Eddie NketiahMessiRonaldo And Arsenal’s Sensationally Unpredictable Form.

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Apologies for my recent absence. Sometimes these things occur. I had only the best intention, but, alas, my time was taken from me by that most irksome and intrusive of events; my gainful employment. In the week or so since I last treated you to some of my ramblings, I’ve been to the exotic climes of Preston to attend a course and spent several lengthy days in the kitchen. This has hampered my ability to sit in front of my computer. But, hey.. that’s all a thing of the past. We’re over it now and we can move on with our relationship. Maybe even takes things to the next level, *winks provocatively*…


I’ll change the subject then…

I guess the first place to start is the discovery of European Football’s next superstar, Eddie Nketiah. Like many of you, I had little or no information about Eddie before the match begun. I wouldn’t have recognised him in the street had he offered to buy me a doughnut and a coffee. But on Tuesday night he exploded into the collective conscious of Arsenal fans with a explosive brace in what was an otherwise f*cking terrible performance against Norwich. Thanks to him – and pretty much him alone – we’re now in the quarter-finals of the CocaCola-Milk-Worthington-Littlewoods-CapitalOne-Carabao Cup. The draw for that takes place today and it’s live on Twitter… Strange choice.

Nketiah scored within 15 seconds of being on the pitch and had 2 within 15 minutes. Time will tell whether or not it’s a debut that sparks a wonderful career or is simply just a flash in the pan. At this point, I hope our young forward just enjoys the brief circus of sensationalism and keeps both his feet on the ground. Another chance will come along, it’s as important to ensure you take that. If he does, then who knows how far he can go. Time will tell but it wouldn’t be wise not to place the burden of expectation on his shoulders at this point.

The weekend previous we put in what was our best performance of the season at Goodison Park. Arsenal frustrate you. Every now and then they remind you of just how fluent and utterly brilliant they can be as an attacking force. Invariably, this happens after they’ve done something sh*t. We live in a society where lambasting the poor takes precedence over congratulating the excellent, so our good performances often get placed to one side. If you’re an avid follower of Arsenal community on social media you’ll know that exposure comes from anger and controversy, not rational thought and positivity.

Arsenal were superb against Everton. As a unit going forward, whether that be from possession football or the counter attack, we chowed guile, speed and proficiency in front of goal. It is no exaggeration to suggest we could have scored 9 or 10. The triumvirate of Alexis, Ozil and Lacazette looked to be very strong and it’s a pity we’ve had to wait this long to see them gel together. They may not play together for that long, but I’m going to enjoy the moments they’re on the pitch as a threesome because they look formidable and the understanding will only improve as time goes on.

It’s just a shame we can’t hold onto that kind of form for longer than a couple of games. We’ve got a 3pm kick-off against Swansea at the Emirates on Saturday coming up and I’ve no idea how that game might go. At our worst, Arsenal are the great enablers of the so-called ‘lesser teams’. At our best, we can wipe the floor with just about anyone. Which Arsenal that shows up… Well, your guess is as good as mine, folks. One thing’s for sure, the unpredictable nature of our beloved team makes for a season of joy, anger, frustration, admiration, fun, anguish and many other things. One thing it won’t be is boring. Perhaps I’m a touch masochistic, but I’m really starting to enjoy this season.

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