Chamakh won’t leave, Wilshere to play ‘behind closed doors’ friendly, the Podolski medical and Yaan M’Vila: should we or shouldn’t we?

Chamakh could only look on in horror as Arsenal confiscated his supply of Shockwaves wet-look gel.

Midweek salutations, delicious reader. Quite a bit of news today.

I’ll start with the exceedingly good news of Jack Wilshere’s return. Today, it’s reported he’ll take part in a friendly game against Birmingham that will be cut off from the public eye. I’m sure you’ll all agree that’s a superb bit of news, and wish him all the best (the story broke via Arseblog, which is why I’m inclined to believe it’s true)

Having been pictured recently enjoying a shisha pipe with Adel Taarabt, our greasey-bonced Moroccan half-wit has announced he’s had talks with Arsene Wenger and he won’t be headed out of the door this summer.

Having said this in December:

‘My priority is to stay in the Premier League. I’ll weigh up the pros and cons because I received many proposals from abroad, but I want to stay in England.’

He now says this:

“I have spoken to Wenger and I will stay at Arsenal. I think he trusts my work and I will have opportunities in the first team.

“I left Bordeaux to improve as a player and I think I can continue for this club. My agents have been ordered to reject bids that come from other clubs because I want to prove I can be useful for the Gunners.”

To be perfectly honest with you, there is a part of me that feels for him. He has Robin van Persie, in the form of his life, ahead of him in the pecking order. He isn’t even half as good as the Dutchman, so it’s understandable how his opportunities have become so limited.

After getting all ‘Cheech and Chong’, I get the sneaking suspicion that any opportunities he may of had, have just packed their bags for good. I’d be very surprised if he was still at the club next season.

One player I’m starting to get a little sick of hearing about is Lukas Podolski. With the epic saga of him and his numerous medicals still rumbling on and on, the latest news is that the delays are at the request of his club. Fearing supporter unrest, FC Koln have asked Arsenal nicely to announce the signing at a more suitable time. Koln ere thumped 6-1 at Dortmund, and fear the news could send their fans into an apoplectic frenzy.

Or, alternatively, it’s just a load of bollocks and the deal is no closer to being done than I am to developing the ability to write cogent, well constructed articles wearing a blindfold and typing with my penis.

It’s difficult. Watch:

kdfus sjfjf fjfdjd hh hhh ffff ff

See? I wouldn’t recommend you try it yourself. That took me 20 minutes…

Lastly, and bafflingly, there has been a great deal of chatter surrounding the proposed and highly unlikely signing of Yaan M’Villa. The same folks clamouring for big-name signings and experience at the expense of youth, are now saying we shouldn’t spend a fortune to purchase a player who may ‘kill’ the careers of Frimpong and Coquelin.

Twitter folk can be a hypocritical bunch.

Personally, I think we need a player in his mould. I like Frimpong and Coquelin, but neither are ready yet to make the step up to first team action on a regular basis. M’Vila may only be 21, but he’s already got experience in the French league and he’s an international player. It doesn’t have to be him, or nobody. If he goes to Madrid, then so be it. The defensive midfielder position does need to be strengthened. There are plenty of other options out there.

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3 thoughts on “Chamakh won’t leave, Wilshere to play ‘behind closed doors’ friendly, the Podolski medical and Yaan M’Vila: should we or shouldn’t we?”

  1. I wish we were in the position of Barca where we could blood youngsters a bit more comfortably. If you’ve seen the likes of Tello , Cuenca ,Thiago or even that prick Pedro play ,they seem so comfortable with the system and play almost with an easy arrogance .But due to our stadium debt , we lure young players with the promise that they’ll get chances in the 1st team squad quicker than they would at any other club . Plus Arsene believes that younger players are hungrier. And he was almost proved right in the 2007-08 season until that cunt Martin Taylor fucked up Eduardo and our season. Had we won the title then I am sure we’d have gone on to better things.

  2. I am not sure what amazes me more! The fact that you wrote “kdfus sjfjf fjfdjd hh hhh ffff ff” or the fact that you told us here and now that you wrote “kdfus sjfjf fjfdjd hh hhh ffff ff” with your penis!

    Still it’s more entertaining than watching Chamakh, reading twitter and constantly hearing about Podolski medicals!

    So fair play I say!

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