Daunting Bayern, Wenger, Wilshere, transfers, troubles, arguments and abuse.

“Jesus… The Germans are coming”.

Greetings, Earthlings.

Yesterday was all about anger and despair. Today is all about, well… anger and despair. These are not the best of times to be a Gooner. Our season lays in tatters – ripped to shreds by a combination of predictable blunders and achingly shit results. Whilst scribing this, I’ve got BBC’s 606 phone-in from Saturday playing in the background. The ‘Wenger out’ stance that once seemed an opinion held by the few, is quickly turning into the opinion of choice amongst Arsenal fans.

I’m getting there myself. It’s a difficult thought to have, because I’m nothing but an unabashed fan of Arsene. No Arsenal supporter could debate the power of good he’s done for our club, the sustained success at the beginning of his tenure. However, those that revere him for the initial half of his time at Arsenal, need to take a unbiased look at the latter half. Perhaps Arsene is unfairly judged on the back of the wonders he accomplished, but those days seem further and further away. Especially after such limp and heartless performances as the one we saw at the weekend.

Is it time for a change? The romantic in me still believes Arsene can turn things around, the realist thinks a fresh face and a new direction is long overdue. But that’s just my opinion. There is too much abuse around the Arsenal community at present. Bickering and name calling with opponents is one things, when it’s within our own group, it’s painful to see. It has to stop. A united front is needed, especially with such an enormous game on Tuesday.

Bayern come to the Emirates, and it’s a daunting fixture. The German league leaders are one of the genuine super powers in European football. I don’t hold many delusions of winning the Champions League, but I do want us to go at it with all guns blazing. Oddly enough, such a prestigious fixture doesn’t worry me like the ones against so-called ‘lesser’ opposition. There won’t be a flat atmosphere like Saturday, the Emirates will be jumping. Nights like that can bring the best out of the players, and we certainly need a performance.

Jack Wilshere has spoken ahead of the game:

“Chelsea are an inspiration for everyone. They weren’t having a good season and, okay, they got a bit lucky in some games,”

“But they showed great character and we need to do that. We need to come together as a team.

“We have good leaders here, a good team atmosphere. That will help us.

“We have a good bunch of lads in the dressing room. They’re winners as well, the likes of Lukas Podolski and Mikel Arteta.They want to win.

“We know what Bayern are capable of. They have a great team. We need everyone behind us and we go again.

“We have beaten big European teams here before so now we need to do it again.”

He’s right – Arsenal need to come together as a team. That’s as important as anything. I, perhaps foolishly, hold hope for us against Bayern. On the back of such a debacle, I can see the players coming out with something to prove, to get the supporters back on side. There may be much to malign at present, but for 90 minutes tomorrow night, that should all be put aside. No boos, no banners. Just get behind the team. There are better times to vent frustrations.

The last thing I noticed on my browsing of news was the hilarious re-emergence of stupendous transfer rumours. They’re everywhere at the moment. After defeat, it’s amazing to see just how quickly inside sources at the club are declaring an enormous budget and several impressive names being linked to moves here. Ignore them, folks, they are designed to lure you in with false hope and get hits for websites built to do nothing else.

That’s all for today. Thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards. The comments are gagging to be used by you, so let’s be having a few – how do you see the Bayern game going, do you think it’s time for Arsene to leave? Let me know.

I shall return with a preview of the big one tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Daunting Bayern, Wenger, Wilshere, transfers, troubles, arguments and abuse.”

  1. Totally getting pissed off with being the butt of all jokes at the local, even subscribed to sky now so I can suffer in peace, apart from the taunting txts!!!! Thing is I can’t put together an argument this time, we are heading for dark times if we don’t start re investing money into the squad!!

  2. It??s hard to think of life after Wenger. It??s also very hard to know if our recent demise is to do with Wenger or the board. Form the noises Usmanov was making earlier in the season you would think it was the board, which, personally I think is the more likely reason for out tight budgets and stifling wage structure, which is obviously all linked with moving stadium. The only thing is I actually think we have some decent players in our squad and Wenger does seem to have lost it with tactics and getting that winning mentality into the team. At the end of the day Blackburn are a championship team who we should easily have beaten. But the drive was not in the squad, who is to blame for that ??… I guess what I am trying to say is I think our relationship with Wenger has become a bit like one with a girl who you??ve been with for years, but don??t love anymore, you fear it ending as you worry that you won??t find anyone else but when you take the plunge after a few weeks misery you move on and wonder why you ever stuck with her !.. Change is a good thing and I think it is time we had a change !!

  3. We fought them on the beaches now lets battle at the Emirates 3-1 the boys, tonight is the most important game of the season and i feel something good will happen (law of averages), if we lose tonight are season is over!

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