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Poker Champions Cup 2014


When Footballers And Poker Collide

Famous footballers Tomas Brolin, John Carew, Tony Cascarino, Jan Molby, Gerard Pique and Teddy Sheringham have all been seen playing in different poker tournaments around the world. Aside from the growing number of footballers transitioning into poker and online gaming companies sponsoring football teams, an online poker game is strengthening the bond between the two sports by holding a unique team poker event for football fans.

A blog post from Partypoker announced that from February 3 to April 6, the online poker site is holding qualifiers for the Poker Champions Cup, an event filled with exciting activities. Qualifiers will get to travel to the beautiful city of Turin and go to Juventus’ stadium where they will represent their favorite football club in a game of poker.

Fans of Arsenal Football Club, Juventus, Manchester United, Olympique de Marseille, Real Madrid or RSC Anderlecht can defend their clubs and bring home the championship. The Poker Championship Cup experience also includes a Meet & Greet session with some of football’s living legends, here you can take pictures or even play poker with them.

By playing in the poker website’s daily qualifiers, you can have the chance to get your package for free. Aside from the $1,300 event Live Event package, other things up for grabs are: a team shirt, entry to the Poker Champions Cup, 2 nights’ accommodation for two, 2 tickets to a Juventus game, $800 travel and spending money, and VIP hospitality.

The Poker Champions Cup main event will be held on May 3, 2014 where teams consisting of five poker players would compete for various prizes. Similar to a football tournament’s group stage, players will be competing in 5-handed Sit and Go tournaments. The players who triumphs at their respected Sit and Go tourneys will win a Samsung Galaxy Tab and will have the opportunity to play at the final table. Players who will go head to head at the grand final will be vying for the immense $6,000 WPT experience package of their choice.

With all these events planned, the tie between football and poker is sure grow stronger in the years to come.

Arteta appeals, bigger tests to come and areas of mild concern.

“Out of order? This whole FA appeal hearing is out of order!”

Morning, delicious readers.

It’s a lovely Monday. Here is Bristol we’ve had storms and other such crazy weather conditions. As I type, it sounds as if two teenage tornados are having sex on my roof, and both are particularly enthusiastic participants. At any moment, I fully expect either a whole tree or the house across the street to come crashing through my window.

Yet, with all the madness outside, locked away in the cosy confines of home I still feel compelled to take these moments to peruse the various sources at my disposal. Perhaps I should be erecting some form of impenetrable fortress around my bed out of cereal boxes and cheese, but I’ve neither the time or the inclination. I shall have to hope Mother Nature and I are on good terms. Continue reading

Arsenal linked with……..

Even the folks in Row Z weren’t safe from Andros Townsend.

Morning, folks.

England are off to Brazil for the World Cup. Yay…

I didn’t bother watching the game last night. I was tempted because I was at a loss for something to do, and I’ve recently sorted my sock drawer and gazed at an open tin of paint for 5 hours in a row. In the end, there was the pull of sitting in a darkened room and doing long multiplication in my head for the England game to contend with. The 3 Lions never stood a chance.

One alarming thing gleaned from the odd occasion of checking the score – out of pure curiosity – was the bizarre hyperbole that’s accompanying the performances of Andros Townsend. I struggle to see the appeal. Any player that shoots wildly into every area of the stadium apart from the goal 60 times in succession before doing something notable doesn’t strike me as someone worthy of adulation. Continue reading

Look and what the international break does….

“Darling, I drink at least 3 of these a day to get me through it”

Morning, Earth creatures and readers from distant galaxies.



Today, unless you’re looking forward to the fixtures tonight, isn’t about Arsenal at all. Well, there is a bit of hot-off-the-press Lewandowski news as he’s taken to mentioning the deal we all thought was done with Bayern is not. He’s not signed anything with them according to the player himself. Perhaps Arsenal might swoop in… Perhaps.

That’s about it. Continue reading

Zim zimma – who got £20m for Benzema?

“£20m in January? Okay, mate…”


First of all, I hope you all enjoyed (if you listened) the Goonersphere Podcast. Daniel and I have been putting a lot of effort into our broadcasts, and we’re slowly but surely getting a few regulars.

Seeing as this is one of those posts that I pen during a few free moments of time, I shall endeavour to keep it short and succinct. With things Arsenal related being fairly tedious and non-existent at present because of those pesky internationals, most of the stories are conjured by the minds of hit-hungry individuals hell-bent of reeling in the susceptible. Continue reading

Arsenal sign Bristolian! Eng-er-land, uber-Bendtner, news and more…

“Don’t think much of this game, do you, Brian?”

Morning folks.

Internationals… I’m supposed to be patriotic, to become enthused and excitable when my national team takes to the field. Regardless of whom may be selected, club bias should be cast aside in favour of the good of the English team.


I make no secret of my absolute and utter disdain for the ‘Interlull’. England may have won by an impressive 4 goals to 1 against a reportedly decent Montenegrin side, but the little I watched bored me so much I decided a few moments spent contemplating the steps I’d take in the event of losing my penis was an immeasurably more enjoyable and rewarding pursuit. Continue reading

New Puma kit, naughty, naughty Wilshere and other such things.

The British media anticipated Wilshere’s next tweet.

Hello everyone.

I’ve been away, but like a triumphant Phoenix rising majestically from the ashes of solitude I greet you again, one and all, delicious readers of this ‘ere blog of mine. I really ought pull my finger out, but with my new found enthusiasm for podcasting, those valuable moments of spare time are at a premium.

The Goonersphere Podcast means I’m never too far away from those of you that genuinely miss me – all 2 of you – and I’ll always be back here to enlighten, brighten and errr… something that rhymes with that.

Onto the news. In the past few days my beady little eyes have scoured the pages of the internet as usual, furiously scanning the varied news outlets in the hope of finding some nuggets of information that isn’t either entirely fabricated or speculative nonsense. I hate international football. It truly bores me to the point of becoming maddened and mentally unstable. Give me an Arsenal game over my national team any day of the week. Continue reading