Draxler to Bayern and Midfield Options.

“You, yes, YOU. Pay attention”

Morning, folks.

I have a terrible migraine. My head feels like there is extensive, noisy repair being conducted inside using loud power tools and hammers. Lots of bloody hammers, hammering things. Thud. Thud. Thud. I did sit through the new RoboCop film last night and I wasn’t especially impressed with what I saw. Perhaps my love for Paul Verhoeven’s original was such that my body has rejected the remake by giving my an awful f**king headache.

Because of my throbbing cranium, my post today will be almost to the point of being criminally short. Given that glorious Arsenal news is agin at a premium, I don’t feel I’m letting my loyal readership down. Both of you will, doubtless to say, be understanding.

What I have seen centres around two stories. The first regards Julian Draxler heading to Bayern Munich who seem intent upon winning the Bundesliga by default each year on account of having purchased all the other teams’ best players. Although heavily linked with us during January, nothing happened with Draxler. We did – allegedly – make a bid in typical Arsenal fashion that fell short of his valuation. It would appear now that ship has sailed. Pity, but some distance from disaster.

Secondly, and lastly, Mikel Arteta has had a few words about the state of our midfield. Talking about the imminent return of Aaron Ramsey and the tough run-in to the end of the season, Mikel said:

“It helps the team because we can rotate players and we can play differently,

“We can play with two [in midfield] and it gives us another option.

“No-one has been able to play every game this season. I think the league is getting more demanding, you need a big squad, you can’t afford to have only 11 players.”

Hardly the most scintillating of quotes, but truthful nonetheless. We do have good options in midfield. Defence and forward might be a little lacking, but midfield is great. On that note, I may have to stop typing. My head has increased its thuds and I’m beginning to feel certain I’m about to throw up. Time to retreat to a darkened room with nothing but the sounds of tranquility to aid my recovery.

You know the drill – comment until your little hearts feel unburdened of all your opinions. I’ll be back tomorrow. Must sleep now.

As always; thanks for reading, you beautiful bastards.

6 thoughts on “Draxler to Bayern and Midfield Options.”

  1. Get well soon old chap.
    Maybe this snippet will aid your recovery.
    Man U lost last night. Joel Campbell scored the final goal to bury them.
    Smiles all round here!

  2. Definitely, hope you feel better soon chap. You’re a better man than me-the thought of being traumatised by watching an emasculated 12A version of a classic is too much for me and I’ve avoided it so far. And more to the point, where’s Clarence Boddiker in the remake? !?!

    I’m with LeBigMac on last night. Ha body ha Man U!

  3. I suppose you’ve done with the headache last night, James. Because if you didn’t, I’m afraid there’s something more serious happen than the hammering things.

    Back on topic, Muenchen seemingly have a clear motive on their German rivals : suck up until dry. Hard to believe Schalke’s board will bite it for big money thought. Even harder to believe that “our kid” Draxler has a heart to betray his hometown. So, as long as Arsene stick to his ” Draxler plan” (ghoz, we weren’t sure about that do we?), his arrival to Arsenal will just the matter of time. This time no finger crossed, I’m sick of that!

  4. “Given that glorious Arsenal news is agin at a premium, I don’t feel I’m letting my loyal readership down. Both of you will, doubtless to say, be understanding.”
    What are you talking about here?

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