Cazorla, Sahin, Giroud, Podolski and that feeling of depleted optimism.

Even Bruce Wayne was sick of looking at his Twitter feed…

Afternoon, angels.

Since I lasted posted I’ve had to look at a picture of Robin van Persie’s treacherous mug sat beside Alex Ferguson gurning with delight. I use the word ‘had’ as I’ve hardly had a choice, such has the image been emblazoned practically everywhere even the slightest bit sports related. Given the choice, I’d have sooner watched my penis burn than cast my eyes on such a horrific and depressing photo.

But such is life.

Initially, Robin’s move really knocked the wind out of me. It’s one thing knowing deep down your star player will leave, the fruition of that notion is another matter entirely. Seeing him prancing about in a United shirt, and listening to his mindless garble and faux-elation about securing his move has filled me with unspeakable rage – the kind of anger that makes you want to punch a kitten in the face.

But he isn’t an Arsenal player anymore. He’s just another churlish ingrate whose declarations of love and fan-ship will forever be lost in the smog of his own greed. His 8 years at the club won’t be recalled fondly once the shock of his departure is gone. Heroes come and go. Legends are remembered with fondness throughout the generations. Robin van Persie may finish his career with a couple of trophies, but he’ll not be either of those things.

And on that note, I cast his memory aside.

At the weekend, some viewed our 0-0 draw with Sunderland – bafflingly – as the end of the known universe – as if mankind’s prosperity hung on Arsenal getting three points, and now all hope is lost. The same folks have also lambasted Giroud for 20 minutes of football. Even someone I respect and enjoy as much as Alan Davies spent the majority of his podcast sounding like a bitter, cantankerous grandfather.

I don’t consider myself as overly positive. I’m not going to try to convince any of you we can win the league, as such a thing is highly unlikely. What I will do is say that all this despair and misery is pointless. Yes, we’ve sold our best player to one of our fiercest rivals, and that’s entirely shit. But, come on people; it’s done and moping and sulking doesn’t help anyone.

There are positives. For starters; Santi Cazorla looks like an excellent little player – a real cunning bastard. I still think we have a strong team. If Diaby can reach his potential, if Wilshere gets back and playing, if we bring in Sahin and maybe one other; we’ll be looking very competitive in the centre of the park. Podolski is proven class upfront, and I for one think Giroud will score goals. He’s big and strong, and he wants to get into the right positions.

We’ve a big test on Sunday up at Stoke. A test that will certainly give a little insight into where this team can go. Until there is real reason to moan, or to critique the players, we should get behind them as best we possibly can. They need us. They don’t need to be written off the nano-second they miss a chance.

That’s all for today, folks. Thanks for reading. The comments await your views on how the team is shaping up. Are you furious and dejected? Do you believe we can have a good season? Let me know.

PS: I haven’t mentioned Alex Song’s move to Barcelona because, quite frankly, I couldn’t care less that he’s gone. Some of you are undoubtedly big fans of his. I am not. If his attitude is true to the reports, then I’ll be glad to watch him sat on Barcelona’s bench collecting his pay for very little time on the pitch instead of neglecting his duties and trying to be Rivaldo in Arsenal’s colours.

11 thoughts on “Cazorla, Sahin, Giroud, Podolski and that feeling of depleted optimism.”

  1. Excellent post! To the point, echoes probably what most are thinking and supports my optimism that ultimately after the memories of RVP have quickly faded, the goals are going in and we are hanging in there with the best we will recognise then that Arsenal really is a team and not a one man show..

  2. Having being at the Emirates myself last Saturday I cannot quite believe the press and those prehistoric Neanderthal’s reactions on MOTD to a match in which Arsenal dominated throughout and showed some extremely promising signs against a side consisting of ten defenders and managed by the great footballing mind that is O’Neill. Oh wait, yes I can. No other premier league side enjoys the same hostility from….well everyone in the footballing world, be it washed out ageing footballers or the highly revered and upstanding English Sporting Press. I see no such condemnation of Man United’s team, even after an extremely poor performance against Everton on Monday. For gooners; as the time to moan and complain about a lack of spending draws to an end, a goaless draw allows a sudden increase in such thinking and blog sites are awash with final pleads to lash out for another striker (Llorente for 28million? – are you HIGH?). However for me, Saturday was the confirmation that this year Arsenal will be just as successful in securing a top four position and certainly, if the spirit remains, could easily challenge for trophies (though I am not a fan of people who only enjoy their club’s football matches if there is a chance of winning an internationally renowned trouphy, try being a Watford fan?) Good football is all I care about seeing, and believe me, there will be good football played at the Emirates this season. Cazorla looks to me like the midfielder Arsenal have being waiting for since Cesc’s departure, and the possibility of Sahin joining brings hope of a return to Arsenal’s best days of fast paced passing football. As for the onslaught against Podolski and Giroud – give them time, were some people seriously expecting they would gel immediately and blast three goals each past such a well drilled Sunderland defense? Finally I would just like to note that in my opinion, Diaby looked fantastic – a good tackler, constantly involved in play all over the pitch and if he can remain injury free I think he can only get better. Chill people, the Gunners will do fine. Oh and as for Song’s departure (again being paraded in the press as a contributing factor in Arsenal’s supposed demise this season) I can only see one negative, and that is that I can’t help feeling the transfer fee was a little low, but perhaps this is an indicator of a willingness to let him go due to supposed disruptive behaviour. I can’t see Steve B putting up with a sulky bratt for too long, can you? Besides his defensive abilities were average at best. Wow, I rambled, better get back to work.

  3. I remember standing on the north bank and singing don’t go brady with all my heart with 20,000 or so other arsenal fans. He still left. That was the last time that a player leaving left me feeling beaten up. players are like seasons, one has to end before a new one can begin. always arsenal…….

  4. you should be more respectful to song! rvp would have 10 less goals and totty in the CL defending is a TEAMS responsibility! Barca realise that. This is what happens wen you dont rewRD YOUR PLAYERS SOONER

  5. I agree with most of what you’ve said but let get some issues right. Hoping on Diaby reaching his full potential is a lost cause. Ever since his ankle was shattered a few years ago he has never been the same, he once had a lot of promise but that time is past. On sat he looked clumsy, heavy and slow drawing some unnecessary fouls. He is definitely not in the same class as Song.

    Do you really think Song will warm the bench at Barca, or is that just sour grapes, the guy has developed into a class act in the last few seasons and truly desrved a contract review and pay rise (Defensive midfielder, holding midfielder and attacking midfielder) he was exceptional at all three, he will fit into Barca’s style of play easily and he will excel. Our (Arsenal’s) stupid economic model is the excuse the board now use to turn a profit each year, and make themselves even wealthier. We can only hope Wengers men and the new boys will make a diffrence this year.

  6. RVP for Podolski AND Giroud
    Song for Santi Carzorla AND Jesus
    That is a definite improvement and more strength in depth

  7. This writer makes a lot of sense…. all these days i have been hearing things like Giroud and Poldoski are not good enough Giroud missed and Poldoski was not in the game. For Christ sake that was their first game in the PL. Like the writer said they need us lets get behind them.

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