Danny Welbeck: The Saviour Of Arsenal’s Transfer Window…

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Morning, folks.

I’m writing this post at 11:00pm last night as the deadline day window has just slammed firmly shut. However, Arsenal have just been granted an extension by the FA to secure the services of Danny Welbeck. I’m going to assume it will be completed and Welbeck will officially sign as I truly cannot be f*cked to wait around any longer for confirmation.

First things first (I’m the realest…), the signing itself (this post is going to be utterly pointless if something occurs whilst I’m sleeping). Extraordinary it is certainly not, but it is also an acquisition some distance from the label of “appalling” some have stuck to it. In fact, the more thought I give, the better it sounds. Arsenal have signed a 24-year-old England international, a Premiership winner and someone who started 70+ games under Alex Ferguson. Granted, stating those facts does smack a little of trying to gift wrap a turd, but we shouldn’t be totally devastated. Welbeck is a solid, Premiership-quality player.

With United getting Falcao (no confirmation on this one either at 11:05pm) it’s easy to see why some fans are in uproar. Louis van Gaal has gone out and recruited one of the best strikers in the game, albeit at a thoroughly ridiculous price and astronomical wages. By comparison, Danny Welbeck is hardly reason for joyous exclamations.

Yet he does represent another option up front, one with experience in the Premiership and a player I hope will surprise a few people. I see no reason to be disheartened. But hey, that’s just me. I didn’t cry when I saw Bambi as a child. I have no soul.

Where I do see good reason for alarm is our paucity of defenders. We are a couple of lengthy injuries away from having a real problem at the back and it’s an area that required addressing (again, I’m, assuming nothing has happened overnight). Arsene Wenger is not above reproach. As most of us do, he makes poor judgement calls from time to time. Given the frequency with which we suffer injuries at the most inopportune of times, I’m genuinely surprised no action has been taken.

Call that what you will. wether it be confidence in what he has already or simply a case of neglect. It matters very little now as it can’t be altered until January. Could it prove costly? Unquestionably. I’d go as far as saying I expect it to bite us in the arse at some point in the following months. However, Callum Chambers has had an promising start to his Arsenal career, Mertesacker and Koscielny are an excellent partnership and we have good cover at full back. Should we manage to stay injury free until the next window, I don’t see there being a problem – I freely admit that is a f*cking huge ‘IF’.

Now that the madness of D-Day is behind us we can focus on the football….

Oh right, we can’t. We have to wade through the interminable dross of international fixtures for a week before the good stuff restarts. Doubtless to say, the level of worry when Arsenal players out on the colours of their national teams will be practically stratospheric.

I think that’s all from me as I’m tired and wish to go to my bed and dream of kittens and such things. Anything to take my mind to place far from the hatred and formidable rage of today. There are a lot of folks out here who seem to forget that allowing yourself to become incandescent over a situation you can’t possibly control or alter is an exercise in futility.  We can but sit back, take stock and support the players in the shirts. Danny Welbeck, by all accounts wanted to come and play his football at Arsenal and rejected Spurs to do so. I think those are a couple of good reasons for us to at least give him a chance, don’t you?

The comments await your thoughts below. Did D-Day cause you great anguish, or did it pass you by like spiders somehow do during the night when going about their web-spinning antics? Let me know.

I’ll be back tomorrow with more. Please disregard this entire article if something has gone tits up with the deal. It’s 11:17pm now, anything that occurs after this time I am blissfully unaware of.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

13 thoughts on “Danny Welbeck: The Saviour Of Arsenal’s Transfer Window…”

  1. At last, a relatively sane and balanced post. Thanks for restoring a little faith in what was rapidly becoming a completely irrational and lunatic gooner fraternity

  2. Right you are … I don’t get why Arsene doesn’t understand the need for depth in a squad. He has bought well this window. Sanchez, Debuchy, Chambers are all looking good. But we lack the cutting edge which was clearly seen in the Leicester city match were we had around 20 attempts but scored once, that too somehow !! Welbeck is good but he is nowhere near the finished product. The need for an established, quality striker was profound but what does Mr.Wenger do, go for charity ,match in Rome. Man City, Aston Villa, Chelsea up next with Borussia Dortmund in between. If we had quality depth we could have rotated them wisely. Now we have no option to play the same players and burn them out. Well done Wenger. For the good of the club i hope we suffer some major losses, and that i say with a heavy heart !!

    1. For the good of the club why don’t you go and watch Tottenham whilst you are hoping for major losses. Support your team through thick and thin. We have just won the cup, did great last season in the league when injuries killed us. We do not have billion pound notes like the chavs and City. I have never wanted this club to lose a game of football unlike you. So we are short at the back, I am certain the management tried to fix that but you and I will never know what happened. We have bought in five excellent signings all of whom have good injury records, we are in better shape than last season.

      I am not AW crazy, the man is human and has his faults like each and every one of us but like me I know that he never has and never will wish for us to lose a game. However I do know what the man has done for this football club. Be careful what you wish for.

  3. not signing a holding midfielder is going to bite us big time. starting against city when their midfield are gonna run circles around us. and to think wenger was sitting at a charity game in rome on transfer deadline day. WENGER NEEDS TO BE SACKED

  4. I am getting more and more dismayed by Arsenal supporters who do nothing but moan and whine about everything the club does. We have just bought an excellent young England international in Danny. Your duty as Arsenal fans is to back him to the hilt and shout his name from the rafters, he’s a gooner now. All this bollocks about at least giving him a chance? Back the man, he will score goals for Arsenal, stop whining and back the team. I have been a gooner for forty five years and never before have I heard so much crap from my so called fellow supporters. If you can’t back our players then fuck off to the Lane where you belong.

  5. Relax everyone,AW has most likely notice Welbecks hard working approach and sees him as a future DM. Also, when Ospina is fit Szczesny can play centre half.

  6. Thank you for addressing the center back issue. Hope you elaborate on that. Why a CB was not signed, even on loan? I can see Monreal or Flamini filling in only on Cup games, not in PL or UCL. Does Wenger trust Ajayi enough to give him a first team chance? The news that Miquel would go to Norwich suggested someone else would be brought in.

  7. As I have said else where give Welbeck a chance and at lease he is another English player. When MU played him centrally he had a pretty good scoring record 1 in 2 I think? The problem is for most of the time MU insisted on playing him on the WING, who does that remind you of?

  8. Give him a chance, he has improved greatly in my mind by leaving that mancunian scum. I had not heard he had rejected the spuds but that is another plus for me. I certainly thought of a juventus player out on the wing when I got so bold as to look at the transfer window special at ten to eleven yesterday. I just can’t join the negative critics on their issues as I do prefer to support the mighty Arsenal rather than jumping on the medias ever running shite about the best team in England

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