Dire Defeat, Flip-Flop Supporters, Diffident Lacazette And A Burgeoning Sense Of Pesimism.

Spurs 1-0 Arsenal

Morning, folks.

I would liken defat at the hands of those lily-white scoundrels to a swift kick to the ‘gentleman’s region’; by that I mean, it’s an excruciatingly immediate pain that, mercifully, subsides over time. However, you never quite forget that sensation and actively attempt to avoid it all costs.

Today isn’t the time for making excuses; it’s best to be honest about what occurred. It truly irks me to say it, but the better team won. We can have no grumbles about the result. Whilst the first half was pretty drab and uneventful, the second half opened with an early Spurs goal and proceeded to be yet another reminder of glaring defensive misgivings in this Arsenal team. Were it not for Petr Cech making a series of top-quality saves and coupled with a touch of profligacy from Spurs, then we could have been looking down the barrel of an embarrassing mauling.

Aubameyang and Mkhitaryan had glorious debuts last week. This week they struggled to make any impact upon the game at all. Mesut Ozil created very little and whilst Granit Xhaka’s passing stats were very good, he wasn’t. The performances were poor or average across the board. Of course, that doesn’t stop some people finding a scapegoat.

Alexandre Lacazette did have two very good chances to bring us level. One he spooned over the bar from an excellent cross from Bellerin and the more guilt-edged of the two came after a fantastically weighted through-ball from Alex Iwobi.

He could have squared the ball for Aubameyang, he could have slotted it past the on rushing Lloris. He failed to do either and his side-footed shot curled wide of the post when it did appear easier to score (I say that, but if I was it the same position, I’d have probably collapsed trying to get to the ball and sh*t myself on live television). Since those two misses, he’s been a much-maligned figure across the internet, and it’s very sad to see.

Lacazette is obviously a man lacking confidence and he currently cuts the figure of a player that misses home and would rather be back there. I’m not making excuses for him; he probably should have scored. But it’s a little stupid to apportion all the blame onto one player when the entire team didn’t do anything to cover themselves in glory.

Some Arsenal supporters are like that; they flip-flop between fury and delight at the drop of a hat. The world we live in has more time for petulance and idiocy than it does for rationale and a well-considered view. The majority of opinions I read are sensible or at least consistent, but there is a minority that gets all the press and coverage. The type of Arsenal supporter that would do something as idiotic as burning Lacazette’s shirt and ensuring he’s sent the picture doesn’t deserve that term – ‘supporter’. They’re just f*cking idiots and nothing more.

I think Lacazette’s Arsenal career is at something of a crossroads. It’s far too early to starting throwing the word ‘flop’ around, but how he reacts to his current poor form and competition from Aubameyang should dictate whether or not he’s still around in the summer. He’s undoubtedly a very good player and a superb finisher (more often than not). If you’ve seen him play for Lyon then you’ll be able to attest to that.

My gut feeling is Arsene Wenger doesn’t really trust him and the signing of Aubameyang is partially for that reason. Hopefully he’ll prove all the naysayers wrong and come out of his current funk with a few goals and some good performances. That’s all it will take to turn it around. Football is a confidence game and some players need it a little more than others. Harry Kane’s biggest strength as a striker is he doesn’t allow himself to get down when he misses.

From here, we have to move on. It feels like an interminable cycle; we play well one week and things begin to look up only for the next week to bring us crashing back down to Earth. Our form away from home has been truly woeful and shows no signs of changing. With that, I have this unrelenting sense of pessimism. Not for the first time since August.

So, I’ve decided to cast it aside today. The will be no more burgeoning sense of misery and dissatisfaction. Nope, those notions can f*ck off right off. This season is already a write-off, so I’m going to treat it as such and look forward to a summer in which we can really rebuild. A Caraboa Cup final and the Europa League can be welcome, fun distractions, but the league campaign is pretty much dead.

It’s certainly not a mathematically impossibility that Arsenal can still make the much-coveted top four, but it’s going to take a superhuman effort and one which, if I’m being painfully honest, we are not the least bit capable. Plus, those above us are going to have to suffer total capitulations. Realistically we had to win yesterday. Defeat has only strengthened Spurs’ position.

With that, I’m going to leave you this morning. It’s a miserable day.

There’s a comments section below in which you can share your thought on the game. Do you blame Lacazette for the defeat because he missed a coupe of chances? Or do you feel we win as a team and we should also lose as one? Let me know.

I’ll be back tomorrow with more. Until that time, and as always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

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5 thoughts on “Dire Defeat, Flip-Flop Supporters, Diffident Lacazette And A Burgeoning Sense Of Pesimism.”

  1. Arsenal are in terminal decline.
    Until they grow some balls and remove Wenger.
    The cause of all the problems at the club.
    Sooner we are rid of him the better…

  2. Lacazette is a good striker.

    I don’t understand why people are so down on him. He’s in a different county in a tougher league and it’s not always easy to adapt straight away,

    He hasn’t played terrible for us. He needs time to get his confidence back. These dickheads on social media abusing him aren’t fans. There cunts.

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