Comfortably The Dumbest Opinion I’ve Ever Heard.

“Come at me, merchants of doom!”

Howdy, ya’ll.

Christmas is nearly upon us – if you’re of the persuasion that celebrates such things, of course. Whilst not what you would describe as religious – I’m agnostic at best – I do enjoy Christmas. To an extent, that is. The festivities that begin in November and trundle interminably throughout the following 6-8 weeks do test my resolve. Then there’s all the madness around shopping and my working life to contend with. At times it can have me at the point of drooling apoplexy. However, once I get to December 24th, and all the aforementioned is firmly in my proverbial rear view mirror, I start to get into the spirit of things.

I’m at that point now. Sat at home in the warm, enjoying a cup of tea and a mince pie and typing these very words you see before you. It was on the journey into work this morning listening to TalkSport that I heard the reason for the title of this blog; comfortably the dumbest f*cking opinion I’ve every heard in my life (I did omit that particular vulgarity from the title due to naughty language not going down too well with news aggregators, but I assure you it’s entirely warranted).

During what I assume was a section of soundbites from the previous week’s callers, my ears’ attention were taken by one sunny and fun-loving individual who’s nugget of wisdom was to state that Arsene Wenger is the worst manager in Arsenal’s history.

Before I proceed, I know what you’re thinking; this is exactly the kind of drivel you expect from certain shows on TalkSport – Adrian Durham and his insipid bleating being paramount amongst those I avoid like the bubonic plague. The producers leap upon anything inflammatory because it’s the only means at their disposal to get noticed. Yet I do enjoy some of the pundits. notably Ray Parlour and Danny Murphy. On the whole, I know it’s dogsh*t, I’ve always been fully aware it’s dogsh*t, and I only listen for the occasional interesting feature and background noise.

What struck me is how can anyone actually think that way? To feel Arsene Wenger isn’t right or should leave Arsenal I can understand. To yearn for change and a new face with fresh ideas is hardly a knee-jerk reaction. But to state he’s the worst to ever lead the team across Arsenal large history is mind-boggling. To make that statement and then try back back it up with reasoning such as “he’s split the fanbase” or “he’s made the fans accept 4th” is just plain old stupid.

For starters, the fans have split themselves. Arsene may be the reason behind such vitriol, but those choosing to partake are responsible for any splits or warring factions. Secondly, I don’t think I’ve ever encountered an Arsenal supporter who’s been happy to finish 4th, regardless of the circumstances. And lastly, and most important;y of all, we’re taking about a man who gave us 2 double-winning seasons, 5 FA Cups a Champions League final, Thierry Henry and The Invincibles. Those accomplishments alone are enough to secure a place amongst the finest in the Club’s history. There aren’t any pervious managers who can claim to have revolutionised the mentality and image of the club and developed its future like Arsene has.

Whatever your feeling now, all of the above is irrefutable. To claim he can be the worst manager in Arsenal’s history having done even half of that isn’t an option at all, it’s just plain moronic.

With that off my chest, I shall retire to farthing my current festive mood. The comments section awaits below, and it’s a lovely avenue in which to splurge your thoughts and innermost secrets to complete strangers. I’ll look forward to reading a few. I’ll be back soon with more. Until that time, and as always: thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

6 thoughts on “Comfortably The Dumbest Opinion I’ve Ever Heard.”

  1. It is 6 FA cups with Wenger, by the way. The media witch hunt, occasioned by the fertile ground that is the mind of certain Arsenal fans, has given life to every manner of commentary about Arsenal and Arsene.

    On reflection, the person who made such a remark will see how silly it sounded, hopefully.

  2. In he early good days the team was mainly an inherited one. In all the years that Wenger has been in control I doubt if there has been more than twenty exceptional players been bought in. The man has no passion. We needs manager with passion…Not a college professor. I wonder if he surrendered Draxler to PSG because he was going to be their next manager. If so it was worth missing out on him.

    1. Another fallacy! The invincibles side was totally, a Wenger team. I am sure 20 exceptional players is a large number, and I am pretty sure we have had much more under Wenger.

    2. What utter rubbish. He built the finest team this country has ever seen but seriously it is not worth getting too hot under the collar with someone who displays such ignorance.

  3. Geekaybee….No Passion? No he don’t act like a berserk clown on the touchline which is what you think is passion. Just remember just because someone comes up with a daft statement does not mean that it is true.

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