Don’t worry! Mathieu Flamini will save us!

Arsenal 1-3 Villa: Fans used subtlety to get their point across…

Morning folks.

Okay. That was sh*te. The English language is complex, mellifluous and wonderfully varied, but sometimes a little bit of profanity sums things up better than any carefully chosen conglomeration of words. Sh*te…

Let’s get one thing out of the way first; the referee was beyond awful. He was so bad, I pondered wether he was being controlled from afar by a maniacal Spurs fan. Quite comfortably one of the worst displays of officiating I’ve seen in a while. Yet, I can’t put down yesterday’s result to anything other than an appalling case of mismanagement over the summer.

We all knew something like this was coming. Throughout the close season, the Arsenal community, known for its bickering and opposed factions, was in universal agreement about one thing; the squad needed to be strengthened. Jettisoning the deadwood was a good move, but doing so left a threadbare squad. Day, weeks and months passed, and I was certain we’d do something positive in the market before the season begun. We didn’t, and now we have nine fit first team players. NINE.

I’ve defended Arsene many times in the past. God knows I revere the man for all he’s brought to our club in terms of past accomplishments, but I can’t defend him at the moment. If there is a logical reason for our failure to bolster the ranks, I can’t see it. There isn’t a paucity of quality players out there. There isn’t a lack of funds. There isn’t a lack of appeal in joining Arsenal.  Manchester City signed two strikers on the same day. Even Spurs (bleugh) have brought in Paulinho and Soldado.  There isn’t a good reason to have not done our business months ago.

We’ve signed a young Frenchman with a bit of a dodgy injury record, and let 17 players head in the opposite direction.  To begin a season this short, when we’ve had every opportunity to improve is unforgivable, and only Arsene can take the blame for it.

The only shred of positivity I glean from yesterday is the hope it serves as a similar boot-to-arse as the walloping we received at Old Trafford a couple of years ago.  Then, we were in a similar situation to now – albeit we aren’t losing our top players this time around. The squad was brutally exposed that day, and will be again if we don’t do something.

I expect we will. Arsene will probably re-sign Mathieu Flamini and maybe snap up another defender from Turkey with eating problems and a penchant for dangerous drving. All done at the last minute to patch up holes everybody and their grandmother could see a mile away.

Negativity and bitching isn’t something I like to do. Ordinarily, I’m quite the rational soul. I almost feel dirty typing these words, but I challenge anyone to defend what’s occurred, to give me a cast iron, logical reason for our failure to address extraordinarily obvious problems.

The defeat is bad enough. We shouldn’t be losing home games to Villa. Worst of all for me is the state of the team – tattered and painfully thin. I’ll love them until the day I die, support them when they take to the pitch regardless of how I may feel. I just wish someone at the club would do something, anything to make me believe they feel the same way.  And if Arsene can’t any longer, then I’m afraid it might actually be time for him to go.

That’s all for today, folks. The above may be a little disjointed, but I’m writing off the top of my head and as quickly as possible. I’ve a really busy day ahead of me today, but I’ll be popping by to read some of your comments at every available moment. Should be an interesting one…

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

71 thoughts on “Don’t worry! Mathieu Flamini will save us!”

    1. Who the F**k is this fool…we don’t need your f**king comment to tell us we are ‘SHITTE’ not your fr**king fault but our club’s managements’, nice write up dude,can’t understand Wenger anylonger, #GunnerzToTheBone

    1. Well Danno good luck mate and enjoy another season without European football. Wake up that you are now a small club and no matter how bad we start we will always finish above you. Twat.

    2. Well Danno good luck mate and enjoy another season without European football. Wake up that you are now a small club and no matter how bad we start we will always finish above you.

  1. Would the last person to leave the Emirates turn off the lights to save Silent Stan a few more $’s! #shambles

  2. Wenger must go. Missed transfer targets, no trophies for 8/9 years, fans are not happy & he is a liar. Enough is enough. Get out.

  3. wenger should buy on great players otherwise arsenal will go back to from ASIIMWE ROGERSfrom ugand.

  4. Excellent article,and unfortunately true.Arsenal board need to look at themselves How long will supporters keep buying tickets to get depressed after every home game.Supported them all my life and now all we have to be happy about is finishing above Tottenham,Is that it.Our players seem to wine that they are played out of position ,If this is true why does Wenger buy them to play in positions that they are not comfortable to play in.

  5. After the Aston Villa horror, the profit maniac Arsene Wenger can now seek a job at Wall Street. Otherwise, as Manager at Arsenal Foot Ball Club, he is a REAL PENIS right now!! An imbecile and Big Vagina! Wenger + Gazidis + Kroenke = Hog Balls.

  6. Villa exposed how soft this Arsenal team is and yes they were pretty much like old school Stoke. Arsenal should always be prepared for this and have the players (big & tall) to handle this. We need to bring in strong players and Fellaini would always be my first choice to anchor the midfield, fell free to try and kick him off the field villans.
    Fellaini together with a strong centre/right back (williams would be ours for a decent 8-9 mill) a keeper in his prime would also do nicely – think QPR has one for sale… Strike wise this is more difficult but if the money is really available offer pool 50 plus 5 in add ons for Suarez and we would be roaring to go.

    Your thoughts gooners?

  7. Shockingly in the stands yesterday people around were saying they don’t mind where we finish as long as it is above Tottenham! that means even the fans are now accepting the fact we aren’t good enough!

    Is it that hard to buy Williams (£10) Good defender premiership ready Robert Lewandowski (£35m) BvB will sell him at the right price. Fellaini (£30) JC from QPR (£5m)

    Stop messing around AW and sign the above players!

    1. Nice comment apart from the facts Swansea want 20 million for Williams Dortmund say Lewandowski isnt for sale and Everton want over 30 million for Fellaini plus we will probably have to out bid Utd for him but at least u are right about JC from QPR so wheres yr nxt list of players we “can” sign

      1. Swansea want double the original £6m bid. Robert Lewandowski is for sale just not to Bayern and Everton have said £30m for Fellaini. Money talks bullsh*t walks and at the moment AW is doing the second part when he needs to test these clubs with realistic bids and not insulting bids!

        1. We reportedly offered 10million for Williams they have said to double it thats 20million an Dortmund have said that he is not for sale to anyone as they dont need to sell an as they already sold Gotze to Bayern they dont wish to lose another player

  8. Couldn’t agree more with you post, except perhaps a conglomeration of profanities would have been better. Regardless of what transfers occur now they will have the stench of panic and lost opportunity about them, hopefully we will still pick up some good players but every poor performance by the new arrivals will be looked upon in the light of this disastrous performance. Not really looking forward to the midweek game.

    1. Could’nt agree more mate. Any signing now will be regarded as a panic buy. Will any players price now be inflated because the selling club know this!

  9. I’m an ardent follower of Arsenal based in the Midlands. Ease up on Arsene folks. Everyone knows the restraint he’s had to spend under and yes that’s reflected on the pitch. I don’t think he will patch up, there’s more than we know going on I’m sure. There’s still more deadwood to go. Cazorla constantly makes poor decisions; Koscielny has never been up to the level required; Sagna has had his day, I think wenger knows all that, the season is a long one and he will buy good ‘team’ players.

    1. So in defence of Wenger u slag off our best player from last season, Cazorla, a centre back who Barca want and as for Sagna u do realize he played out of postion yesterday being a right footed left back isnt easy even for the current French teams right back

      1. Just going to add to the Sagna part he was below par even at RB but this could be the fact he weren’t match fit in the slightest! But comments to say ease up on Wenger will just bring on abuse in its self, we have eased up for 8 years whilst he rebuilt the club off the pitch and we accepted the fact that it would show a dip on the pitch BUT when your manager and board say we have £70m to spend and also boast about all these huge sponsor deals they need to reflect that and repay the fans by buying the players needed. We need to move forward on the pitch now!

        1. The huge sponsorship deal dont kick in until nxt season as with the puma kit deal and yes they said we had 70 million to spend but spend sensibly not just chuck it at one player when we can all see we need at least 3 players so just giving Liverpool 50+ million would leave around 20million to pay 2 top players an when u consider that Swansea say they want 20million for Williams that shows u just what is available for that sort of money

    2. Someone needs to buy you a brain or at least take that shit you are smoking away from you if you are actually serious with that comment.

  10. You said
    “Jettisoning the deadwood was a good move, but doing so left a threadbare squad”
    but this is a false logic. They were “deadwood” for a reason. Squad was thin because we didn’t BRING NEW PLAYERS. To be fair we have 2 players to play at each position in the squad and this injury fest is just a freak moment. Do you ever see so many injuries in a single match. Chamberlain-Rosicky-Ramsey-Gibbs-Sagna. Also on the sideline are Vermaelen, Diaby, Arteta. Its like 7-8 1st team players. And you expect new players to come play for the team until the injured guys come back. You saw how players are willing to snub big clubs to get maximum playing time (Gustavo), because it is a world cup year. One of the reason Arsene is hesitant to buy new players this time is because he is already clearing the deadwood, and he doesn’t want to replace it with new. He repeatedly said that we are looking for quality, and no compromise will be made. This is very positive and less desperate. And i refuse to believe that the team playing against Villa was not good enough to beat them.

    1. Well said mate we created more chances than Villa an some great saves prevented us scoring then a terriable decision not only gave them the lead but resulted in us going down to 10 men, no pen no 1st booking, even with 10 we were still the better team an the 3rd goal was a case of being caught out pushing for a goal, an also came through the gap caused by the sending off.
      Yes we were poor at times but sometimes things just dont go yr way and decisions go against u thats not the managers fault neither is struggling to find the right players at the right price, that their present club is willing to sell them at, who will improve the team to the level we all want

      1. Hants Gooner – Still making excuses for your Great Leader I see. Careful to point out ” that’s not the manager’s fault.” What then, in your opinion, SHOULD be the manager’s fault ? Anything at all ?

        Please list a manager’s responsibilities / obligations to his staff, and what should happen to such manager were he in charge of a business that…….

        a) neglected to replace employees who left the firm,

        b) failed to arrange cover for his employees who were absent from work due to injury,

        c) consistently failed to provide his customers with a quality product,

        d) ignored the pleas of his customers for better service,

        e) charged them exorbitant prices for a substandard service and

        f ) constantly tried to deflect blame and make excuses for all the above ( to name just a few ) ?

        How would you regard and feel about your boss, if he had been doing this for the last eight years ? Would you be happy to keep working for him, or buy what he is selling ?

        ” In Arsene we rust.”

        1. Number lm neither anti nor pro Wenger lm an Arsenal supporter end of
          Now yr questions:
          A: its his job to ask/suggest players not negotiate for them
          B:arrange cover or replacements? he cant just get in cover from an employment agency who ever is bought cant just be sent back when not needed the club has to continue to pay them
          C: football isnt a predictable business we cant all win all the time an we have had a far better product than some particularly spurs
          D: unlike u l dont try to claim to speak or represent ALL Arsenal fans
          E:Wenger has nothing, in case u miss understand that word l will repeat it, NOTHING to do with ticket prices
          F: seeing as most of the above arent to do with him that hardly surprising
          And as to yr last question as a fan l dont work for Wenger or Arsenal neither do l buy from my boss, l work for him because l need the money, so your “comparison” makes no sense.
          But plz dont let these answers stop u an yr sense of injustice from popping at the club u support or fellow fans with yr false accusations keep right on slagging of the team an feeding the anti Arsenal media and rival fans with more mud to sling at us

    2. And no compromise is the problem sir. But it is in the price of these players we need said compromise. Wenger will pay X million but when the selling club say he will cost xm+ym Wenger turns his back. We need players, not to save money. whats the point of stock piling all that cash if its not going to be spent. Ive said it before and been saying it for years. Arsenal simply do not try hard enough. look at the Hig. He is probably worth 35m in today’s market. But we let Napoli just swan in and take him, and by all accounts we were his preference too! So why didn’t we enter a ‘bidding war’ if he was truly our first choice? Why go off and bid more on our second choice? I think Wenger got a sniff of getting Suarez for under market value because of this ‘release clause’. I still think anything under 40m would’ve been good value for Higuain. But Wenger lost his bargain and as Arseblog put it about Gustavo, its penny wise, pound foolish because we need players like these to make some waves in the UCL. In the EPL. All we do is make up the numbers. You never get bargains when youre buying the best. Value is not the same as cheap. We are the only team in the Premier not to have added someone significant to the playing staff in relative terms. Every club is, (to coin a phrase) trying to push on to the next level to where they are now. Aim for the stars and you’ll at least reach the moon but we aren’t even looking up. The Arsenal Hierarchy just seem to be too busy looking their bank statements.

  11. U want Arsenal to win trophies and compete at the highest levels. Sack wenger… Enough said. He brought silverwares to d club fair enough but he is gradually killing d club as well

    1. Lets get it right Wenger works for AFC he is not its owners he is governed by what the Club can afford to spend an pay in wages.
      We also need to remember that as with Liverpool an Suarez, clubs wont just sell their best players to us just coz we want them unless we chuck stupid money at them as City an Chelski do we are not financially doped as they are

  12. wenger n board been chatting shit all this time. He n the board says we have financial power to compete with Chelsea n co then why r they haggling over william’s price, Chelsea buy schurrie for 22m n we offer 19m for bender. Could we not even get capoue for 9 m. Man city, Chelsea would have quickly gone back with offer of 50m plus if their bid of 40m was turned down. This is absolute disgrace n poor management from wenger. I remember 4 – years ago we probably missed out on the title because wenger wanted to save money n did not wanted to buy a defender when we really needed a defender. Imagine loss of title revenue n we would probably kept top players and made new fans. So frustrated n this is the least I can say.

    1. Clever boy !! Of course City or Chelski would “quickly gone back” with an extra 10 million they have bottom less pots of money thanks to spending their owners money an not money made by the club we dont have that luxury u idiot!

  13. I may imagine just that Wenger is getting crazy with his statements and cannot explain the rot at Arsenal to fans just coming up with disgusting statements such as we are looking for quality yet he is part of the team that purchased santos, Gervinho, chamck just the list is long when you cannot buy David Villa, Higuain by passed as now what is he telling the Arsenal community he has just turned into disappointment

  14. spurs spend 60 mil and have made cmp lge once in a 100 years.liverpool spend 30 keep saurez bid another 30 for willian and havent been in top 5 in years .we make it year in year out have over 100 mil in cash reserve and go to turkey next week with about 10 first team players.only fucking arsenal would this happen.trying to stay positive while window is open but this club would suck the life out of u.come on wenger make it fucking happen coyg

  15. James, couldn’t have summed it up better myself:

    Quote ” I’ll love them until the day I die, support them when they take to the pitch regardless of how I may feel. I just wish someone at the club would do something, anything to make me believe they feel the same way”

    I too see no point in lambasting senselessly but I am beginning to feel it is only a matter of time before we reach a critical mass and things really come apart at the seems. I will always love and want the best for any footballer who pulls on an Arsenal shirt (even more so now it is beginning to mean less and less) and crosses that white line to “do battle” in my name but if we carry on like this the remaining few will be like lambs to the slaughter when we head to well sorted and successful clubs in England and Europe (Europa inevitably included)

    Yesterday I found a great deal of sighs left my heavy chest and this morning when I should have been laying in my bed channel surfing for any snippet of our brilliance to be covered on TV, I instead find myself raising my blood pressure reading Arsenal blogs.

    All I can say is (and rather selfishly) Arsene and Ivan PLEASE resolve this terrible situation at the club I love even if it is merely to improve my now failing health.
    James as ever, you Beautiful Bastard, your blog rocks!

  16. Yes enof is enof, if he can nt manage the club again then let him nd lecture in d university nd stop using arsenal to do bad market. F**t you

  17. Wenger has now earned himself the reputation of the greatest liar coach Arsenal ever had. How can he say the quality players to buy ate not available or that the clubs Ste not willing to sell? Every body knows he didn’t price Higuain and Gustavo well. He refused to bid the 50mpds plus Liverpool needed to release Suarez. What would have cost him or the club if he had bid 50m pds for the Urugusin but they refused to sell. We get is never serious and he thinks the fans don’t know his antics. If he understands the fans’ agony he should convince the board to buy the top players and if they refuse let him resign. No quality coach will take a job without spending on big players. Wenger had lost his credibility and there is no way l can ever trust in Arsene again.

    1. Yeah yr right Wenger spends his entire day thinking of ways to lie an cheat not only the Arsenal fans but his employers and also how to fail at the job he loves grow up u moron

      1. Hants Gooner – ( quote ) ” l’m neither anti nor pro Wenger l’m an Arsenal supporter end of. ”

        Be careful. Your pro Wenger bias is showing. So far in all your comments you’ve done nothing but defend him. Please be honest in your views, and don’t try to hide behind a pretend neutral stance. You ain’t fooling anyone. If you insist otherwise, then how about revealing some of that “anti – Wenger ” side of yourself that you profess to possess ? Come on, let loose. You must have a lot of pent up anger and frustration ( like the rest of us ), eh ?

        ” In Arsene we rust.”

        1. erm… it’s not his problem if you can’t read… there is no “pro wenger bias” showing… indeed if he was biased he’d have said something mind-numbingly stupid like “Arsene till I Die”.. he supports the Arsenal and so far has said things as they are, not what he “wants” to see… too bad you’re an expert on how the Club is being run… claiming to “see” the problem and claiming to “offer” a solution are two very different things.. to provide a solution one needs information (objective information).. if you do have such information list them along with your action plan with citations..

          1. AGB – And you can’t read either. Of Hants Gooner I said ; “So far in all your comments you’ve done nothing but defend him”. Read his comments and you’ll see that.

            Our view of “seeing things as they are” are diametrically opposed. “Objective information” ? How about the evidence of our own eyes ( simple observation of the last eight seasons of incompetence, not just this current transfer farce of his ).

            My action plan ? Simple. To have Wenger removed from our club as soon as possible. Do that and we have HOPE of better times. No guarantees, but HOPE. Keep him and we continue to stagnate. As clear as mud to you though, no doubt.

            ” In Arsene we rust.”

  18. someone tell me how is this different from the 8-2 at old trafford? in fact, I think we’re in a more serious situation. any team can lose a match. but the larger picture is really fucking bleak. the probability of facing fenerbache with two fit defenders- mertesachker and jenkinson (if they stay fit till that time) is laughable.

    the most frustrating thing is that the problems are visible to a 5 year old kid, while wenger refuses to acknowledge them. instead, he is making himself a laughing stock, repeating the same platitudes, the same nonsense about lack of quality blah blah. no arsenal fan is saying we should’ve bought every quality player from falcao to cavani to jovetic. all we’ve been saying is buy a couple of good players like higuain and others to provide decent cover for the playing 11. why is it so fucking difficult to buy?

    if the same squad is played against tottenham, bale or not i am afraid we might be humiliated 5-0 or something.

  19. oh and i forgot, as arseblog has pointed out, it’s going to be reactive spending rather than proactive spending a la the transfer after the 8-2 a couple of seasons back (that is if wenger buys at all).

  20. Why does it always take a defeat to realise that we need signings. I thought that the humiliation at the hands of Man U a few years ago would have opened his eyes! I think that pre-season he thought that this squad were good enough. But he thinks that every year…….

  21. Wenger was once a great manager for Arsenal. Tactically aware, smart, intelligent. Refreshing ideas and stubbornly confident in the way he wanted his football played. The Henry, Vieira, Bergy, Campbell, Pires era to name just a few of those players was by far his defining moment as Arsenal manager and the invincible feat may never be repeated.

    We moved stadiums, were in debt and the ousted Dein the American took over and the penny pinching budget win with youth project was born. We’ve not recovered from this. The damage was done when we lost Nasri, Fabregas and weren’t able to replace with equal quality. Didn’t convince RVP that we’d be in the market to strengthen the squad enough to mount a serious title challenge. Sadly he was right. I believe (to coin a Wenger phrase) Arsenal are no longer taken seriously in the transfer world. That Wenger has lost the level he once had in this country. That might be down to the board but he is the public facing front of the club so will shoulder the blame regardless. Imo we need a change. A plan ‘b’ that we don’t seem to have when teams rough us up. Time for a change, you’ve done us proud but it’s time to go before the once hugely respected ‘Le Prof’ becomes the stubborn old lecturer that hasn’t moved with the times! !! Arsenal will be here long after uv gone.

    1. ” Tactically aware ” ? Almost as funny as saying there are no players out there that can improve our team !!!

      ” In Arsene we rust.”

  22. where wenger and his team of “buyers” have gone wrong is that, they have failed to go for the right players. To say the right players are not available is bullshit. every club except us has managed to bring players in, some as many as 9 or 10.

    The fact is Higuain, Jovetic, Negredo, Navas, Falcao, Cavani, Neymar, Gomez, Soldado, Wolfswinkel, Bony, Schlurle, Fernandinho, Capoue, Paulinho, Gustavo, Gotze, Stekelenburg, Amorbietta, Mignolet, Tevez, Remy, Wanyama, Carroll, Vydra. Illaramendi, Villa, Rafinha, Casemeiro, Isco, Gameiro, Dos Santos, Etxeberria, Alcantara, Aubameyang, Santana, Min Song, Spahic, carvajal, kjaer, Poli, Zapata, Ambrosini, Ilicic, Joaquin, Toni, Ogbonna, Zaza, Peluso, Llorente, Anderson, Biglia, Mertens, Albiol, Callejon, Rafael, Cassano, Felipe, Jedvaj, Strootma, Benatia, Reina, Gabbiadini, Samba, Denisov, Kokorin, Djuricic, Lopez, Jiminez, Mitrovic, Frey, Dougla, Drogovic, Tremoulnas, Belhanda, Emineke, Kadlec, Alves,Melo, Chedjou, Bulut, imbugla, Moutinho, Martial, Rodriguez, Toulalan, Saviola, Marquinhos, Maher, Digne, Quintero, Nem, Fred, Fernando, Bernard, Barrios, have all moved this summer and all would have done a job at ARSENAL.

    To say we are in the same boat as Chelsea and United is crap. Both clubs have in excess of 25 players (classed as homegrown/non-homegrown) whereas we have just 18 and 2 of those (bendtner and park) have been de-listed. £400m has been spent by other premier league clubs this summer, whilst we have spent naff all and just raised income and reduced our wage structure. Yet the club had the cheek, to maintain the highest price of season tickets after a 4th place finish.

    We don’t just need one or two players, we need 9, however we also need a takeover, new board, manager and coaching staff from top to bottom. Even our famous academy has been stripped of talent and coaches. It is going to take a massive bif from Usmanov to buy out Kronke or perhaps there is someone out there who will buy out both!!!

    1. atid – Sorry, but that list of players you mentioned ? – none good enough for Arsenal I’m afraid. None of them could possibly improve on the players we’ve got ( I’m sure Hants Gooner would agree, hmm, Hants ? ).

      How do we know this ? Well because that’s Wenger’s belief. He’s said so. In fact, while he also says he “can’t find any” ( ! ) , all those you listed have been bought by other clubs. So he can’t be trying very hard, can he ? Either that, or he’s totally inept.

      The reality is Wenger is out of touch and out of his depth in the transfer market, as he is with just about every other aspect of Arsenal’s affairs. When questioned about his lack of signings, he asked the reporter “Tell me who I should buy ! ” Well, Arsene, open your eyes and you’d see who to buy. And if you have to ask a stupid question like that ( even if it was rhetorical ) then how can you justify your 7.5 million a year salary ? You’re PAID TO KNOW who to buy. It’s part of your job description.

      ” In Arsene we rust.”

  23. fuck wenger. that fool will die soon.that’s all.wenger is the worst thing that is happening to arsenal.but people still cant see dont want to spend money,and the fans are paying so much to watch those bastards.

  24. alright besides stating the obvious about how arsenal’s summer has been total shite, what does wenger do in your opinion raul?

    in my view there are several problems towards the closing stages of the transfer market. one, several wengerian quality players have already moved. but secondly, the bigger problem is that other teams would be unwilling to sell because there isn’t enough time for replacements. third, looking at the current pathetic state arsenal are in, good players might hesitate to join, and let’s not forget we still have to overcome fenerbache with a ridiculously, unbelievably limited squad. as of now, liverpool should look like a better prospect than arsenal for suarez.

    so how do you think, it’s gonna pan out till dealine day? would love to know your opinion.

  25. It’s quite obvious the players we want are waiting to see if we qualify for the Champions League. There is a good chance we won’t with the players available.

    My other theory is Arsenal don’t want to spend until they know themselves they’ll be getting revenue from the Champions League. The unspent money in the kitty can make up for the lack of that revenue.

    I think it is a bit of both.

  26. Some guy called hants gooner replied that to me saying ‘ clever boy city etc have money backed by owners so they can go back but smartie my argument is that did nt wenger n board say that they can compete with city? Answer me and think before u talk smartie!

    1. Zabed – Not only can we compete with City, but we could even as long as six years ago ! Former director and largest shareholder the late Danny Fiszman, – from 2007 – ( quote ) “We are in a very strong financial situation and if he [Arsene] wanted to spend £100m, he could. he decides whether a players fee and salary is worth it. It is his decision and his decision only.” source ;

      “…..if he [Arsene] wanted to spend £100m, he could”. Got that, Hants Gooner ? And that, remember, was from 2007 – AFTER the new stadium had opened !

      Just this year – 2013, and back in February, Arsenal chairman Peter Hill-Wood insists they can compete for the very best players in this summer’s transfer market.

      ( quote ) “Yesterday the club revealed a half-year pre-tax profit to the end of November of £17.8m and cash reserves of £123.3m.

      Hill-Wood told the Daily Star: ( quote ) “We are in a position where we can compete with most people. If there is someone we really want, then the price guide is secondary.” ( end quote )

      And just very recently, Wenger himself has confirmed ; ( quote ) “The second thing; can we afford them? Most of them, yes. A few of them, no. Can you afford Messi today? Certainly not. But we can afford 90 per cent of them.”

      So please explain your master’s lack of spending, Hants……

      ” In Arsene we rust.”

  27. I am one who always defend Arsene, but now I am trying to find a rational reason to defend his non action in the transfer market. I am of the opinion the Arsene wants to prove that he can win titles with this squad which I think id ludicrous and if this 3-1 beating doesn’t open his eyes then nothing will. The players themselves are asking for help, so what is wrong with Wenger, is he this a stubborn person? or is he getting senile?

    1. realarsenalfan – Haven’t you noticed yet ? He’s been wanting to prove that he can win titles with his squad for the last few years, not just THIS year. This is the same mentality he’s exhibited a number of times before. He’s averse to spending big, almost phobic about it. The man has a huge ego. He wants to claim the credit for building a team in his image ( made up of cheap little known bargains and promising youth ), without spending big on the QUALITY ready made, experienced players we actually NEED. He wants to be able to say to us ” Look, I’ve won the league by doing it MY way.” This approach doesn’t work. It’s been failing for years, and yet he won’t admit this, and continues on down the same futile ( and trophyless ) path. And while he does, we the fans – suffer for it. Yes, he’s both stubborn AND senile. He belongs in a nursing home, not at a football club.

      ” In Arsene we rust.”

  28. surely wenger is not soley responsible for our lack of transfers, yes he has to shoulder some of the blame, but i think IG and DL and the rest of the board and lawyers that are part of the transfer process at arsenal have got to be blamed as well.
    i believe the problem lies further up than wenger.

    1. John L. – Read again Fiszman’s comment* ( * first paragraph in my post at 9;24 above ).

      And then there’s also this – ( quote ) ” Wenger’s comments crystallise the debate over who is pulling the strings at Arsenal, with the club’s manager clearly as much a part of the club’s transfer decision making as any member of the Gunners’ much-maligned board “.

      ” In Arsene we rust.”

  29. It is ultimately the fault of Wenger since it is job to Manage. This includes being ready for unseen injuries and having a team improved from the one which failed the previous season, addressng problems like a leaky defence instead of allowing each season to fail with a recurring problem. Before he had a wage cap restricting him, before he lacked the funds, before he had parasitic deadwood in the team slots needed for additions. Today there is no wage cap, no deadwood and £153 million in the bank, 3 points dropped, key players injured and two weeks left to MANAGE the team and get it prepared for the season ahead.
    We will not know if we have qualified for the CL until a few days before the deadline. After that nobody will sell due to lack of time to get a replacement. We will have available only what’s left and not what we want. We might get lucky but no matter how I look at Wenger, I see a gambler, not a manager.

  30. It”s nice to see a bit of healthy debate going on in the comments – barring the odd pillock who wants to get all abusive (technically my fault for allowing the comments to stand).

    Thanks for the support, guys 🙂

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