Chelsea, Suarez and the shortest day of the year.

The early onset of darkness had a peculiar effect on some folks.

Morning, all.

Christmas is just around the corner. By now, I’m supposed to be filled with festive spirit. I’m not. I’ve seen enough cooked turkey meals to last a lifetime, and any minuscule amount of joviality that might have been present has long since found itself banished by the interminable trudge of my working life.

I keep telling myself, “It’ll all be over soon”.

When the madness finally ends, I shall be a consistent blogger.

So, what’s new? Well, by now you’ll have all heard the news of Luis Suarez’s epic new contract at Liverpool and his declarations of love for the fans on Merseyside and across the globe that have made him wish to stay. That’s all certainly very good news for our hoofing pals in red.  Suarez, whilst a bit of a co*k, is comfortably the best striker in the Premiership, and often I’m left wondering how our fortunes could have been so different. Had Liverpool accepted our offer, he’d be a Gooner. Shame, but some things are just not meant to be.

Would we have signed Ozil had that deal happened? Probably not. I’m not comparing the ability of the two players, but I’m happy with the one we got. Once he finds he feet in this league, Ozil will start to make some serious waves.

With Monday’s big game against Mourinho and his grubby minions, Arsene has had a few words to the press about the morale of the team:

“They (recent results) have been disappointing for us but I don’t think they have affected the morale.

“We have made good results until now because we have a good solidarity level and a good togetherness in the squad, and I don’t see any sign of that dropping.

“I think even more that the players are focused to respond on Monday night.

“It can happen in a season when sometimes you have a bit of a weaker period. How you respond to this kind of problem is what matters.”

How we respond is important, and I believe that we will.  Chelsea are undoubtedly a good team, but under Mourinho at present they look capable of shipping goals and losing to pretty much anyone. They don’t have the formidable solidity and tedious ability to grind out results from Mourinho’s first time at the Club.

Some good news is Podolski’s return to the team.  I think we’ve missed him. Some often claim he can’t play the striker’s role, but I disagree. Lukas is arguably the best finisher at Arsenal, and whilst he may lack Giroud’s ability to hold up play, he offers another dimension and that’s something we need from time to time.

That’s all for today, folks. Drop me a comment, send me an opinion. You know the drill. As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

One thought on “Chelsea, Suarez and the shortest day of the year.”

  1. With Lukas and Theo back, we now have a variety of strikers – a holding/heading expert in Giroud , Podolski’s lethal left foot and Theo’s pace and off-the-ball forward runs. Vermaleen might improve too considering his desire to fight for a place and there’d be no better time for the Verminator to unleash his best. Looks like Christmas might come a few days early at the Emirates… 😉

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