Early Bayern Thoughts And Halftime Food.

Morning, folks.

So what wonders await us in the world of Arsenal now that we’ve awoke from our respective slumbers?

Well, not a huge amount. In fact, not any amount, other than the usual dross I won’t be giving any oxygen to on here. It’s moments like these in which I consider not writing at all, but I’ve got the time to do so today, so I’ll think of something…

It’s certainly an interesting week ahead. The game with Bayern at the Allianz Arena of Wednesday is looming over us like a… well, something that looms. I’m not sure I can think of something/someone notable for its/their looming. It’s a funny word, ‘looming’ – I always associate it with something perverts do in a gym full of attractive girls. Or with the intoxicated waddle of a homeless man growling at pigeons and rubbish bins.


That game with Bayern is going to be tough, almost to the extent that I’m dreading just how bad it could be. When we played them in the group stages last year, we were comprehensively battered to within an inch of our lives. It’s was a tw*tting of the highest degree. Perhaps it’s the pessimist in me, but I do fear for us against teams like our German friends; the ‘big teams’, those fully equipped to administer arse-kickings to those unwilling to stand up and fight.

And that’s what I believe we need to do a bit more; stand up and fight. By that, I don’t mean Theo’s hilarious attack on two Hull City players twice his size at the weekend. Not at all. I mean we fight as a team, as a collective striving towards the same goal.

I don’t mean we need to go screaming into 50/50 challenges. I don’t particularly want to see anyone pounding their chest as an opponent lays in a crumpled heap. What I’m trying to say, albeit in a very laboured fashion, is I hope we go out there as a team, we compete physically and we stick together. Defending requires all 11 players.

The optimistic side of my personality – it appears every now and then – thinks we’ll get a result. If you listened to the latest Goonersphere Podcast (PLUG!), you’ll have heard my prediction on how the game will pan out; we’ll come back to the Emirates with a draw and go 2-0 down in the first 5 minutes, thus completely deflating the atmosphere.

Now, that was Sunday’s opinion. Tuesday morning’s thoughts are we can go out and win over 2 legs if we show what we’re made of. And I do – currently – genuinely believe we’re going to do something a bit special, because that would be such a quintessentially ‘Arsenal’ thing to do, wouldn’t it? To win against all the odds, and then somehow conspire to lose to Sutton United at the weekend…

I’ll preview that game in full tomorrow. The Bayern one, I mean. Would be silly to do anything else…

Before I sign off, I’m going to share with you and idea I’ve had that you can expect to see in the coming weeks and months – Halftime Food.Those of you unfamiliar with me may not know I’m a chef in my gainful employment. It’s something that I’ve done over 20 years now.

What I’m going to do is write some simple and easy recipes for snacks and dishes that can be put together quickly in the 15 minutes of halftime. There may be a little preparation required before hand, but I’ll ensure everything is easy to do in that allowed time period or less.

I’ll be getting a few of my friends to help out too. So hopefully I can “serve up” (that’s truly awful) something you’ll all enjoy.

Until tomorrow, boys and girls, I shall leave you with a nod to the comments and a large thank you for reading, you beautiful bastards.

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