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  1. Nicole


    I have a great feature for your website that is free and will enhance your site with an interactive element.

    We have developed CHATWING for soccer /football related blogs and websites where users can interact with each other in real-time. It takes a minute to implement and is 100% free. You just put a link on your site like, “Live Soccer /Football Chat” and we host the chats. You will also earn money through advertisements while your visitors are talking. There is really no downside. Also, if you think you do not have enough visitors to keep a chat busy we are working with other soccer /football sites to form a chat network so users from each site can talk to each other.

    -live user interaction for soccer /football fans
    -website owner can talk to members live
    -owner generates earnings while people are talking
    -100% free, CHATWING hosts all the chats
    -takes 1 minute to implement, simply embed a few lines of code that we email to you upon registration
    -just enter domain name and email on and that is it!

    Please let me know if you have any questions. I am always available.



    340 Main St.
    Suite. 901
    Worcester, MA 01608

  2. Hi THere …..
    @Xeieshan_Gunner ( From Twitter
    i Just Wanna Ask .. Can i Have my Video Channel (Which Has Arsenal Videos In It Made by Me ) on Your Blog ?? I Mean Embedded Like 1nil1Down or GFS Blogs ….

    if Easy For u

    If u Wanna See vids See :

    Thanks Reply Me at

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