Draxler Rumours Hotting Up, Liverpool In The Cup and Podolski

“There’s a new rumour out! SCRAMBLE!!”

Morning, folks.

There’s quite the abundance of rumour today. As the horrors of January’s window head into the last stretch, everything becomes heightened; speculation doubles, hopes rise and the whole sorry saga transforms into farce. As an Arsenal fan hoping to see our title bid bolstered by a new addition, I’m finding myself at the point of beginning to hope we might do something.

Arsene certainly is a wily character. He’s not known for being one that offers anything other to the Press than what he wants the world to hear. Behind closed doors his activity – or lack of – is guarded with secrecy – I like to think of him as the Christopher Nolan of the footballing world. Le Boss might say one thing, but you can never truly be sure wether it’s the truth, or simply just the cautious I-don’t-want-to-say-anything-that’ll-f*ck-things-up approach.

The rumours surrounding Julian Draxler won’t relent. The media may have made enormous mountains from the smallest of molehills, but everything appears to be heading toward a deal materialising. I’m reminded of Ozil’s arrival in the summer; everything was quiet until the last day then BANG! we had ourselves a world class player and a record signing. Perhaps it’s that fact which gives me some hope that Draxler might be signed. Even if he is currently injured and likely to mix a chunk of our tough February fixtures, the boost given to the Club, the fans and the players could be of immense value. The kid is special. Just watch any of his numerous videos dotted about the Internet if you have any doubts.

However, certain parts of the deal being reported I do not like one little bit. I’d love the him to be unveiled as an Arsenal player, but certainly not if it involved Podolski going in the opposite direction. Lukas is a wonderful guy and arguably the most lethal in front of goal in the first team. His contributions on the scoresheet are going to be vital. That’s not to mention Lukas is an enormously positive influence in the dressing room and someone I’d see as the ideal person to help his younger countryman settle into London. Selling him to fund another deal makes no sense. I’m sure Arsene feels the same way.

At this stage, with mere days to go until that bloody window shuts until the summer, I am trying not to get my hopes up – as Joy said in the comments yesterday, “I hate to be heart-broken”.  Allowing yourself to get excited at this point will only lead to an unnecessary feelings of misery should what which you so covet fail to come to fruition. Just go with the flow, folks. Maybe we get Draxler, maybe we don’t. Let’s just wait and see what happens.

Other news yesterday presented us with a tough draw in The FA Cup 5th Round – we face Liverpool and the ‘SAS’ at The Emirates – I really do hate that way of referring to Suarez and Sturridge, it’s excruciatingly sh*t-awful.  I can understand why many would have preferred and easier draw given the plethora of big games currently occupying calendar space in February, but I’m always happiest when Arsenal are competing against the bigger teams. The FA Cup still retains some of it’s tradition and joy for me, and the thought of a big game brings all those childhood memories I have of similar matches flooding back.  Besides, wouldn’t you rather see Arsenal involved in that type of fixture than a tepid clash with lower-league opponents?

With the draw also throwing up a potential zinger between Man City and Chelsea, it certainly opens things up for a good chance to get to the final. I wouldn’t be as presumptuous to think we’ll beat Liverpool, but if we do, it gives us a very good opportunity to progress to Wembley. As I’ve stated many times before – I would adore Arsenal to win something this year, and I absolutely don’t care which of the 3 competitions we are still involved in it is. Okay – I’d probably put the Premiership title as the ideal choice of the 3, but I wouldn’t feel let down should we triumph in the other 2 instead.

Lastly, today is alleged to be the day we announce the details of a new mega deal with Puma. In honour of such a thing, I took at leadt 2 minutes of my time to have a quick look about the Web to find my favourite ‘leaked’ version of next year’s home shirt. I kinda dig this one:

2014/2015 Arsenal kit?

Right, that’s it from me today. There’s a mountain of chores lined up to tackle, and I’m doing some writing for the Goonersphere Podcast aswell. It’s the crazy life if you’re an Arsenal blogger…

The comments section is below and you all know you wanna drop me a line with your thoughts of the day.  Would you be happy to see Podolski depart if it means getting Draxler? Do you hold high hopes for a January arrival? Let me know what’s on your mind, boys ‘n’ girls.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

21 thoughts on “Draxler Rumours Hotting Up, Liverpool In The Cup and Podolski”

  1. hey James,let me start of by saying congrats on ur blog being ‘recognized’ on the official website.honestly i’l love 4 d boss to add quality and quantity to our squad,be it Draxler,Costa or whoever, considering our fixture list but knowing Arsene i fear 4 d worst(hope im not being pessimistic) cos u never know with Wenger

  2. If Draxler agreement is reached, I would not mind if he stays on loan at Schalke until end of season, considering that he is not available until some time in March. However, that ultimately requires signing of a striker, even if it is just for 6 months on loan. I’m fine with that.

  3. Couldnt agree with you more James

    I would have been quite happy with no new signings as we are definitely getting there but if Draxler doesn’t come I’m gunna be left feeling a little pissed off

  4. I perfectly agree with you about the Draxler/Podolski situation. Podolski will be a vital part of the team in the big games in February. So hopefully we will sign Draxler, and still keep Podolski. I think it’s also very important to sign new contracts with “little Mozart” and Sagna, to keep some rutine in the squad.

  5. Id hate for Podolski to leave even if it means missing out on Draxler this window, he has easily become my favourit player (along with Per). Like you pointed out he is the most leathal in front of goal and you can see from his attitude on and off the pitch that he must have an excellent influence on all of the first team.
    just add the extra 10-15mill Arsene and keep Poldi!

  6. with successive games against the mugsmashers along with the man u, bayern fixtures in feb, the squad is going to be extremely stretched and tested, which makes me a little worried. draxler or not, what we urgently need in the january transfer window is a striker and probably a CB. i doubly highly that a strikeforce of giroud and bendtner is strong enough to compete for all trophies. in any case if either one of them gets injured, then all hell will break loose.

    i am somewhat envious of chelsea’s aquisition of matic and salah. i don’t know how good they are, but they’ve definitely strengthened now, while man u with mata and if they can sign players like cabaye would be stronger. while city with aguero and negredo don’t really need additions.

    so i’m really hoping for a striker this january lest we look back with regret at lost opportunities in may. i don’t want to jinx it or sound pessimistic, but what a shot in our title race a striker or draxler would be. BTW, anyone has any updates on draxler’s reported injury?

  7. Hello, James.

    When it comes to the FA Cup draw, there is a good thing about it. If we beat Liverpool, we will have Everton and only one of sugar-daddies’ toys on our route to the silverware. Given how insane draws have been to us this season (Group of Death in the Champions’ League, Chelsea in the COC, Spuds and Reds before quarterfinals in the FA Cup, Liverpool and Manchester United in the space of four days in the Premiership in February, consecutive matches against Spuds, Chelsea, City and Everton from mid-March to the start of April), I expect us to play City away in the quarterfinals of the FA Cup, Everton at Wembley in the semifinals before FA decides to hand us combined teams of Manchester United, Liverpool, Manchester City and Chelsea as our opponents in the Final (Mignolet-Zabaleta, Kompany, Vidić, Cole-Yaya Toure, Ramires-Mata, Silva, Hazard-Suarez),

    Regarding transfers, I honestly believe that we need a finished article in January, someone who can do what Monreal did last term. Draxler is an exciting prospect but I’d prefer someone who is not injured and can go into the battle straight from the plane (or from the helicopter… or from the bus). Ezequiel Lavezzi, for example. Let’s delay the start of “The Draxler’s Laboratory” for the summer and let’s see how his recovery from the injury goes. He might like Diaby’s company so much that we won’t see him on the pitch at all.

  8. That is rubbish to make poldi part of the and am really eager to see Draxler in arsenal shirt playing in premier league against opponent. Lets the deal be materialized without departure of any our staar player

  9. Arsenal will achieve something in this compatetive season without adding one or two quality player to bolstar our tittle hope.wenger must cash in for Draxler and someone of his quality.

  10. Really don’t know why people are all excited about drawing liverpool in the FA Cup…. IMO, I prefer facing championship sides till the final coz the Winner isn’t always the team who faced the toughest teams… Plus we have tough games then!

    1. @ibrahim-Atta: I can see what you’re saying – the Liverpool Cup game is another big game amongst a few in February. Still, I love it. I’d far rather that than a weak game against lesser opponents down the divisions.

      1. If we had a squad of 22 not-injured players, I’d agree with you. Given that the number of pages of our injury list this term beats Hegel’s bibliography, I hoped for the easier opponents – someone like Fulham or Sheffield – in the next round.

        If there is a good thing about this draw, it’s that it might make Wenger to sign someone in January.

  11. If we need additions this January? If Draxler will be the best addition? If Poldi Exchange will/won’t have any effect on the teams unity? I believe Arsene knows best. I, like Sir Alex F. said, am just a fan. I will just sit back, watch as we glide through matches, and in the process, let the professionals do what they know how to do best. There’s a remark Arsene made in one of his press conferences this season- He said, he and the boys have learnt a lot from the hurt of previous seasons. Believe me folks, whether he brings in additions or not, I’m expecting a huge surprise by the end of this season. Sayonara! – for now.

  12. Personally, I don’t want him bringing on anyone this window. I’m a huge advocate of being content with what you’ve got. If we buy now and win a cup or two this season, folks will say – “you see why buying is good?”. Lets show the shitters and the chevs how its done without oil money and a sugardaddy’s money.

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