25m striker. He’s a good player, don’t get me wrong, but I can’t help but think we’ve the funds to set our sights a little higher.

What do you think? Are you filled with glorious hope from all the emerging speculation? Or do you think it’s all a load of balderdash, and we’ll only sign a 12-year-old Croat with 2 broken legs and ‘potential’ come September 2nd? Let me know in the comments. For now, I must dash. Back tomorrow with a preview of the dreaded trip to Turkey.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

20 thoughts on “Cabaye for £10m and a double raid on Swansea: Quick!! Buy players!!”

  1. It’s certainly a tough call. Like I said yesterday, even if we signed Rooney, Williams, Cesar and Pogba we would still be mauled in the media as panic buying Arsenal.
    Things will certainly happen but if we carry on upsetting teams with poor offers, it will get harder and harder and we will all be taking fitness tests on the way into the stadium.
    I will remain hopeful as that is my nature but underneath I will feel a brooding dissatisfaction setting in…..

  2. Surely we should be in the hunt for Fellani, Lopez, Nani and a couple of defenders. We are missing grit and desire and pride on that pitch at the moment and that has filtered through from the board down to the players on the pitch.

  3. Cabaye is a decent enough PLAYA. But I feel we need to get either Begovic or Cesar in goal to keep WS on his feet, then Adil Rami instead of Ashley Williams in central defence. Going on to DM, Wenger pls get Mikel Obi. #ArsenalDNA

  4. We could still sign cesar, sakho, fellaini or kondogbia, benteke or yilmaz & all for easily within our alleged £70mil, im so angry its untrue!

  5. As a swans fan i really hope this happens we paid around £400k for williams and £2mill for michu total profit of £32.5 million ta very much both players are good but for that money we can replace them infact i think we have michu=pozuelo williams=amat so we just sit on the cash and spend well if possible in january or spend big next summer even losing these players i cant see us going down

  6. New signings ? Ancellotti, Di Matteo, Hiddink, Klopp, Laudrup, Van Gaal e.t.c., There are plenty out there.

    Oh, sorry – you mean PLAYERS. Well pity about that. You see there just isn’t anyone out there who can improve us. That’s why we’ve been doing so well, haven’t we ?

    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  7. as good as cabaye is, i dont think he is exactly the kind of player we need at the moment. what we need is a bloodthirsty defensive midfielder. of course the ones we were linked with earlier have been snapped up from wanyama to capoue. but the position i’m really annoyed with is the GK. szesny is not turning out to be the worldclass goalkeeper arsenal need. he’s become more and more annoying by the day as far as im concerned. we should just stump up the cash for begovic. he’s been available all summer and still is.

    my expectations are lowered already to the lowest point. its going to be the same kind of panic buying trolley dash we saw a couple of summers back. i mean most of the great players have moved already. we’re not gonna get suarez or rooney but will have to settle for much lower than them.

    i mean what kind of club announces to the world that we have a million dollars to spend, then does nothing the whole transfer period and tries to buy towards the end of the window. selling clubs know arsenal has the money, they know arsenal are desperate, why wouldnt they want to extract as much cash as possible from arsenal? seriously, it’s mind boggling how a club which was once envied as a model to be followed by others have become a classic case of ‘how not to run a club’. its embarrassing, it’s unbelievable and most of all, insulting to the fans who spent money, energy and their emotions to support the club.

  8. do you really think Swansea will even consider £35M for 2 of their best players this late in the window? The season has started, Swansea have zero debt and a load of money in the bank and a massive season ahead of them with Europa league and premier league. I think Arsenal would have to make an offer more like £50M!!

  9. Deadwood was cleared to make room for incoming players. Who these players will be depends on the result against Fenerbache. It is this simple and look, said in 4 sentences. 🙂

  10. I’ve seen all these names bounded about Klopp Hiddink etc etc does anyone honestly believe our board will get any of them? be honest with yourself. NO we won’t we will end up with Steve Bruce or something!

    Williams isn’t that great imo, I would take Michu would of preferred Higuain but we all know how that ended up

  11. That’s the price the board have to pay-for lying, for pettiness, for procrastinating and for greed. They didn’t see Higuan a 25m pd yet Napoli paid almost 40 to snub him right behind their noses. They didn’t see Cavani a 35m pd striker yet PSG paid over 50pd to snatch him. Suarez is not 45-50m pds player and Liverpool can’t release him. If Madrid, ManC or Chelsea want the Uruguan they can easily pay 50 pd+.
    The stark reality is that Arsenal must spend big but on less quality players compared to what their old-fashioned bargaining tactics has landed them in to. Let them waste the money because they must spend. If they like let them buy back Squillaci, Chammack and Santos with their so called 70m pd+ war chest.
    We’re already in hell and this board will never attempt to save.

  12. Hey James,

    What do you think of the Pogba and Kondogbia bid? Personally, I believe we need to get a solid midfield. Pogba and/or Kondogbia truly will improve the midfield, along with Cabaye (we should call him Kebab, just to make fun at Kinnear). Anyways, the two bids clearly to add depth to the squad, and not necessarily a huge boost to the team. Don’t get me wrong, I highly rate Cabaye, Pogba, and Kondogbia. However, they are not Suarez or Higuain, or Rooney type of signing, that will shudder the opponent. Cabaye for Arterta and Pogba/Kondogbia for Ramsey.

    To second your point, to me Michu is in the same situation with Benteke, can he do it again? Is he worth 25 pounds? He probably is, especially after the first season bubble, but he can also be one season wonder, which is perhaps the biggest worry. At least with Benteke, he’s Belgian international that confirms will be in the squad, however Michu is not yet a guarantee with Spain. Point is, Arsenal need to buy a big name signing, for football and psychological reasons. A signing that will create fear among the opponents, sadly, only Suarez/Rooney/ perhaps even Falcao can fill that role. In the midfield, I can only think of players like Ozil, Khedira.

    Sorry for the long rant, kinda moody and just entered office. Cheers!

    1. @Kamal:
      I don’t believe we’ll sign either Pogba or Kondogbia – although, I’d like us to get the former.

      Who we will sign is a mystery. I’m expecting someone none of us would have expected. Wether or not that turns out to be a good thing remains to be seen. Any deal for Rooney or Suarez will probably depend on wether we qualify for the CL.

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