Ecstasy, euphoria, delirium, jubilation and unbridled joy: it’s all settling down, plus latest transfer news.

Welcome to my belated, gushy and sycophantic post. I’m sure that the previous few days have passed whilst accompanied with a huge, idiotic grin smeared across you face. I know mine have.

It was one of those moments that reminds us why supporting and following a team can be so special. The sight of King Thierry classically dispatching the ball past the Leeds keeper in the manner only he can was beyond fairytale, beyond the traditional ‘Rocky’ narrative and as perfect a moment as I’ve seen in sport. From time to time, my brother will remind me of my facial expression when we saw Bobby score that goal at Villa Park. According to him, my face lit up into a state of delirium and orgasm and remained that way for hours. I was there that day and have never forgotten that moment, and Henry’s goal is right up there with it.

Of course, what goes up, must come down and my thoughts are now with the harsh reality of his short tenure with Arsenal and the state of our squad. I’ve no doubt the return of the king will offer a significant boost to everyone at the club, but the truth remains that we need a world class forward for longer than 6 weeks.

Why don’t we make it permanent? Henry may be 34, but he has the guile, the intelligence and the skill to threaten any defence. His presence is immense, he’s an inspiration to the younger players and he’s as passionate and committed to Arsenal Football Club as anyone you’d care to mention. Having him around would only help further recruiting.

I would love for him to stay, but with a couple of additions on top of that. We need another striker at the club who doesn’t play with his back to goal for 90 minutes – Yes, Mr Chamakh, I’m talking about you – and I think we need to buy (not loan) another defender, someone like Vertonghen who has the ability to play in various positions. Ally Cissokho is the latest name, along with Saloman Kalou, to be mentioned – the latter appearing nothing more than a fictitious bunch of chatter-mongering.

My worry remains that our business is already done for the month. With Spurs alarmingly pulling further away from us in the league – 9 points away – the time to act is now. We can’t afford to slip down the pecking order any further than we already have. We have the means, we have the support and tradition to entice fantastic players. Let’s go out and do it.

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I’ll leave you with this video that’s doing the rounds on YouTube. It does contain Scousers disobeying the rules of the road and squawking like a couple of shit-birds, but they’re abusing Samir Nasri at the same time. Enjoy:

3 thoughts on “Ecstasy, euphoria, delirium, jubilation and unbridled joy: it’s all settling down, plus latest transfer news.”

  1. Our season is over. White shit lane are strong now n are 9 points adrift. AW, the CEO n the board do not care once they get more profit.

  2. TIME for what, time to ponder on who to loan or to buy pls pls no time buy Cissokho now and we start buildin from there may be 1 or 2 good players before the transfer ends and we see how far it will take us .

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