Draxler looks tasty, defenders required and a few other bits.

Dick Law promised he’d get around to making some calls.

Morning folks.

Not knowing all that much about Julian Draxler, I decided the best thing to do would be a little research. Scouring through the many, many YouTube videos in which he’s featured – including a’Welcome to Arsenal‘ – I found myself to be very impressed. Some have stated he bares many similarities with Robin van Persie and I can see why – his goal celebration especially is eerily reminiscent of our treacherous Dutch friend. I think it’s fair to say I’m sold on him as a player now. Robin certainly is a magnificent cu*t, but few could deny he is an exceptionally talented footballer. Draxler looks to have as much talent as Robin did at 20, but with the ability to use both feet as effectively.

I know, I know; YouTube hardly offers the most comprehensive of reports and a brief highlight reel omits any unfavourable character traits. I’m just trying to get a feel for the player. I’m very impressed with what I’ve seen thus far, and Draxler comes with an endless stream of glowing references from the fans of Schalke. All things look favourable for him joining the club. Training ground visits and quotes attributed to the player make it apparent he’s a big fan of Arsenal. Arsene Wenger is known to share that sentiment in return. Everything would appear to be in place for a deal.

However, I’m not at all convinced we’ll throw money around at this time of year. There’s a reported €30m buy-out clause in his contract and his employers would require that to be matched before any sale is considered. Arsene is a shrewd and parsimonious man. I’m still of the opinion that any players we recruit during the coming weeks will be to cover of a temporary basis with the bigger deals saved for the summer when incoming players have pre-season to integrate into the team.

I also think a defensive addition is equally as important as an offensive one. For those of you keen to throw accusations of plagiarism around; I’m fully aware Andrew spoke of the same thing in yesterday’s Arseblog post. It’s something I happen to agree with him on.

Currently we have the best partnership in the Premiership in Koscielny and Mertesacker – a pairing that has never lost a game when completing the full 90 minutes together (I think that stat could just apply to league fixtures, I’m not sure as I can’t seem to find it anywhere).  We have Vermealen ready and waiting in the wings should either drop form of get injured. It’s when that occurs I think we look a little bare at the back, and as much as I love Bacary Sagna, I believe he is best deployed at full-back and nowhere else.  Either side of the central defenders we are well covered with two options for right and left as well as The Flame being capable of filling in. A fourth choice centre half, someone happy to earn a place in the future, would be a wise purchase.

And that’s about it for today. I’ve pressing concerns to attend to about the house as torrential downpours have opened up a Pandora’s Box of things that require repair. I’m utterly hopeless at DIY, so if i don’t return tomorrow it’s because I’ve burnt my house to ashes or managed to explode it changing a tap washer. You’ll just have to wait and see.

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6 thoughts on “Draxler looks tasty, defenders required and a few other bits.”

  1. I Seem To Remember Something About A Video Compilation Of Your Football Skills That You Said You Could Make And Convince Everybody That We Should Sign You. Come On Make It You Know You Wanna

  2. JRS, you have a point about RVP being TMC.

    Now, when it comes to Koscielny’s and Mertesacker’s partnership, I’d like to add few things as I feel every statistics hide important parts of the truth. Two of them played all 90 minutes in the first leg against Bayern last season and we lost 1:3. Here comes one important part of the story: Thomas Vermaelen played a full-back against Bayern at the Emirates and he gave a Santos-esque performance. In the second leg, Kieran Gibbs returned to the starting eleven and Carl Jenkinson gave a brilliant performance on the right flank. My point is, without proper full-backs, even our excellent central defenders can’t function well.

    Now, let’s take a closer look to our defeats in the Premiership this season. Mertesacker and Koscielny had started the match against Aston Villa but the latter received marching orders from that cretin Anthony Taylor. But, it should be said that their performance was way below-par and there was a reason for that – we didn’t have a defensive midfielder at all. Ramsey and Wilshere left our back four exposed and they couldn’t handle Agbonlahor and Benteke. My second point is, without balance in the midfield that Arteta has given to us ever since he came (Song’s best season ever was enabled by Arteta’s ability to patch all the holes Song’s adventurous style of play left), our back four can’t do well. Arteta didn’t play against Manchester City and Monreal gave his worst performance ever.

    And, there is something that nobody has mentioned so far: with Arteta on the pitch we have conceded just seven goals this season in the Premiership and never more than one goal in the game. Without him we have conceded twelve including six against Manchester City and three against Aston Villa.

    1. Actually do you mind explaining to me what is a “buy-out clause”? Does that mean Arsenal need to pay the 40 million first and then a further transfer fee?

  3. draxler and kouyate for me as long as sagna and rosicky both agree new deals too. Obviously a world class striker is required, but only a world class striker, I don’t want another kid or an ageing past your sell by date player, although lavezzi could be that world class striker and so could morata

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