Cesc Fabregas On Twitter, Iggy Izalea, Quizzes, Jurassic Park And More!

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Afternoon, folks.

There is so much Fabregas chitter-chatter out there. It’s practically all-consuming in its exposure to the masses. I defy any one of you to log into a sports website without seeing his furry face smiling back at. One second he’s returning to Arsenal, the next Chelsea, the next Man City and whichever else team the speculators can tenuously link him with.

I shan’t get into here because, quite frankly, I’m sick to death of the very mention of it at present. What I’ll do is point you towards the latest Goonersphere Podcast where we discuss the matter, amongst other things, in quite some detail.

Joining Daniel and me on this week’s show are glorious friends, Kris Carpenter (@AFCfreddie8), Craig Hayward (@CraigHaywardDJ) and Dan Betts (@JokmanAFC).

Other than Cesc, we cover a range of subject including Jurassic Park and Olivier Giroud. There’s also an end of season quiz for your listening pleasure.

I hope you’ll enjoy it. Take a moment to comment your thoughts below.

As always; thanks for reading – and listening – you beautiful bastards.


2 thoughts on “Cesc Fabregas On Twitter, Iggy Izalea, Quizzes, Jurassic Park And More!”

  1. Arsenal should not make any mistake sign Cesc Fabregas I can see him playing for any other club apart from basa or Arsenal. especially Chelsea FC. just because of Jose Maurinoh

  2. t’s not just about weather we need Cesc in current set up. It is also about Arsene Wenger philosophy and Youth policy our board backed for all those frustrating years. Already selling RVPurse thing to UTD, Nasri, Clichy to City has shown flaws in it. Fabregas was ultimate example of trust in Youth, the icon. If he goes to Chelsea what legacy left to pass on for likes ok Ramsey and Wilshere.

    It was board’s and manager’s chance to make a statement showing look we have made Fabregas who he is now and we won’t let our rivals to dwell on our hard works

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