Denilson to stay in Brazil. Large summer clear-out ahead?

Bargains, bargains, bargains!

Morning, folks!

Thursday morning is here, and given that my current working life is a swirling mess of irritation and exceeds all usual levels of business, It’s nice to be doing somethng that I really enjoy; writing this drivel for your enjoyment.

I’ve done my customary reading on the early morning news, and what’s caught my eye today is a story about Denilson, who wishes to stay in Brazil and not return to the Emirates. I wouldn’t say I’m one of those folks who have unbelievable levels of disdain for the guy. I don’t think he’s an altogether hopeless player. I just don’t think he’s good enough to sustain a regular position in our first team, and with his comments about wanting to win trophies before he left, I lost a little of my respect for him.

We have better players in his position, and players that are capable of doing more than keeping possession with 5 yard passes in the wrong direction. Letting him leave – fee or no fee – is the correct thing to do.

It’s what we should do with most of the dead-wood at the club. If we have trouble selling the likes of Almunia and Squillaci, we should allow them to depart on free transfers. The money we’ll save on their ridiculous salaries could be put to much better use.

The player I really want to see the back of is Nicklas Bendtner. There was a time I tried to defend him and all his arrogance. Watching him chew gum and shamble around the pitch without a care in the world in a Sunderland shirt has opened my eyes a little. I find it easy to defend Arsenal players because I feel it’s an innante responsibility of mine, and I do so without thinking for the most part.

Now all I see when I look at him is an arrogant, mildly-talented buffoon with a propensity for missing easy chances who really ought be dispatched from the Arsenal roster in a one-man craft that’s set on a course to orbit his own ego. Whether he’s smashing up cars with Cattermole, wearing those stupid hats or putting the number 52 onto his face mask – the guy is world class tool without an ounce of the talent needed to allow those thing to be ignorable.

Clear him out. The sooner the better. If we can shift Bendtner, Almunia, Squillaci, Fabianski and a few others, take the money raised from their departures and put it to good use in the summer market, and providing we can secure new contracts for essential first-team players, next season I think we could have a good shot at being genuine challengers for the big domestic honours.

Thats all today. I’ve got to rush off and do another 12 hour shift at work. Why do couples feel the need to get married? It intrudes on my personal life. Some people are so selfish…

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One thought on “Denilson to stay in Brazil. Large summer clear-out ahead?”

  1. First time I’ve reached here(via a Mean Lean RT), good blog, love the way you called your readers beautiful bastards, nothing like that get you bonding 😉 I must say I absolutely agree with you re: Bendtner, I too thought he was a decent striker with great ability to link up play & the potential to be one of the best. But then NB52’s ego & attitude will ultimately be his undoing, he isn’t the first & certainly wont be the last to go down that route. As far as clearouts go, we are in a tight spot coz other clubs know we dont need the players you mentioned above + Vela & Arsh, so they’ll play hardball & when it comes to player valuation incoming or outgoing, we rarely blink first. So the summer will be just as interesting to see who goes and who comes in.

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