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Today’s preview is the second I’ve written. In my own inimitable fashion, I penned one last night for A Bergkamp Wonderland’s new piece of branching out entitled ‘Bergy Blog’ You can, should your heart desire, have a little browse of that by clicking here. Come on back once you’re done.

We all know how important today is. The season may be in its infant stages, but this game will always have significance because it’s Spurs. With our rowdy neighbours’ splurge in the transfer market so frequently held up in comparison to Arsenal’s parsimonious and faltering attempts, some pundits believe the Tinny Tots are finally overtaking us.

Does that sound familiar to you? At some point, there is bound to be a ex-Spurs no-mark flapping his gums on the radio exclaiming how far ahead his previous employers are, how they’ve purchased so very well this window. Blah, blah, blah…

Arsenal have been superior for 15 years unquestionably, and those rare occasions where Tottenham triumph ahead of us are mere blemishes. They could win today, they might finish higher than us come May, but without doing so consistently, they won’t overtake us. That is simple fact. Until that happens, it’s not even a debate. We are Arsenal. F**k Tottenham.

The team news sees the expected absence of Podolski to the hamstring injury sustained on Tuesday, the welcome return of Koscielny from suspension, and a probable place on the substitutes bench for our super-signing, Mathieu Flamini.

Given lack of depth, the side that takes to the field shouldn’t be too dissimilar from the 11 that started against Fenerbahce. I’d guess at something like this:

I’ve high hopes for today. There are currently no nerves fluttering about my stomach causing my bowels to react alarmingly. We have enough in the locker to beat Spurs regardless of who the may have signed. On our day, on our own pitch, I’d fancy us to be able to match up to anyone. We have quality in the team, our only trouble is how much depth we have in reserve.

I’m going to predict 2-0 and a fairly tame game – purely because I’m expecting a furious high-scoring spectacle. There are bragging rights to play for, so lets be seeing a proper performance from The Arsenal today. That, and a few signings before 11pm on Monday, and we might just be sitting pretty ready to surprise a few folks. Alternatively, we might lose and the Internet with explode under the pressure of keyboard warriors, but we shan’t think about that.

All that remains is for a friendly gesture toward the comments from me, and to ask of your predictions. What do you think the score will be? Are you confident or filled with dread? Let me know.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

10 thoughts on “Dirty scumbags (h): news, views and predicted starting XI”

  1. Judgement day! No space for doubt now! F**k Spurs! Mash the Spuds! Grind them into the dirt and show no mercy lads! Can’t wait for this one, I recon, given previous form….. 5-2 to the Arsenal 😀 COYG!!

  2. hate towards Hoddle and Robbie for ever scum supporters. Just want us to put in a proper display and wait for the scum to wither and die.

  3. Not hugely confident, but its tough to call. Form goes out the window for this match tho doesn’t it? Lots of goals thats what id put my money on. Lets just hope they all come from the boys in red!
    I think that home results this year will scuppers us tho, I fear a fortress at the grove is still a long time coming.

    Would anyone else rather take a cheese grater to their ears than listen to Wenger’s Rhetoric right now? I can’t watch a whole presser at the moment without FFS splurging out of my mouth at regular intervals. His reactions/answers are verging on the self righteous at times. He can’t help but sound like a politician because he is constantly having to defend himself! Just like a slimy Tory when confronted by Paxo on newsnight. Get honest, don’t get angry Mr ‘ive got a ploughed field for a forehead’.

    Just admit it Arsene, you’ve fucked up this summer. Its not Madrid’s fault, its not the big mouth managers’ fault, its not the market’s fault.
    Its your fault. Now put your outdated views to one side and start competing with your competitors FFS!

    Love Arsenal, hate Arsene

  4. Great article! Makes such a change from the all the negative crap that has been about recently. We need more like this, lots more!

  5. Form does not ‘go out of the window’ for this one and that is exactly why I’m happily predicting a 2 goal margin for my glorious gooners! It hasn’t gone out of the window for years and it annoys me when people jump on that particular bandwagon! We are a better footballing side and certainly know how to win these games without panicking! Shame on any gooner who forgets that!

  6. GunnersRus…Spuds? Ha.Ha! You’re the team that has always been”what have we done ,lately?” Just bcuz you spend all the bale money and bought mediocre players in and think your all that and a bag of soggy ass chips,and come to our ground and beat us ……ur having a laugh! 3-1 convincingly ! And please get off Arsene…judge him after the transfer window has closed….we got players in but won’t be till monday afternoon for all to hear….Who know’s ,maybe we can pull Mata over..

  7. I’m also experiencing a surprising lack of nerves over this game, unfortunately this is less about confidence and more about a sense of fatalism that has developed over the summer transfer window. Having said that, a grand total of 2 goals from penalties in 2 games against mediocre opposition is not the sort of form to strike fear into our hearts. I think there will be goals from Giroud, Walcott and Cazorla or Rosicky, 3 -1 to the Arsenal.

    Bring on 11pm Monday, I’ve had enough.

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