Do Arsenal Need A New Goalkeeper? Cech, Ospina And Macey: A Look At What We Have.

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I’m currently eating a Belgian chocolate waffle. That statement is about the most newsworthy nugget I have for you. As a follow-on from that exclusive, I should mention that it is quite nice and was (I’ve now finished) complimented quite wonderfully by the cup of tea I also made. This is cutting edge blogging, the like of which the world has never seen the like of which. I hope it doesn’t sound arrogant when I say that I am the greatest man in the world.

To move on to football, yesterday there was some doubt about Petr Cech’s fitness ahead of the North London Derby on Saturday. Having limped off during our 5-1 win against Everton with some sort of calf injury – I know no details further than that – it’s said to be unlikely that the ailment will have healed sufficiently in time for Cech to take his place between the sticks. In all probability, David Ospina will take his place. With the subject of goalkeepers in mind, I thought I’d do something incredibly imaginative and use the handy bullet-point option to list the strengths and weakness of our 3 first team goalkeepers. I know you’ll all be trembling with anticipation by now, so feast your glorious eyeballs on the following.

Petr Cech

  • Vastly experienced
  • A model professional and superb role model
  • Commanding in his penalty area
  • Arguably past his best
  • Not as agile as his prime years
  • Can’t save penalties at Arsenal for love nor money

David Ospina

  • Undeniably an excellent shot-stopper
  • May be the reincarnation of Manuel Almunia (who isn’t dead, so this makes no sense…), or a robotic hybrid of machine and Almunia, codename; FLAPMATIC 5000 or The Almuniatron
  • Looks to be at the point of absolute terror when facing high balls into his area
  • Chews gum interminably – Bendtner-esque levels
  • That ‘Ospinnnnnaaaaa’ chant is quite fun

Matt Macey

  • An imposing figure at 6ft 6 inches.
  • Good with crosses
  • Good shot stopper
  • Hugely inexperienced
  • From the same area of the United Kingdom as me, which is totally irrelevant to his abilities, but I figured I’d mention it anyway.
  • Needs to play significant first team football on loan before he plays at Arsenal.

(I’m not counting Emiliano Martinez as he’s not currently at the Club what with being on loan and all…A pretty pointless loan at Getafe in which he’s not really getting a huge amount of time on the pitch)

So that is what we have, folks. With all the action that took place in January and transfers, there’s many people who assume we’ll see similar levels in the summer, but with a focus on the areas behind midfield – especially central defenders and a new goalkeeper. Of the 3 we have, I’d suggest Cech used to have the ability to play for Arsenal; Ospina doesn’t have the standard of ability to play for Arsenal land it’s a bit early to tell whether or not Macey will have what it takes to play for Arsenal. In short; I’d say we need a new ‘keeper.

I’ll be quite pleased if a new face between the sticks is at the top of our priorities when the season comes to an end. There are few goalkeepers out there that would be excellent signings – Jack Butland at Stoke, for example. The name that gets mentioned most by folks that keep a keen eye on Spanish football is Jan Oblak of Atletico Madrid. The Slovenian international is 25-years-old and one of the most highly-rated goalkeepers in Europe. He wouldn’t be short of potential suitors and he certainly wouldn’t come cheap.

I can’t pretend to know too much about him because I follow Spanish football here and there. The few times I’ve seen him play I can’t say I took that much notice. But, as I said, people who know more than I insist he’s the perfect player for both the immediate and the future – at 25, he’d have comfortably 10 more years at the top level. Whether or not our hot new recruitment team have identified him remains to be seen, but it’s certainly an exciting prospect going forward. Arsenal seem a great deal more willing to invest in players that can make immediate impact.

That’s all for today, folks. I’ll be back with more tomorrow.

Until that time, why not use the comments to tell me your ideal choice as a new keeper, or even if you think we need one at all? Do you have faith in what we have? Let me know.

As always: thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

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4 thoughts on “Do Arsenal Need A New Goalkeeper? Cech, Ospina And Macey: A Look At What We Have.”

  1. Hi
    I agree with your summaries certainly on Chec and Ospina. I thought Macey did well when he played for the first team in something that I can’t recall but i do remember thinking the lad had potential.Of our 6 GK that we have in the Academy,yes 6, that one of them must be coming through or what is the point. Macey is 24 so it must be his time at least to be blooded again in a lesser game if there is such a thing for Arsenal.

  2. Simeone Scuffet of Udinese has been turning a few heads. I’d reckon he will be ideal as Oblak has a 89Mil release clause. Yes. 89 !!

    Also, 21 yrs old and standing at 6’4”, Scuffet seems to be good. His movement suits Premier League as well and i feel he would also be a good sweeper keeper if Wenger or our next manager might need one in their tactics. (BTW, Maurizio Sarri news is encouraging)

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