Cazorla, van Persie, friendlies, hope springs eternal and news.

With considerable ease, Mikel won the competition for the most jarringly put-on smile for a photo.

Hello darlings,

Long time no speak. I’d offer up some excuses and reasons for my recent blogging hiatus, but they’d seem slightly churlish, and quite frankly, reasonably irrelevant. This is a blog intended to offer up insight into the world of Arsenal, after all – not the world of James ‘Raul’ Stokes…

When I last posted, I spoke of the diabolical saga rumbling on regarding our once-esteemed captain. Since that post, bugger all has developed with the whole sorry situation. Whilst some secretly hold hope for a dramatic -u-turn and instantaneous forgiveness for the Dutch prat, I’m still firmly of the opinion we’d be better off if he packed his bags and went somewhere else. Ideally, that destination wouldn’t be a club on English soil, but I’ve a horrible feeling it could very well be the red half of Manchester. That’ll certainly destroy whatever goodwill remains for him amongst the Arsenal faithful.

But that’s the morbid stuff. In my absence, there has been much that is uplifting and much that has buoyed optimism and hope. Santi Cazorla, for example, is a cracking signing – a cracking this-guys-a-fucking-diminutive-genius-bastard kind of signing. With a fully fit squad, and based on today’s comprehensive thumping of FC Koln in Germany used as my basis; I’m starting to really believe that’ll we’ll be okay for the new season. Dare I even say we could snaffle up some of that much-coveted silverware if the fortunes smile upon us? I do dare indeed.

One of the perks about a break from something as rabid as the Goonersphere (I mean ‘rabid’ in as complimentary a way as possible) is the revived sense of perspective it allows. I belive the Arsenal squad now looks as strong as it has for quite sometime, and if the new guys hit the ground running, and those we expected a bit more from produce (Gervinho) I see no reason why we can’t succeed – with or without Robin van Persie.

We are a mere week away from the good stuff returning. In the best Bane impression I can muster, and I’ve been doing them for weeks and weeks: “Let the games begin!”.

Thanks for reading today, you delicious rascals. I shall return tomorrow and continue to return as frequently as I can. To those of you that missed me; I apologise and it’s nice to know some of you did.

17 thoughts on “Cazorla, van Persie, friendlies, hope springs eternal and news.”

  1. He scores when he wants,
    Scores two when he wants,
    His name is Podolski,
    He scores whe he wants!
    (Or “VP is a ponce” – whichever you feel like singing at the time)

  2. Last season we had to rely on our opponents, including the Spuds, dropping points and having a bad run at some time during the season, for us to reach the CL and 3rd place. This season, barring serious injuries and/or a loss of form for some of our better players, we can expect to make our own good fortune by beating some of our major opponents and by consistently winning both at home AND away for once.
    City, United and Chelsea will battle it out for top spot but could very well knock each other out and if we can handle them, we could be in for the EPL and the Cups. My biggest concern is NOT against the top teams but against the lesser lights who park the bus or kick our best players off the park. Podolski won’t put up with that at all and Giroud looks capable of handling himself in tough games but Cazorla might be chopped down by the Stoke Gargoyles if not protected by our enforcers (Song, Vermaelen, Per, Koscielny, RVP, etc.)….only time will tell!

  3. Rvp who??? Giroud looks sharp, Cazorla looks like a genius and Podolski is a Powerhouse. Not to mention amazing young talents that are buzzing about, there is a air of optimism. Even Diaby and Djourou look like the can do no wrong hahaha, Onward and Upward you MIGHTY GUNNERS!!!

  4. I see RVP not putting too much in tonight’s game. It seems his mind is made up to leave or is it because it is just club friendlies?

  5. it is a disappointment man rvp to shamelessly join man-u. have you so soon forgotten about Adebayor situation? George Philip Mulbah

  6. I was almosrt beginning to think it was over…sad times…i was down to the only other two blogs of intelligence in the goonersphere (desi & daniel’s) worth reading and alas they have a greater blog turnover time than the (usually proficient) jimbo stokes…and “what a lovely, lovey voice” he has…

    so the RvP saga drags out and i heard he got the silent treatment from the fans in Cologne…that was the perfect response from the travelling gooners…well done. Didn’t need to be disrespectful and boo but the silence will really make him think!!

    I too am very excited about the season, with Santi running the midfield (back up from Rosicky and Rambo), a rejuvenate gervinho, podolski, walcott and the ox rotating on the wings, podolski and Giroud (and maybe some other bloke) up top. Song, Arteta, Diaby, Le Coq, Jackie boy and maybe a late new signing (if song leaves) rotating thru the two “holding” midfield roles. Sagna, Jenko, Le coq and Kozzer, TV5, Merte, JD, Bartley, Miquel and Gibbsy, Santos, providing the defensive rotation this season has HUGE promise!! Gooners out there need to just learn to ignore the tabloids that forever want to bring the arsenal world down and realise we are a real good show this season!!

    bring on the games next week!!

  7. Its strange that i find myself wondering if something is wrong.
    I’ve been a gooner for ages and trawl the net a bit in search of
    reding material about Arsenal but James “Raul” Stokes is coming to my attention for the 1st time. How? Most importantly why? Why was he able to be under my radar. With my love for Arsenal and his writing skills and sense of mischief.

  8. Missed your blogging you delicious bastard!
    Admit it ure just as bogged in TDKR fever as the rest of us bat nutters!
    Good post!

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