Champions League: Arsenal v Bayern Munich – The Best Football Event in World

As it has already been said many times before, football is world’s most famous sport and it has been played everyday in some part of world or other. It is rightly called as king of sports in many countries. In Europe and Latin America, football is the most famous sport and is being played with such a vigor and spirit which is not found in any other game. European clubs are always on their heels to draw in some great players.

The match between Bayern Munich and Arsenal will surely be regarded as one of the best matches of 2013 These two teams have already locked horns four times and Bayern has won two times, Arsenal has won just once and another match has ended in a draw. Usually football matches ending in draw will be considered as tame and drab ones, but if there is a match between Bayern Munich and Arsenal, it will always be a clash of titans and even if it ends in a draw, it will surely be one of the best matches ever played in football.

In 2004-05 version of champion’s league, these two teams met for the last time. In that encounter, Bayern won by 3-2. It was a match of last 16th stage. But In recent years, Arsenal has won seven of their last six matches. So it is very difficult to say which side is better among these two. One team may seem a little bit better once but on some other occasion, the other team may emerge as even more stronger. In their last 17 games in knockout stage, Arsenal has won 15 times, losing only two games. This once again confirms greatness of Arsenal team.

At the same time, Bayern Munich is not in good position currently. They have been defeated in their recent four matches in England champion’s league. On English, they won a match for the last time 12 years ago, i.e. in 2001. That match was played in Old Trafford. It was the quarterfinal match of champion’s league.

Tickets for the Champion’s league are already being sold out like hot cakes. If a football match takes place in any part of the world, it is sure to attract a large number of spectators from all corners of country. This is especially true in case of European Champion’s league. When there is a clash between two great teams like Arsenal as well as Bayern Munich, there will surely be huge expectations among spectators. Hence they will surely go mad for purchasing tickets.

In this season, even though they are having a very average record so far, they have scored at least one goal in their last 12 matches. It was more than a year ago when they failed to score a goal in a game. But at the same time, Arsenal has secured very less number of shots among all those teams which have qualified for the last 16th stage. So tickets for the Champion’s league are sold out rapidly even before the last 16 stage starts up.

7 thoughts on “Champions League: Arsenal v Bayern Munich – The Best Football Event in World”

  1. I think it’s fine and true. I think both these teams are going to take chunks out of each other, as the man said its going to be a great match hopefully we win over both legs.

  2. Arsenal has not got a chance of progressing, they say.
    But i think it all depends on if Arsenal turn up over the 2 legs, play the game mentally, physically and strategically.
    Yes we have injuries but that may well be a blessing in disguise. I am looking forward to the games.

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