Cazorla, Ozil and Giroud; Onwards Arsenal March.

It was clear everyone wanted to be like Tomas Rosicky.

Morning, folks.

This isn’t going to be a particularly easy review for me to write. Ordinarily, I like to immerse myself in every aspect of the game – often watching again after the first live viewing. Today that’s going to be a little tricky. Having spent the vast majority of yesterday slaving over a hot stove, little or no time has been afforded to watch the 2-0 win over Fulham.

Since arriving home last night at 11.30pm, brief highlights scattered around the internet are the most I’ve been able to get my grubby paws on. From what I can muster, the performance was some distance from vintage, but the result was exactly what we wanted. Santi Cazorla appears to have rediscovered his shooting boots with a fine brace, and other than that there isn’t a whole lot to rave about.

There are a couple of talking points I’ve taken from gauging reaction. They surround the performances of Mesut Ozil and Olivier Giroud. The former has been accused of lacking form and wandering around the Emirates turf looking slightly morse. The latter, well… he seems to be singled out for abuse regardless of what he does. These days, Arsenal fans do love to have a player they can really get annoyed with. Last year it was Aaron Ramsey, this year it’s that handsome French bastard – incidentally, what the f**k was he doing when Cazorla scored?

The complaints surrounding Ozil’s lack of form I can understand. We all know how much talent he has, and how much of an impact he is capable of exerting on games. Thus far, he has shown only brief glimpses of his undoubted brilliance. Yet, this doesn’t particularly worry me. In a society that is as hungry for results as ours currently is, any player coming into the team with an enormous price tag hanging over his head was always going to be burdened with expectation – perhaps double given Arsenal’s impecuniousness up until that point.

However, I always use the examples of Pires, Bergkamp and Henry. All 3 players took their time to get going in an Arsenal shirt, but when they did… Well, as they say, the rest is history. All 3 are rightly revered as legends. Mesut Ozil has the potential to be in that bracket. His start might be considered inauspicious by some, but the best is to come. We just have to be patient with him. Also, when you consider he has 5 goals, 9 assists and an 87% pass completion rate in his first half-season of English football, you realise it’s not all bad.

Giroud, on the other hand, needs some help in my opinion. His approach play and contribution to the team are often overlooked in favour of viewing a supposed lack of goals. Yes, he isn’t banging them in at the same rate as Suarez, but that guy’s from another planet entirely – a buck-toothed, slightly racist one that does produce bloody good footballers. Bringing in someone to share the responsibility up front would be a benefit both with offering a different option to Giroud, and giving the big Frenchman a little competition to keep him on his toes. With Theo missing the remainder of the season, it’s not unfair to suggest we could use another face to get amongst the goals. Podolski certainly has the finishing ability to do so, but I’ve often said I feel he offers more threat from the left.

So, folks, I shall end today’s entry here. A decent enough win keeps us heading in the right direction. What are your thoughts on the game and the criticism of Ozil and Giroud? Do you think it’s fair to suggest both should be offering us a little more? Let me know in the comments below? I shall return tomorrow with more.

As always: thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

21 thoughts on “Cazorla, Ozil and Giroud; Onwards Arsenal March.”

  1. Özil is second in the league only to Rooney when it comes to assists this term and Giroud is among Top 10 scorers.

    But, we need an additional striker, at least to prevent you from doing jam-wagers.

    1. ” Giroud is among Top 10 scorers”
      and how many of those goals are against top 4 opposition?
      Let me help you, NONE!
      Dzenko has scored the same number of goals as Giroud and he has spent most of the season on the subs bench!

      A striker who scores against mid to low table opposition is simply not good enough for Arsenal.
      He had 3 chances he should have converted to goals last night but yet again he missed them.

      1. Giroud has been our most advanced midfielder and sometimes most advanced defender this season. He has scored 9 goals and added 5 assists (he has been joint 8th in that category).

        I agree we need more fire-power but let’s not write off Giroud completely.

        1. @Admir: Good point, especially regard all the good defensive work Giroud dopes that goes unnoticed. He shouldn’t be written off, but can’t do it all by himself. It’s often forgotten how many of the goals we score from midfield that he directly of indirectly contributes to.

      2. by your logic suarez isnt good enough for the league either
        Giroud is part of the team who are top of the league
        All he needs is a bit of help

      3. Sometimes we get too critical. Suarez didn’t score against Arsenal and Man City. The Uruguan has failed Liverpool, because he’s failed to score when it mattered most for Liverpool, at least in the two examples plus against Aston Villa yesterday. He gets a hatful against smaller clubs and fizzles out when he meets the big guys. Yet you hail him as the best striker in the EPL. We must learn to respect our own. Giroud isn’t as useless as some of us say.

      4. God bless you for this analysis; Arsenal deserves someone better than Giroud. A club who once paraded the deadliest striker in Europe, Thierry Henry, who once had the likes of Bergkamp, Ian Wright etc surely deserves a striker better than Giroud.

  2. we need an experienced goal poacher. Ozil is doing extremely well. His impact is always felt whenever he is on d pitch, giroud is a little bit of a concern, but overall he has done well too.

  3. The truth is, last season manU won d league becoz d had a goal poacher like Van Persie same was with City a season before when d had d likes of Dzeko, Aguero, Tevez and Balotelli…if we want to win dis league we must sign a prolific goal poacher….its not a wish but a necessity

  4. We tend to forget dat arsenal plays a team game, no dependance on a particular individual brilliance, it always feels gud wen ur strikers get de goals, buh it feels beter wen u get results wit gaols frm de boot of any player, arsenal do need top class striker, buh am very pleased with de team perfomance @ de moment. I pray we win de title dis

  5. We dont have to win the league thesame way others did. If the goals can come in thru anybody from the squad to win matches, then I could careless how many goals Ollie scores. Three points is what matters, not who netted the goals.

    1. @Joy: You’re absolutely right. I wouldn’t care if we won our remaining games 1-0 and Koscielny scored all the goals if it ended in title glory. Football is about the team, not ostentatious individuals. Giroud plays for the team, not himself and deserves enormous credit for that.

      1. I was going to take up Giroud and Özil. I’m happy to see others have. Both play for the team unlike some strikers. If it wasn’t for HFB ‘s holdup plays we probably would have a lot more trouble scoring. As always, enjoyed your ramblings James.

  6. Giroud is more than just a striker!! Arsenal have got a certain kind footballing style and its simple with out Giroud or a player of his type: great in the air, fantastic first touch, a team player always looking to bring the midfielders into attack (unselfish) it simply wouldn’t work with Saurez or Aguero!! No doubt they are both world class players but both would have to play with a big man up front if they was playing for arsenal the arsenal way! This season without Giroud in the team we only have a plan A ( pass, pass and more passing) try and break teams down with 1000 passes. Giroud gives us a plan B and C! We can always pass it to the big man and 8/10 he will have hold it up and bring in others! fanstastic targetman. And plan C we get Everyman behind the ball and defend leads with the big an working hard as the first wall of defence! So all you Giroud haters can suck my dick!you clearly know fuck all about footbal!!

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