Cesc Fabregas Returns To Arsenal In A Blaze Of Dubious Glory…

“All this speculation. Pffft”

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Amidst the thunderstorms here in Bristol and other pursuits in my personal life I must take care of – nothing nefarious – today’s post is a little late. Okay – it’s quite considerably late, but it’s arrived and you’ll have to excuse my dilly-dallying.

So what’s the latest? Well… You can’t so much as glance across the Internet without seeing Cesc Fabregas’ treacherous little face beaming back at you as the reports of an imminent return to Arsenal heighten. Seriously – it’s practically everywhere. I defy any one of you to log onto Twitter or any site dedicated to providing football news and not see something relating to the furry little rascal.

With all this speculation and discussion comes the inevitable question; would you welcoming him back with open arms because he’s a world-class player, or do you still resent him slightly?

After all, he did essentially go on strike during his final days at The Emirates as he sought a move back to his native Club.

Now, I do understand that there’s both sides to this debate. Putting aside what ever indiscretions I feel Cesc made when he buggered off elsewhere, it’s impossible to deny that he is a wonderfully gifted footballer that’s contributed to some fantastic moments at Arsenal. During his tenure with our beloved Gunners, he was one of the players I had an enormous affinity for; he was, above all others, the one name on our team-sheet opposition would fear.

However, his departure left a bitter taste in my mouth. He did go on strike, he did force a move and although he’s conducted himself admirably since his departure, often his words strike me as hollow and false. Perhaps it’s a minor case of bitterness on my part, but the whole epic saga never sat well with me.

Then you have to take into consideration wether we need him at all. Would re-signing Fabregas be a case of addressing an area of the squad that requires reinforcement or simply signing him to stop the horrific concept of viewing the little Spaniard adorned with the colours of a rival. It appears to me that the reasoning sides with the latter.

There varying degrees of certainty within the betting markets. Some feel a deal being done is something of an inevitability. Others, such as betting odds on Betfair.com, share my opinion that it’s all pretty unlikely.

There are areas of the team that need attention far before we consider dropping the reported £25m release cause in his contract on a player that, essentially, would be an indulgence. I don’t think we need Cesc back and although I truly can’t abide the concept of him in Manchester United colours, his return isn’t a priority. Admittedly, I don’t think you’d hear vociferous complaint if it actually occurred, but I see little or no likelihood of that situation materialising.

And that’s my opinion on the matter. What’s yours? Do you think Fabregas should return. Would you move Heaven and Earth to ensure it happens? Or do you have a few problem with his final days at the Club and would sooner see the money spent elsewhere. The comments are situated below, let me know you thoughts.

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39 thoughts on “Cesc Fabregas Returns To Arsenal In A Blaze Of Dubious Glory…”

  1. Fabregas is a great player, but Arsenal already have great players in his position. He needs Arsenal and Arsenal does not need him.

  2. If I remember correctly, don’t arsenal get 30% of the transfer fee if Fabregas is sold to another club? So if United pay £40m, we get £12m, just for not signing a player we don’t need!

    1. AAAARGH!!! Seeing some of these comments drives me crazy.
      FIRSTLY, Cesc stayed an extra year for us!? Doesn’t anyone remember that? Barca came calling, and he made them wait a whole year because he made a deal with Arsene. Just because Arsene tried to hold onto him after making that agreement surely you can understand why he put his foot down? He loves the Arsenal. I have heard that other Barcelona players get annoys because Cesc always talks about us! So to anyone who doubts him you are bonkers…
      SECONDLY, we need Cesc! Maybe he’s been gone so long people forget how we played before he left? Cesc and Ozil are the two best playmakers in the world imo but play completely different roles! Ozil drifts from side to side picking out space perfectly, sometimes double teaming on one side or filling into another players position who has made a run from the wings. The problem with Ozil is that he does most of his work off the ball, meaning he isn’t always on the ball and gives some people the illusion that he isn’t in the game. He is what I have heard recently described as the ‘oil not the piston’ . He also never really drops back into midfield but rather interchanges between the the attacking midfield positions. This is fine but not really what suits our midfield. Our midfield works better when it is completely rotating, the defense doesn’t know who to defend against. We need almost 3 box to box midfielders who are competent or better in every midfield position.
      This is why we miss Cesc, he is the player who always fronts up for the ball, he constantly plays killer balls and drops deep into midfield as well. He is more like the ‘piston not the oil’, He is in your face, battling, more likely to misplace a pass but also just as likely to put someone through on goal from deep in the pitch. In other words, he is the perfect player to play in attacking midfield for arsenal , just like he was when he played for us before.
      THIRDLY, Cesc would not be impeding the progress of Wilshere or Ramsey… Considering they both play much deeper in the pitch than him. If anything, they impede each other! As far as I can see, Wilshere needs to take a leaf out of Arteta’s book. He needs to be the player who picks up the ball from the defense, and either drive forward with it, or simply lay it forward to Fabregas. I can see this happening but not next season. Fabregas is honestly the best player to work with these guys as unlike Ozil, he will drop back to cover for them, still being a huge threat with his amazing long balls.
      FINALLY, Cazorla and Ozil don’t work together as well as we thought they would because they are too similar. None of them are comfortable dropping deep into midfield. So sad as it may be, Cazorla must go. He is much older and sadly, less talented than Ozil. He deserves to go to one of the three clubs; Juventus, Atletico or Dortmund. Ozil will fit perfectly into a free role on the wings and give Walcott more freedom to play closer to Giroud. You heard it hear first, Cesc and Ozil will be the new (and improved?) Xavi and Iniesta. Not to mention the endless box to box running of our new hero Aaron Ramsey, who better to find his runs than these two?
      My ideal summer:
      => Sagna to City (He would be much more effective at United who need him more)
      Fabianski to be replaced by cheap backup (Viviano?)
      <= Aurier to Arsenal (True gunner, sooo talented at 21)
      <= Vela to Arsenal (Perfect cover for Walcott and strong competition for Giroud)
      <= Fabregas to Arsenal (Reasons stated above)
      Cazorla plus as much cash as it takes to Juventus for Pogba to Arsenal.

      That gives us:
      A very solid defensive back line. (Szczesny, X, Gibbs, Monreal, Kos, Mert, Verm, Aurier, Jenk)
      Four complete midfielders who will dominate for decades (Ramsey, Pogba, Wilshere, Chamberlain)
      Two of the best creative players in the world. (Cesc, Ozil)
      Two fast clinical players that can push any back line deep into their own half. (Walcott, Vela)
      A selfless striker who can keep defenders busy while our midfield causes havoc. (Giroud)
      And friends! (Arteta, Flamini, Rosicky, Sanogo (breakthrough year), Diaby, Podolski and Gnabry.

  3. Interesting post mate. I’d like to see Cesc back at Arsenal, mainly because the alternative seems to be a move to Man Utd, which would be hard to stomach. However you have to ask if we really need him anymore, with Ozil, Ramsey, Rosicky, Cazorla, Wilshere etc. we’re hardly short of creative midfielders.

    If the stories in the press are to be believed (which is a big if) then signing Cesc would eat up a quarter of the £100m transfer budget. Given that we need a new striker (or two), a holding midfielder, right back and centre back (if Vermaelen leaves), then I wonder if we really do need Cesc. Maybe PSG will make a decent offer for him, I could care less if he goes there, just not to one of our rivals. Getting a little sick of that happening to us.

  4. Has Barcelona paid the balance owed Arsenal when he left? If not, perhaps Arsenal will pay lesser to get him with the balance still with Barcelona. Arsenal can never afford cCsc playing against them in a United shirt.

  5. I agree that Cesc is not what we are looking for at the moment. But if Wenger fails to bring a striker for some reason but manages to get Cesc, I think its worth a try to play him as a forward. He is faster than Giroud, can shoot, can assist and most importantly, he has BPL experience.

  6. I love Cesc and have no bitterness towards him, but he would no longer make our first choice XI: both Ramsey and Ozil are ahead of him. Having said that, had he been in our squad this season our title challenge may have gone differently.

    Bottom line: if we get him then great. But he has to be a cherry on top, we can’t get him at the expense of players we actually NEED. *cough Alexis Sanchez *cough

  7. We may think Arsenal has enough attacking midfielders but to honest with the reality at Arsenal, quantity yes, quality, only Aaron Ramsey and maybe Carzola to a lesser extent. Wenger must move some of the players and bring back Fabregas as he is real quality. Ozil is not anywhere near Cecs.

  8. Fabregas? Even if he signs for Arsenal, he should never get an armband again. He left his troops when they had been decimated with injuries and suspensions. Even that shit-mouth Nasri played one last time for Arsenal against Liverpool. Fabregas was “injured”.

    We need a mobile defensive midfielder that can replace Arteta in the starting 11. That should be our priority. And, a pacey striker/winger (say, Pedro).

    1. will someone please tell me why fabregas cannot play the arteta role in the starting x1? for me cesc is every bit if not better than arteta in the tackle, he is quicker, his passing is better, he will certainly score more goals and will surely assist more. I think having fabregas, ramsey, Wilshire, arteta, flamini, diaby, ozil, rosicky and aneke competing for 3 slots would be simply be an awesome show of strength in depth. if we can get another world class midfielder, who is in his prime for just £25-35m then we should bloody do it. If we need a tough tackling midfielder, which lets face it is very rarely, we should buy a centre back like kouyate, who can play the role or even use vermaelen there.

      For me getting someone like Martinez, strengthens the defence, but weakens the attack, whereas fabregas over arteta would improve the defence and the attack.

      as for the forward line, Walcott, Campbell, gnabry, giroud, vela, cazorla, chamberlain, podolski and a world class striker again means 9 top players competing for spaces, I will take that all day long.

  9. Why on Earth would any Arsenal fan despise Cesc? From day one he had been totally open about wanting to return to his boyhood club. Absolutely nothing wrong in that. Now if you want to discuss the traitorous fiends that are RVP and Nasri (who’se easy misses cost us the League Cup), then that’s a different matter.
    Cesc is more than welcome back assuming we can fit him in the midfield.

  10. When I return from a run and I’m dehydrated my priority is a drink of water, but if there’s a beer in the fridge, I always have that first. Then I get the water as well.

  11. I think we should make room for him if the opportunity arises, especially if Man United is close to signing him. I’m sure Wenger can create a formation that suits both Cesc and the team. I completely agree with John Batty’s analogy by the way. I dig it.

  12. Anyone who does not think Cesc would not improve our side is a very poor judge of a player, players move on in this day an age but players of this calibre rarely become available (unless for mega money) He would be back in a shot for £25Million if it were my club.

    1. we need a striker and cesc. ffs we can have cesc and vela (2 of the best players in la liga this season) for just £28m and people are saying no??? my god that would leave us £72m for a right back (£7m aurier or Richards) a centre back (£7m kouyate) and a deputy keeper (valdes FREE) THEN WE CAN BID £58M FOR CAVANI

  13. i think the main problem that has Cesc has in Barcelona is that he simply is not allowed the free role in which he excelled at Arsenal. This is evidently because of Messi who is much more effective and lethal than Cesc anyday in that role. The issue with him returning is that the free-role is now given to Ozil with Cazorla as a back up. Now throw-in the fact that the CAM’s do not track runners consistently enough and are not adept at positional play either, results in many counter attacks against better teams. If Cesc comes, then it could well be a restricted CM or a Pirlo role role w.r.t positional discipline for him given the presence of Ozil and Cazorla. It is again the same problem that he faces at Barcelona, this time at Arsenal. So only the club changes but the problem still prevails. I could only think of the above in an objective sense. Frankly, like countless other gunners, i am still caught up in a dilemma where the mind knows the implications of a returning Cesc and somewhere in the bottom of my heart a voice says that Le boss has a plan for his protege which i can’t think of!

  14. There is a big point everybody is missing. Barcelona want to swap him with Aaron Ramsey. I want Rambo to stay.

    1. If cesc is true to his word and only wants to return to arsenal as opposed to any other club and arsenal want him and we really do get a % of any resale fee the it shouldnt matter if they want ramsey if we say no we’re still in a position of strenght

  15. my 33 man squad with £100m spent on valdes, aurier or richards, kouyate, fabregas, vela and cavani
    and plenty of flexible formations

    1st x1 3-5-2
    ….koscielny mertesacker vermaelen
    Wilshire fabregas ozil ramsey cazorla

    2nd x1 4-2-3-1
    jenkinson Richards or aurier kouyate gibbs
    ……………….arteta diaby
    …..chamberlain rosicky podolski

    3rd x1 4-4-2 rest of squad
    bellerin, ajayi, hayden, monreal
    campbell aneke, flamini, gnabry
    ………….sanogo vela

  16. Hmmmmm, i wonder am i watching the same arsenal midfield as the rest of you? Id have cesc back in a heartbeat, he may have gone on strike if you want to call it that but lets be realistic. Ramsey has had 1 i repeat 1 outstanding season for arsenal. In this 1 season he suffered a longish term injury which affected the team immensely. He has also mentioned revently that he might fancy playing for another team abroad in the future. So cesc is consistantly a top performer, ramsey may be the type of player to suffer injuries and i think after his braca adventure has gone sour he’ll be back at arsenal for the long haul. I also think rambo and cesc could play very well together. Ozil i love and altho he had a good forst season it was by no means outsatnding. Now i feel if he had an intelligent striker to make the right runs he would shine but i could be wrong and he may never be at his best in the premiership. Cesc is a proven premiership player and again i think they could play very well together. Arteta i love love love but do i need to say it? Hes past his best. Now lil cazorla maybe its just me but hes been a shadow of himself this season and id have no problem with being sold to make way for cesc as i feel cesc is an upgrade. That brings me to young jack, future arsenal and england captain? Im irish so the england captain thing i dunno, id love to see him fulfill his potential and become mr arsenal but hes injury prone and i honestly cant decide if hes improving and if id have him in the team ahead of anyone at the mo.

  17. Gooner4life,
    Fellow Gooners, the fabregas doubters get real.We all know Fabregas left AFC for his childhood team he said that from day one hardly a secret.Right, Rosicky,Cazorla Arteta,are ageing out! Fabregas great replacement all his experience,quality,Arteta would have to go though we need a powerful midfielder as well to give core balance.WC striker a must,CB Mertsacker in the Big 4 games is to slow! a winger too cover for walcott!! AND Remember AFC suffer with the worst injuries in the league we need a extra player for all the injuries or Wenger changes his training methods.

  18. Atid missed the post directly before his stating Fabregas only comes to us if Ramsey goes to them. Ramsey and Fabregas cannot be in the same team. 😀

    Ramsey is more valuable than Fabregas and much more important.

  19. For me i want both Ramsey and Fab to play alongside with Paul Pogba/martinez/Bender/ khedira any one of the DMmentioned above in the team and i want Sanchez/Baloteli/falcao any one of them as stiker.with ozil/walcot/ OX/Rosicky/Cazola on wings.

    ……….Ramsey Fabbregas……………….

  20. Anyone commenting on how we do not need him should think of a period this past season when we had Ramsey and Ozil out. Our team was so flat and I believe if we had Fabregas, the team’s performance level wouldn’t have gone down the way it did. Failing to have a cover for Ramsey in on the bench really cost the team because he had to play many games consecutively without being substituted or getting a rest hence the injury. I believe Fabregas with his quality is needed in the current Arsenal team.

  21. When Arsenal goes up 7 points in the Premiership, and the PGMOL with their media darlings declare open the fouling-injuring season on our players, people will understand why having several quality midfielders on the bench is not only a great idea, but even a good deterrent. Remember this season’s injuries? My fear is a Giroud injury; he makes our team tick. The best tiki-taka in the world is our fast-paced lethal version in the opposition’s penalty area, resulting in goals such as that scored by Jack against Norwich. The next challenge is to make this such a weapon that other teams will field a 6-4-0 formation, which will be blown to shreds by long-range missiles by Podolski. But I leave it to the Boss to pick all the right players. It is only amusing to see the pundits reacting to the signing of players such as Sagna, Kos, Sanogo, etc… No team can say no to CF4, and him joining us will be a real nightmare to the other teams. Barca fans are idiots; him being unpopular is their loss, and our gain. Just to put things into perspective, he can play any position in midfield or even a false 9. Also, the clubs and coaches that are salivating to sign him include van Gaal and Guardiola. If anything, the anti-Arsenal media are fishing; they want to stimulate an anti-Cesc frenzy among our fans so he can be signed somewhere else; luckily, the Boss is immune to such stupid Durhamesque machinations. COYG.
    PS: I boycott the anti-Arsenal media, even under the guise of links; I look up the name of the “writer”, check my black list, and if the name is on it, never hit the button.

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