Doubt over both Higuain and Fellaini deals.

Arsenal fans in the transfer window…

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First of all, I’d like to extend my appreciation to all of you who said kind things about my passable Hip-Hop lyrics from yesterday’s post. I did expect to be royally abused, but wasn’t. Thank you.

As you have probably already noticed, there isn’t much going on. Yesterday was taken up with tales of Nadal’s surprising exit from Wimbledon, and Tony Adam’s occasional bursts of clarity – our once great leader seems to think Higuain isn’t the answer to Arsenal’s woes, and that Wayne Rooney wouldn’t be a good signing because of his proclivities.

I can’t say I agree with the former – Higuain is a class act – but he certainly has a point regarding the latter. I can only imagine the damage Rooney could do to both his career and image once the elderly prostitutes of Soho start calling for him.

The main news today isn’t hopeful. Marouanne Fellaini is expecting (supposedly) a wage increase of £25k-per-week which would put his salary on parity with the Club’s biggest earner – a wage it is said Arsenal are baulking at. Featured in The Daily Mail, a paper about a reliable as my bowels after Indian food, I think it’s safe to say this is another in the long list of stories without any weight to them.

Do I believe Arsenal would haggle over price? Absolutely. Do I believe £100k-per-week is a massive stumbling point? Not at all. Were the figures quoted absurd, then yes – I can imagine there would be a problem. Fellaini currently earns £75k-per-week at Everton, and the rise he allegedly wants isn’t exactly ridiculous. If we can pay that amount to Walcott, we shouldn’t have too much trouble offering it up to others. I think Fellaini warrants it.

That’s the way the papers work, I’m afraid. If there is no news to reports, if they have exhausted every avenue or have nothing to invent, then news can be easily created casting doubt over that which they have built to seem a certainty. The same is currently going on with the Higuain transfer.

If you wish to put faith in the printed word of tabloids, you’d probably assume the Argentinian frontman is practically a done deal. Even I do myself to a certain extent. However, as someone (again, I’ve forgotten whom, so I apologise) pointed out yesterday on Twitter, Arsenal were in a very similar situation with Juan Mata. The Spaniard becoming a Gooner seemed destined to happen, but things took a turn for the worse at the last minute, and Chelsea nicked him from under our noses.

Point being – the papers will report whatever sells before anything truthful. Higuain could be close or a million miles away. We just can’t know. Juventus are still in the mix, and whilst I doubt he’d pick a league as moribund as Italy’s over the Premiership, it shouldn’t go unsaid that nothing is at all confirmed.

Until he is gleefully clutching an Arsenal shirt outside the Emirates in a picture featured on the official website, all of what I read is just speculation and fluff. There is still plenty of time for the deal to go either way, or for another party to get involved.

That’s all for today, folks. I shall point you toward the comments and ask for you thoughts on the two big deals in the pipeline. What do you think will happen? Is the likelihood of both coming to fruition something you believe, or do you possess a hint of suspicion like me? Let me know.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

23 thoughts on “Doubt over both Higuain and Fellaini deals.”

  1. Why Doubt. Higuain is a Arsenal player. The title is two strong. We can only lose to Juventus and they cant pay the full lump upfront. They are asking 25million we are offering 22million.

      1. James trust me. The old man of Higuain has come out and stated its one or the other. I believe he is Arsenal bound.

  2. Lets not forget that the signings of Podolski, Koscielny, Nasri and Gervinho dragged on. Arsenal fans only seem to remember the one that got away, Mata. Have faith.

  3. I have the same idea because for Arsenal club to lose creative players, the rivals such as Chelsea, united, and Man City participation is enough. Higuain and Fellaini are the two most crucial players that should not be missed.

  4. Tony Adam occasional outbursts is starting to look like a joke to me. To think he wants in as Chairman of the club made me sick with good reason(s). I read all he said in the papers and it’s obvious he knows nothing about management, for someone who has had nothing good to say about Wenger or wenger’s decisions, same coach he won trophies with. He said Higuain is not the solution and Rooney won’t do good in London. I wonder what would go on he is head if he were to be made Chairman of the club oh he would sign players from Tahiti national team. I think it’s time he shuts his mouth and watch things unfold.
    To Wenger we need Higuain and Fellaini.. Our current captain’s performance has been dodgy for 3 straight seasons, we need a new CB.

  5. Nice write up. Even though the deal for Higuain is done, hardly will someone like me believe until it is officially revealed on Am nt to blame I believe as this is due to the way arsenal transfer has been handled in recent years. All in all, God bless Arsenal.

  6. Thank you for this very sensible article as it’s much nearer the real truth in my opinion. Rooney won’t happen and as for Higuain I’ve never trusted Madrid in the first place we’ll be very lucky indeed to capture him….
    A few years ago before the big money boys hit the scene players yes the top ones like Rooney would walk all the way to London to join us but thanks to Wengers stinginess in the past and winning nowt we’ll be very lucky even with the money we’re supposed to have now to capture one decent one..

    We have lost world credibility with players choosing Chelsea or Man Cty over us my how times have changed fellow Gooners.

    If we don’t get either Higuain or Fellaini deals then please come in PSG and take Wenger asap because at this moment in time he is not good for this club….

    1. I think it’s not unfair to say Wenger has had constraints placed on him. Now it’s well documented he has funds at his disposal, judge him at the end of this window.

      You might just be surprised.

      1. I understand what your saying James and I might well be surprised it’s just that us long suffering Gooners have been kicked in the teeth so many times one just loses confidence in Arsene. and the older you are ones seen it all before time and time again..

    2. Well said mate I agree with you 100%. In times of David Dein deals were done and dusted quick time. But wenger is the type of guy who just seems like he would cry over a penny and literally force the other party to have to walk away. He is the cause of potential big players avoiding arsenal fc. This should be his last season to prove his intentions

  7. Too much of this speculations,we dnt even know the one to believe anymore,let’s wait till it happens.

  8. I remember the sahin saga that we had signed him and he went to Liverpool.I don’t get my hopes up anymore until its defo dun n dusted.

  9. The one very important aspect with the J. Mata transfer was – at that time Arsenal were Cash strapped, while Chelsea were flush. It seems to different in case of Arsenal & Juve this time around. Fellani is so highly paid at Everton as he is there best player, that might not be the case if he come to Arsenal. He is definitely not a game changer as Theo or Podolski are. He is very effective (and may be a complete midfielder) but not a game changer!

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