Djourou’s off to Germany: players out means players in.

Johan’s treacle sponge turned out to be a disaster.

Afternoon, collective Gooner lifeforms.

It’s going to be deliciously brief today, darlings. I have a day of hedonism planned. I introduced my girlfriend to The Dark Knight Rises last night. She loved it. Today, I’m donning a curious mask and setting about holding Bristol to ransom with a rotating nuclear orb as a surprise for her. The things you do for love. I truly am now the ‘Bane’ of her existence…

Before I set out, I thought I’d bring you some Arsenal news.

Today the club has confirmed Johan Djourou is heading to Germany’s Hannover 96 for a loan until the end of the season. It would appear space is being made in the squad for potential incomings.

I understood Chamakh being loaned out, but Djourou has left me scratching my head a little. Whilst I can’t really make a case for him displacing the 3 defenders ahead of him in the pecking order – Vermaelen, Koscielny and Mertesacker – I do believe it’s wise to have 4 choices in that position – especially when Djourou’s departure leaves us a step closer to having to use Squillaci at some point.

I also believe Arsene wouldn’t allow these players to go if he didn’t have a plan. If room is needed to be made for new signings, it would appear exactly that is being done. Our manager may be prone to the occasional baffling decision, but I doubt he’d weaken his squad without the desire to bring in improvements. The fact that he has done  so early in the window leads me to assume a few deals must be in the pipeline at least.

We will have to wait and see. All things point towards recruitment at the present. I’ll leave you today with that oh-so-common question posed around this time; who would you bring in to strengthen within our reported £30m budget? Would you break the bank for 1 player of that value, or 2-3 around the £10-15m mark? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

I shall return tomorrow. It’s FA Cup weekend, and I’l be previewing our tricky trip to Swansea. Thanks for reading!

(Given how often joking is taken as seriousness on the internet, I would like to make Avon and South West Constabulary fully aware that I don’t actually have any plans to turn Bristol into a failed state using nuclear ransom. I was being silly. Please don’t send an armed response unit to my home. It would frighten the cats)

6 thoughts on “Djourou’s off to Germany: players out means players in.”

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  2. We won’t buy 1 player for that money. Wenger likes bargains and he wont change his rules. Adrian Lopez looks to me the most probable import.

  3. I personally think we will get villa for 13 million and m’bhia from Montpellier for 7-8 and a good attacking winger that’s proven or m’via might just go over the 30 million but Wenger knows we need players and I truly believe we will get at least 2 players let’s hope so any way A/V a good night fellow gunners.

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